10 Signs He’s Absolutely Crazy About You

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does he really love me or is he using me?

Does he like me or am I being used? How can I tell he likes me or is interested in me? All these and more go through the minds of ladies. Every woman has been through this hurdle- You sit and try to figure out if this dude is game or in for life. We all worry about our relationships sometimes, especially when our man sends out confusing signals.

Today you are very sure he is madly in love with you and then tomorrow because he missed your call or replied to your message in a very formal manner, you begin to feel unloved. Other times, it could be that you sense he just withdraws and leaves you wondering what could be wrong.

This is one subject that is topmost in the hearts of ladies- You meet a man and you want to ascertain he’s for real or wants to watch out for signs he’s not that into you. I get questions concerning how to tell if a guy is in love or if he’s in it just for the short term.

If a man loves you, it will be obvious but you may not know unless you know the signs to look out for. Men are not that complicated as most times they mean what they say but some ladies assume in their minds what they think they mean instead of watching out for their actions.

So, I’d begin from here, one step in knowing if a man is really into you is doing what he says. If his words and actions don’t match most of the time, then it calls for vigilance. I say most of the time because we are humans and our plans may not always work out as we have no control over some things.

There are ways you can gauge a man’s love for you. Don’t be mistaken as even men who intend staying with you for a short while could also use these tactics. How do you then know if he’s for real? Watch his consistency, time will tell. Having established these facts, let’s move on to undeniable signs that he likes you.

signs he wants you bad


1.  He Will Show A Great Level Of Commitment To You

Displaying commitment is a great attraction for women because it shows a man who is ready for the long haul. This involves him sharing his time, strength and resources with the object of his affection.

One of the signs he loves you deeply is his readiness to share his best and his possessions with you. He will share his deep secrets with you that he cannot share with anyone else, he will unburden himself and want you to be involved in every area of his life. He will seek your input and point of view concerning personal issues.

If you are with a man you know next to nothing about, perhaps you only know his name, this calls for caution as a man who is crazy about you will let you into his world completely even if it means him taking it one step at a time to ascertain your authenticity. This is one of the signs you are in a relationship that will likely last.


2.  He Will Show Great Concern In A Time Of Need

signs he want something serious

A man who is in for short term will abscond when there is a need or do nothing to show care. He may even grumble or complain. One of the undeniable signs that he likes you is his ability to stick with you through thick and thin and weather the storms of life with you.

He will encourage and offer you emotional support to let you know you are in it together and he will not let you walk alone. As it is said, ‘adversity is the true test of friendship’, if he’s with you in hard times then it could be a sign he wants something serious with you.

Other times, it could just be him being supportive, showing empathy and understanding, helping with chores and making his lady’s life easier by washing the dishes or taking care of the kids so she can have time to rest.


3.  He Would Always Want To Show You Off

signs he wants you in his future

Who wins a trophy and leaves it in hiding? No one, it is displayed for everyone to see, the same way it is for a man in love. This is one of the signs he wants to date you exclusively: He will show you off to family and friends and make your relationship public, he will want you around for functions and he will introduce you to anyone that cares to listen that you are the woman in his life. This is one of the signs he wants you in his future.


4.  He Will Spoil You Silly Whenever He Has The Time To

signs he wants a committed relationship

This is one of the undeniable signs that he likes you. A man in love could be a spendthrift when it comes to taking care of the lady he loves. He will want to take you out consistently, buy you flowers, take you shopping or going to the cinema with you.

This is a love language of some ladies as stated by Gary Thomas in his book ‘the five love languages’. He will be consistent in chasing you and showing you his abilities too.


5.  He Will Show You Great Care By Keeping In Touch

signs he wants to date you exclusively

One of the signs he wants you bad is communicating with you. He will phone you often. Note also that it really has little or nothing to do with the timing but he will definitely keep in touch either by sending emails, text, calls or by using other social media handles.

Doing these are signs he wants a committed relationship and is less likely to want anything sensual.


6.  He Will Show Kindness

Men who act compassionately toward a woman show sensitivity to her needs and do things for her to show that they will be there for her in the long term; it’s one of the undeniable signs that he likes you.

Most men whose intentions are for short-term or erotic thrills know this and sometimes deceive ladies with some little acts of kindness by being respectful and more responsible than they really are. It is a skill some men have mastered to take advantage of the emotions of women.

They could suddenly become concerned about your diet, looks and other areas they usually are not interested in just to get a lady’s attention. These are also the least expensive tactics used by men to attract women into brief erotic encounters.

Men looking for erotic thrills do so by feigning the things a woman looks for in a permanent partner and by acting out the virtues she wants in the “right” man. Pretending to have long-term intentions works well only for men—women never use it. You may be asking now, does he really love me or he is just using me? How do you then know? Read on!


7.  He Will Be Faithful

I’ve heard some relationship experts say love is not enough and your man may love you and yet cheat on you. I strongly disagree with that.

A man who truly loves you will not want to hurt you. He will not want to share his body with another. He will prefer finding sensual satisfaction with his Lady than seek it elsewhere. One of the undeniable signs that he likes you is that he will not behave inappropriately but display good manners.


8.  He Will Show You “Love”

One of the ways a man shows he’s in love is by giving which involves giving his time and making you a priority. Any action that promotes love is seen as a sign of commitment. These actions include displaying healthy loving behavior most times in front of people and professing love with words and actions.

Like I always say, these actions do not need to be dramatic. I remember some lines in the song titled ‘Baby it’s you’ by Jojo and Lil Bow Wow. It says:

Simple things is what my heart beats for
(Cause that’s me)
I don’t ask for much
Having you is enough
You ain’t got to buy nothing
It’s not what I want
Baby, it’s you,
We don’t have to go nowhere
It’s not what I want
It’s not for what you got
I know you got a lot
baby all I want is you(paraphrased by me).


Women generally rate the power of a display of love based on the amount of effort a man puts into it. Men often think of a display of love as doing something dramatic or expensive which is very different for some women.

For example, a man assumes he needs to spend a night in a five-star hotel with his Lady when all she actually wants is perhaps a night in her place seeing a movie together and cuddling. There is nothing wrong with his plans either. I’m only explaining that a man who is in love will want to go out of his way to display love to his mate.

This is one of the undeniable signs that he likes you. He will also show love by complimenting you. Telling you he is grateful to have you, appreciating your inputs in his life or even complimenting your appearance. Men in love don’t hide compliments, they utter the words and also try to enhance that which they like about you.


9.  He Will Be Honest

Displaying honesty is one of the undeniable signs that he likes you. He will tell you who he really is. He will be open to you about his dreams, aspirations, visions and long term plans.

A man who is absolutely crazy about you will not want to lose you, this will make him tell you the whole truth about his resources and status, he won’t exaggerate or lie to you. Telling a woman he works in a bank and owns an official car instead of telling her he is the driver of the Manager will definitely break her heart when she finds out.

In being honest, he will try not to be blunt too if he wants to address an aspect of you that may be offensive, instead, he will tell you in such a manner that will not hurt you.


10.  He Will Give You Listening Ears

One of the undeniable signs he likes you is he will listen to anything you want to say to him. He will take your advice and greatly appreciate your inputs in his life. He will also listen and watch out for cues to know when you are unhappy.

He will want to know why and seek for ways he can help you, even if he is the cause of your displeasure, he will take it seriously by wanting to change to please and not hurt you.

Another sign he’s absolutely crazy about you is the fact that he will always remember things you say to him no matter how insignificant they may be.

Let me set the record straight here, watch out for his actions. Don’t force things or try to impress him. Be yourself but watch out and be very observant. When a man likes you, your relationship will not be hard work or a chore, it will be easy loving him in return. I don’t mean to say you have to do nothing to keep your love alive, I only meant that it will flow effortlessly.

In conclusion, listen to what your man says. If he says he’s not ready for commitment or he doesn’t love you, please believe him. Don’t try to force it as he means whatever he says. It could be one of the signs he’s not that into you, don’t stay where you are tolerated. If after reading this your gut still tells you otherwise, then it means your man is really not into you. Move on!


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