10 Date Ideas For Couples That Won’t Take You Out Of Your House

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Romantic date night at home

Bored with outdoor dating experiences? Have you gone diving or enjoyed the sunshine with your partner? I bet you want to spice up your love life some more and want something more private. There are so many things to do with that special someone in your life indoors also. Some really beautiful date ideas for couples exist.

Partners living together often find themselves getting bored and stuck in a rut because of their routine lifestyle and the hustle and bustle of life.

For others, as soon as the kids begin to come into the family, they stop dating and focus on the kids forgetting they were together before they came. For some, they love to do some fun things together but can’t because they think it will cost so much or they don’t have a baby sitter who will look after the kids while they are away.

Some, manage to go out but can’t concentrate as they can’t wait to get back home to the kids. What if I tell you there are several fun things you can do indoors as a couple without breaking the bank? Of course, you have to be creative to break the boredom and enjoy life with that special person in your life.

I agree there are days you just want to stay indoors and have some fun. Let’s take a look at some date ideas for couples that can help you bond and foster closeness while having some fun time together also.

The goal to keep in mind when trying to find things to do with your partner is that you have to always aim to be creative and different else you could get bored again. Being Comfortable and at ease could be great since you are indoors but it can get boring if you are not creative or seek for ways to make your time indoor fun.


Indoor Date Ideas For Couples

The only indoor activity my husband and I carry out together is watching Television. We sat down together recently and mapped out some activities and it changed our relationship. I will be sharing them shortly. Here is a list of some date ideas for couples carried out at home.

Indoor date ideas for couples


1.  Play Games Together

I particularly look forward to Saturday afternoons with my husband because we have a routine of playing some games. I’m not a board game person but hubby has taught me how to play chess and it’s so interesting and fun playing with him said, Gracie.

He always wins and I crown him king of the game but I look forward to dethroning him soon as we say jokingly. I like the fact that doing this doesn’t require money or crazy items that I will never have lying around the house. This is one of the fun date ideas for couples.

Happy Couples tend to want to do some fun things together and play and laugh out loud. Card games also are fun; while playing you can give gifts or have gifts that are redeemable with kisses or physical touch.


2.  Do Exercises Together

Being close to the one you love is the key to happiness. Watching them sweat also could be fun while you burn some calories too. Why not have a gym in your home instead of paying for one outside? You could play music and do some aerobics together, use skipping ropes or also try looking for your partner who has gone into hiding. This is an example of date ideas for couples.


3.  Try Making A Meal Together

Invent your meal with some special spices. Both of you can bring ideas on how to make it different from the regular. Ask friends and look out for recipes you have not tried at home or if you have sought other ways to prepare them. Cooking with your partner could be fun and a very powerful tool to bring you close.

My then-boyfriend now-husband invited me over to his place for a cooking competition. We each made a burger at home and had a fun inexpensive competition. Basically, we went shopping together and grilled at his place. It was super fun and super inexpensive and I won too.

He said he discovered how great a cook I was and decided never to let me go. We still carry out cooking competitions in our apartment with friends coming over too.


4.  Play Video Games Too

This sounds strange as men tend to like video games than women but it could be a great way to combat one another and still have fun, winning can be interesting you know. There are a couple of video games you could try together.


5.  Do Music Together

My wife has a piano at home said, Jesse. Friday nights are tagged “Opera nights” as she plays the piano while I do the singing. We take on the roles of famous musicians and try to sing like them. It’s always fun, I must say. Most times we profess our love for each other as we get caught up in the spirit of music, I cherish these moments with my wife.

You could do karaoke and dance to your partner’s favorite music. My husband is an entertainer in the music industry. While we were dating, I got pregnant and just a few days to my expected delivery date, He planned a date that got me wondering what he was up to. He picked me up that evening and drove me to his apartment.

We climbed the staircase and as he opened the door, I was thrilled by the surprise I met. It was a candlelight dinner with a chef standing by the dining table waiting to take my order. I was overwhelmed with emotion and began to cry. He told me how much he wanted us to be together.

He had never expressed his love for me as he did that night. We sat down to eat and afterward a saxophonist friend of his came in and played my favorite tune ‘one more night’ while we danced to it.

He proposed that night. He later took the saxophone from his friend and began to play and sing for me. The tears couldn’t stop flowing. It is one night I can never forget. We still have times like this at home together.


6.  Organize Couples Time-Out In Your Place

Every couple has friends no matter how little. You could invite older or younger couples home for dinner and while you dine, you can talk about marriage and a whole lot of issues. The idea is to have fun with the people around you.

You could do it once a month or quarterly if you are a very private couple. Even as the host couple, you could dress like it’s an outdoor function just to add some fun to it.

  • One of my most memorable “dates” (if you can call it one) was with my now-husband who is the wild adventurer type and always wants to try new outdoor activities. We had planned an outing but we couldn’t make it as everywhere was covered with snow. We just looked out of the window as we saw the environment turn white. He rang up his neighbor who happened to be his best man later at our wedding. His friend showed up with some fresh corn soup for four people. We had so much fun sitting at the dinning, looking outside and discussing so many things. It was late, his friend left. The following day was sunny, we just sat on the balcony as we watched the sunshine, the birds and the beauty of nature. It was such a peaceful moment — nothing else mattered in the world. We talked about our childhood memories and how we met. Later on, we dipped into the swimming pool and sunbathed for a while. My man gave me a massage too. Note that we didn’t spend a dime, neither did we go out yet I can categorically say it was the best one I’ve ever had!” That’s Tasha’s story.


Don’t be tired, there are more date ideas for couples. Read on.


7.  Go Online

You could surf the internet together by using your partner’s laptop. You could shop together or just do some simple research together. You could also watch movies online too. Discover trending news, subscribe to Netflix or research your next vacation spot together and discuss afterward.

You could have homemade popcorn and ice cream like you usually have when you go to the cinema. Turn off the lights to have the cinema experience, cuddle and snuggle.

During these times, you can go to other indoor locations with your partner. A couple’s retreat can be the perfect way to spend some romantic time together. That’s an example of a fun date idea for couples.


8.  Romantic Date Night At Home

Want to have a romantic date night at home? You could buy scented candles, turn off the lights at home while you turn on the candlelight, have your favorite meal together at the dining with red wine or you could buy dinner on your way home from work and just serve it. Let your favorite music be playing in the background. I’m sure you know what follows next. This is a romantic date idea for couples.

My husband and I have been at loggerheads for some time now. We fight a lot and I know I am the reason because I nag, little things piss me off. Those were the words of Alexis when she called me on the phone. I called her in for a session and gave her tips on how to spark up her love life and put some fun into it which includes ignoring her husband’s faults and seeking to befriend him all over again. I specifically mentioned her planning a romantic date night and some other creative date night ideas.

Her result: After my session with you, I started practicing all you told me and I noticed some days later that my man began to change. He became perturbed on a particular day after raising his voice on me and I did not react. I just left the room, after some time he called me and said honey what is going on you are not like you used to be. You play and laugh often with me. He didn’t see what was coming.

That night I invited my younger sister to help take care of my kids so I can have time for my husband. Before he returned from work, I had made his favorite meal, placed his favorite wine in an ice bucket, turned on some candle lights and changed the bulb in the dining room from white to red.

He was surprised and started asking me how I was able to put all that together. I only smiled and said enjoy your meal. He began to pour out his heart to me and apologized for all his wrongdoings. He promised to make it all up to me. We talked late into the night and guess what? The makeup lovemaking was fun too.

In the morning, it was time for my husband to go to work so one of his colleagues came and they left. It was not up to 30 minutes later, my husband returned saying he forgot to take his drugs. I laughed because I know what he came back for was a very long French kiss, he kissed me like his entire being depended on it.

He went downstairs like nothing happened. He called during lunch hour to ask if we could have dinner together but this time outdoor. He took me out that night and ever since we have been communicating as great friends not just as couples.

He is lively these days, he carries me on his back and runs around the sitting room or goes down on his fours to play horse riding with me sitting on his back. The spark in my home is back, there is always some fun activity to look forward to with my husband during the weekends. Even the kids noticed the changes in the home too because we include them in our games sometimes. Thanks for the date ideas for couples, it worked!


9.  Consider Giving Each Other A Massage

It doesn’t have to be done like a pro. Make it look like an experiment. Essential oils or not, you could do a wet or dry massage. It could also be every day simple massage like the neck to shoulder massage or the back to waist massage. They could come in handy someday when your mate is stressed.


10.  Engage In Conversations

You could make out time to just talk. It could be a question and answer session or a simple “know your mate game”. You could talk about your future together, make plans, discuss chores at home and how to assist. You can talk about virtually anything provided it won’t spark up an argument. The idea is to have an indoor date and not banter with words and cause a misunderstanding.

I once heard this story from a friend. A generous friend offered to babysit our kids so my wife and I could go on a date. “You should go somewhere fancy!” she gushed. Being practical people, we decided to go grocery shopping instead. When we returned, grocery bags in arms, our friend asked why we hadn’t done anything special. We told her that what makes a date special isn’t so much what you do, but who you’re with.


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