11 Small Things Guys Notice About You (Even If You Think They Don’t)

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what attracts a man to a woman first

Men are natural hunters and as such a lady passing by could attract their attention and they could read and notice within seconds what will take us some time to process. Having spoken to a few male friends of mine, I will be sharing my findings from a male point of view which happens to be their responses in this post.

I will not be sharing them in any particular order as men have different tastes and what appeals to one may repel another. The truth is what you look out for the most or appreciate in ladies is what you will always notice first.

I will just be writing things guys notice about you instantly and what attracts them when they see a lady or if they happen to sit with her.

things guys notice about you instantly


1.  Her Face

“A man’s face is his autobiography, a woman’s face is her work of fiction”. –Oscar Wilde

This is one of the things guys notice about you in the first 6 seconds. This includes your smile, your eyes, and makeup which goes a long way to reveal your personality.

Drey says, “when I meet a lady, I first look at her face. I hardly notice any other thing within seconds of meeting her. So, her face is starters for me.

As it is said, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. That part of a lady catches my attention and hits me like a spell especially if she’s beautiful. Even if she’s got some acne, if she’s beautiful, then she’s cute regardless of the spots on her face. I understand acne can always be an issue for younger ladies so I don’t bother with that”.

Still, on the face, we have the eyebrows which is one of the things guys notice about you instantly especially when seen at a close range. Some guys notice the eyebrows.

“I love well-groomed eyebrows, I equate it with how organized a lady will be with her personal life. Pardon me if I sound weird” says Cheesy.


Her facial expression

For yet another, it is a lady’s facial expression. Miguel says “I love it when I can read her reactions from her face. It gives me an overall appraisal and helps me know if I’m ticking the right boxes with her especially when we are out on a date”. This is one of the things guys notice about you instantly.

For Audrey, “a lady’s nose and set of teeth too. Especially during conversations, I watch out for nice sets of teeth. I have something for the pointed nose too, maybe because my lady has got one. I find myself sometimes checking out other ladies to see how many ladies have got the same”.


2.  Her Smile

“A smile is the best makeup any girl can wear.” –Marilyn Monroe

This is one of the things guys notice about you instantly. “A beautiful smile tells a lady is approachable and could be accommodating and hitting a conversation with her could be easy too. It is contagious and could make me smile too. It does so much magic, it makes a lady charming and attractive” says Derek.


3.  Her Eyes

“Beauty, when you look into a woman’s eyes and see what is in her heart”. –Nate Dircks

Her eyes also make a statement as it is said that the eyes are a window to your soul. On a more closer level especially during a conversation, a lot can be conveyed via eye contact.

For some guys, it could be a great communication tool that says you are invited or not. This is one of the things guys notice about you instantly.


4.  Her Demeanor

“I have never seen elegance go out of style”. –Sanya Teclai

A confident woman is never difficult to figure out. Her poise is striking. This is an all-time hit for men generally. A woman who is confident in her skin will be noticed by men always. Being well made up, wearing designer clothes, or even an expensive look can never make up for a lack of confidence in a woman.


5.  Her Hair

“The hair is the richest ornament of women”. –Martin Luther

When a woman’s hair is well-groomed regardless of the length, it sends a signal of showing a great deal of self-care. Like I said different men have what appeals to them and it affects what they notice when they see a lady.

For some, it could be the length of the hair, the color, style or even the healthy look of the hair.


6.  Her Body Ratio

“I will always keep a woman’s body in mind accentuating her best features”. –Rachel Roy

This refers to her figure. Most men notice the waist to hip ratio more than we do and can even tell the body shape types. When some men look at a woman sometimes they envision her in her nude state against their skin.

“I love ladies with hips and this is what I notice when I see a lady,” says Drey. “I love flat tummy maybe because I have an athletic body and I have an overall idea of the body type that exists for women. From afar I can tell if a woman is properly dressed for her body type and shape”.

For Mark, it’s a lady’s backside, especially when seen from the rear. “I’m a fan of it,” he says. “I am also attracted to women with large boobs. It accentuates their feminine side.

I also love long legs and when I see a tall lady, I watch out for her legs because I know they are going to be long too”.

A lady’s height is one of the things guys notice about you instantly.


7.  Her Skin

“I am obsessed with being a woman comfortable in her skin”. -Anonymous

This is one of the little things guys notice. A clear complexion can get anyone’s attention whether light-skinned or dark. Some guys can tell bleached skin from natural skin. But skin with natural tones is the most attractive to them.

“I love healthy and well-moisturized skin,” says Terry. “I may not be a pro in the use of cosmetics and cream but I’m able to notice the lines, wrinkles and even dry skin in ladies. I’m also quick to notice cracked heels depending on the footwear the lady is putting on”.


8.  Her Silhouette /Style

“I can’t think of a better representation of beauty than someone who is unafraid to be herself”. –Emma stone

Some men are quick to notice a lady’s poise, how she carries herself.

“I see bold accessories as a woman’s armor”. –Rachel Zoe

Women should learn to use accessories properly. It is easy now as style can be learned online. Learn how to wear matching colors and outfits for different occasions. This is one of the things guys notice instantly.


9.  Her Makeup

“Beauty is power and makeup is something that really enhances that: it’s a woman’s secret”. –Charlotte Tilbury

For some men, makeup gets their attention. Some are attracted to nude tones while others love women who are skilled in the art.

Derek says “I love ladies with makeup, nothing wrong with accentuating an already pretty face”. But for Jack, it’s a different ball game entirely. He dislikes heavy makeup but it seems to catch his attention too.

“For me a lady with lots of makeup makes me feel like she’s hiding a defect or something. She will also appear to me like a work of art. It’s a huge turn off for me but applying it sparingly can get my attention”.

For Mike, it depends on the occasion. An official look gets his attention because the makeup will be simple.


10.  Her Smell

“Ladies, a man will never remember your handbag, but he will remember your perfume”. –Olivier Creed

This is one of the things guys notice about you instantly. Men are practically moved by a lady’s fragrance. This is one part of a lady that lingers long after she’s gone. It has a way of defining her class and tells how feminine she is.

I remember my man called me up a few days ago saying a lady passed by his desk at work and he could tell the fragrance because it’s the same with what I use. He said It reminded him of me and made me feel like I was right there with him.

A bad smell or body odor is also one of the things guys notice about you instantly. It catches the attention of everyone, not just men only too.

Mike says “a woman’s smell tells a lot about her hygiene. It’s a different case if we are at the gym and she’s all sweaty, I can excuse that but any other place, it’s a huge turn off for me even though I’m quick to notice it. In fact, any kind of smell at all gets my attention”.


11.  Her Sense Of Humour And How She Laughs

” A woman is dangerous when she’s armed with beauty and a sense of humor, as she becomes irresistibly addictive.” –Alfredo Cano

“A lady’s ability to make me laugh is a huge one for me,” says Josh, “it gets me attracted. I do not like loud ladies but seeing a lady make people laugh or being able to look beyond the surface of words spoken gets to my heart. I’m glad when I can make my lady laugh but when she sees things from the fun side of life, I love it”.

This also gives room for her voice to be heard. A feminine voice is usually soft, calm and appealing to the ears which is one of the things guys notice about you instantly.

‘It was the way you laughed I knew I wanted that in my life”. –R. M Drake


In conclusion, being feminine is one thing guys notice about ladies that they have no clue about. This may sound strange but this is one of the little things guys notice about you instantly.

Being feminine doesn’t mean being manipulative, seductive or sensual. It means the ability to receive compliments. Receptivity is the essence of being feminine.

Men notice how you receive gifts, help or compliments graciously. When someone approaches you or passes a compliment, learn to be polite, and say thanks as men notice it.

If someone says “can I help you with this or that”, say “thank you” and allow them to do it, don’t refuse help. Women are built naturally to receive so live up to it.

Tracy disagrees with this as she feels most gifts come attached with strings. “Some people will expect me to return the favor so why accept it?

Some men could be doing some nice things just to get into your pants” she says. I quite agree but the bottom line is that the strings that are attached to those gifts are the ones you attach as a lady because you feel or assume you should return the favor.

Regardless of what happens, you don’t owe anyone anything when it comes to receiving gifts. You shouldn’t be responsible for other people’s expectations. It also depends on the kind of help rendered too.

So, when next someone says “you have a well-braided hair”, you don’t need to explain how strong your hair is or how your shampoo and conditioners don’t agree, instead just say a “thank you” with a smile because some man may be watching, it is part of what guys notice.

” A woman who embraces her femininity is a woman who knows her power”. –Kelly Mcnelis


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things guys notice in the first 6 seconds

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