8 Intimate Habits Of Couples Who Are Deeply Connected

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Relationships have so much to do with connections. It goes beyond words, even in silence. Everyone wants to experience love and some level of bond with their partners.

However, finding someone we can share a deep bond and connection with can be hard. But there are people we start up friendships with and we seem to just fit perfectly into each other’s lives.

To many, this is a puzzle as they see some couples who seem to be deeply connected and wonder how they managed to have achieved such a level of closeness. Couples with a deep level of connection are not difficult to spot, some signs give them away.

A relationship entails a lot of work as I always say, even though it doesn’t have to be difficult but done with ease, yet continued effort and good habits sustained over a while would yield the result of a deep bond between partners.

There are a whole lot of things that you can do to foster closeness and deepen intimacy in your relationships. In today’s post, we will be exploring the intimate habits of couples who are deeply connected.


1.  They Communicate

Communication is the lifeblood of every relationship. It fosters vulnerability between couples. Couples who share a deep bond talk about almost everything. They share and know details about each other- from important events in the lives of their partners to their friends and who they hang out with, their stress, worries, fears, struggles and all.

They continuously pursue ways to discover their mate. They are up to date with the experiences of their partner both pleasant and unpleasant.

Communication goes beyond the surface of outward interaction, it runs deep and goes beyond words. They share personal information that hardly any other person knows about. They come to a point where they develop their love language, slang and pet names. The result of this is a bond that can stand the test of time because they have connected on deeper levels.


2.  They Influence Each Other

We all differ in our view and philosophy of life. But couples who share a deep connection seem to have the same view of life and tend to believe in the same things.

They may start up differently but as time goes on, they begin to behave, talk and even look alike. This happens as a result of time spent together, intimacy shared and belief system discussed overtime. This also makes them able to influence each other’s lifestyle starting from the way they dress, speak and even the kind of food they eat.

Couples who share a deep bond are willing to learn from each other, they value the inputs of their mate and always want to hear what they think concerning any issue.

Studies have it that relationships that are one-sided or where the influence of a partner isn’t allowed ends unhappily. Partners who allow the influence of their mate in a relationship end up being happy and have fewer conflicts.

This works only by understanding your mate, it doesn’t mean that you always give in to the demands of your partner but that you have been able to understand each other so well that you can give up your rights on certain issues because you trust the judgment of your mate.

When a man allows the influence of his lady, his open attitude brings positivity into their relationship and strengthens the bond between them. In this kind of relationship, there is no power tussle as everyone understands their roles and follows through.

Also, a woman who is open to the influence of her man enjoys peace of mind as she can pre-empt his reaction and know how to manage him too. For example, women are more emotionally intelligent than men for biological reasons. The more open couples are to influence each other, the more they enjoy a smooth relationship with less rancor.

To share a deeper bond with your mate you have to be interested in their opinion on issues, learn from them even during conflict, make them feel that whatever they say counts and also believe in their decisions.


3.  They Don’t Take Conflicts To Heart

Relationships with the opposite gender especially marital relationships come with a lot of conflicts as it involves two separate individuals who come together with different views, opinions, and ideas. Conflicts, therefore, are inevitable but deeply connected couples don’t run from conflicts, they embrace them.

They don’t keep records of offense done to them by their mate, they sometimes overlook the faults of their mates for peace to reign. They don’t read meaning to every word spoken in anger to them, instead they try to understand why the partner reacts in a certain manner and try to see through the reactions.

One of the secrets of deeply connected partners is the ability to develop coping strategies for whatever situation that comes up in their relationships. First, they have been able to separate everyday conflicts from overwhelming situations and devised means to tackle them when they arise.

The following are examples of some conflicts between couples.

  • Tracy has two boys and wants to try again to see the possibility of her having a girl but her husband says he’s not ready for another child and is okay with the boys.
  • Roy thinks his wife is pampering their 4 years old child. He attempts to sharpen him by telling him what to do while his wife thinks he’s too hard on their child.
  • Cameron is erotically active and demands it 5 times a week while Jada his wife thinks he’s too erotic.
  • Linda takes part actively during family outings with family and friends while her husband feels she’s too loud and forward.


Despite their differences, these couples are satisfied and so in love with their spouses because they have found a way to deal with their issues so it’s no longer a source of the problem to them. Some even joke over them. They know that not all marital problems are resolvable, it has to be lived with and resolved with humor, they understand that problems are inevitably part of every relationship.

Another example, After Kayle gave birth to her first child, being a first-time mum, she insists on carrying out her duties of a mother without seeking the help of her husband and she also doesn’t have time for her husband anymore.

She was a child from a broken home and knowing all she went through without parental care, she vowed not to allow her child to go through the same. Her husband, in turn, feels sad and abandoned. Before the birth of their child, Kayle had been so caring and motherly to him. He misses that part of her.

But John is still head over heels in love with her. They have communicated and understood the needs of each other, It has not put a strain on their marriage. Her husband understands why she behaves the way she does and is coping. He has his way of getting her attention and it has resolved their differences. He has developed coping strategies.


4.  They Keep In Touch

It could be by calls, messages or even physical touch. There is always something to talk about that they can hardly wait to be with each other physically to communicate. They call to check on their mate to see how they are doing and when they return, they talk about how their day went.

Deeply connected couples are not ashamed to touch their partners in public. Most times it is even done unconsciously as it has become a habit. They know how to get intimate with their partners, how to touch them and be touched. The touch of a hand is quite an effective tip to foster closeness; touch your partner’s hands and hold them while taking a walk or even while cuddling in bed.

This not only brings you closer but shows that you want and value them. Don’t miss your man’s face. Every man loves the gentle touch of a woman’s hand on his face and why wouldn’t he? Our hands are super soft and pretty.

Jokes aside, gently touch his face while talking or cuddling or simply massage his temples. He will feel relaxed and aroused, both at the same time. Deeply connected couples have mastered this act and use it always.

Women have certain pleasure points and not all of them are a secret but have you ever wondered where do men like to be touched? Men too have a few pleasure points that make them go weak in their knees. And if you think you know them all, then think again!

Do you find yourself lost and clueless when it comes to hitting the right button with your man? Try touching his face, neck and inner thighs.


5.  They Care Deeply About Each Other

Great care for your mate is proven by your availability, this is the watchword of intimate couples. They are kind to one another. When it comes to remaining in love, care is essential. When you care, you will go out of your way to make your partner happy.

You are concerned about their general well being, even in unpleasant situations, you show empathy and render help even when it isn’t convenient. It increases trust, belief and the ability to depend on one another.

You are completely at ease as you don’t need to stage a performance or try to impress your partner. They see themselves as a team, not as separate entities.


6.  They Catch Fun Together

Deeply connected couples play and laugh with each other. They seek ways to enjoy fun activities together, they create opportunities to spend time and enjoy each other’s company. It could be indoors or outdoors but the aim is to enjoy each other’s company.

The happier you are, the happier your mate will be and the more enjoyable your relationship will be. There’s a saying that says a couple that sweats together sticks together.

It could be exercising together, registering in a gym, even taking dance classes together or preparing meals together. Happy couples enjoy each other’s company.


7.  They Trust Each Other

Couples in sync don’t go about monitoring their spouse. They trust in their fidelity. Even when situations arise to make them lose faith, they hold on to their beliefs because they know their spouse. They don’t go snooping around their mate’s phones, they are confident in themselves and the love of their spouse.


8.  They Value Each Other

Deeply connected couples do not take each other for granted. They rejoice at the success of each other, they encourage and support one another. They constantly seek for ways to make their mates more successful by encouraging them to develop themselves.

They go out of their way to bring out the best in their partner. They assist with house chores or hire someone to assist. This does not only fosters closeness but encourages gratitude. When you have a spouse that has your back and encourages you to do more, you will hold them in high esteem, you will want to see the best and get the best for them.

They never bad mouth their spouse in spite of their weaknesses Instead they appreciate all they do to keep the relationship going. When a spouse is appreciated, it encourages them to do more.

Note also that connections in relationships take time as it is built gradually. It takes time, understanding and positivity to establish a solid relationship.

Negativity can destroy the best of relationships, it could kill the potential of a relationship. Many are held back from connections because of bad experiences which they have allowed to blur their view of having better relationships in the future.

Individual differences need patience and maturity to pull through. When constant misunderstandings are the order of the day, please seek counseling.


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