200 Creative Ways To Say I Love You

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One evergreen song in my memory is the song by Westlife Boys, the puzzle of my heart. It is filled with expressions of love. Words and expressions are tools for communicating with that special someone in your life.

So many times, saying the ‘I love you’ word feels strange to some people even when they are madly in love. If the above describes you then be rest assured there are different ways to say I love you. Especially when this person means so much to you.

What comes to your mind when you think of your spouse? What makes them laugh? What makes them happy? Think of how you can keep seeing them in that great mood, then go ahead and do what it takes.

In today’s post, we will be exploring different ways to say I love you to the love of your life and I’d be focusing on the use of words, come with me:

Where words fail you and you have run out of options in conveying your heartfelt emotions to them, your relationship may begin to suffer. When words fail you, you could have your thoughts penned down or typed and sent via electronic media.

You could also employ the age-long tradition of scribbling a love letter. Want it modern and trendy? Then use sticky notes: You don’t have to search any further as there some carefully handpicked I- love- you alternatives below:

ways to say I love you to him


Romantic Ways To Say I Love You

cute ways to say I love you in a text

1.  I will love you always and forever

2.  I love you to the moon and back

3.  You are my everything

4.  You are more than a million reasons why I’m in love

5.  I want you

6.  I need you

7.  You are the puzzle of my heart

8.  I think of you always

9.  Whenever you feel lonely, look at all the spaces in between your fingers and be reminded that’s where my fingers fit perfectly.

10.  You make me feel great

11.  You are too precious to lose

12.  Being with you feels like magic

13.  You are simply amazing

14.  I’m incomplete without you

15.  I’m with you always even in my absence

16.  I’m so into you

17.  You light up my world

18.  I’m in love with you

19.  We are meant for each other

20.  I love you with the whole of me

21.  My whole being longs for you

22.  You are my angel

Beautiful Ways To Say I Love You In Different Languages

Imagine how lovely it would be to snuggle up next to your spouse and say I love you in a foreign language. It would be both surprising and fun you know. How about ending those beautiful love messages with different ways to say I love you in different languages.

1.  Je T Aime (french)

2.  te amo (Spanish)

3.  ahabak (Arabic)

4.  ich Liebe Dich (German)

5.  te amo (Italian)

6.  Naku Penda (Swahili)

7.  Se agape (greek)

Cute Ways To Say I Love You To Your Spouse

How about some quick phrases to tickle your loved one. Or quick words you can employ to make them loosen up during an argument.

You can disarm an armored tank ready for war(laughs) either from your man or lady with one of the quick phrases listed below. Remember it’s all about different ways to say I love you.


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