Love meets us at different places entangling us with that special someone through the chaos of balancing our lives and navigating through our intentions that it becomes challenging to maintain that strong bond.

I have had my share of struggle and I successful sustained my relationship and from that, an album of experience was created.

If you ever find yourself perplexed on how to get around this thing called love, commitment and compromise then this space was built just for you; a catalog that will guide you at succeeding at love.

My name is Miriam Eugolatac, and I started this blog as a way to share my feelings and desires about love and relationship, it was my goal to inspire other people to express their desires and feelings and maybe help a few of them with my articles. 

when I am not writing here, I love to go on hikes with my family and have long conversations with my friends about life in general and love more specifically. 

Feel free to reach out, ask questions and give your experiences as well. I’ll love to hear from each love bird out there.

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