50 Best Romantic Things To Do With Your Lover

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Love may make the world go round, but it’s romantic love that makes the ride worthwhile. We know we need love in our relationship, but at the end of the day what our heart is craving for is romance (romantic love).

It is the romance that will make your partner scream out in delight as they declare their undying love for you. You need to learn how you can ignite deep passion and grow intimacy in your relationship.

You don’t want your relationship to get stale unless you want your partner to find love and romance with another. Anyone involved in romantic relationships needs to become better at playing romance. There are several romantic things to do to put a spring in your love journey.

So many relationships are boring and are mediocre at best. These relationships don’t necessarily lack love, but they lack the ingredient of romance. When you love it can be comforting, cosy, predictable, lukewarm but romance brings out the excitement, the fire, the glow and the “can do anything” attitude in couples.

The truth is everyone desires passion and romance in their lives but doesn’t know how to get it or give it in return. If you knew that there were some romantic things to do to spice up your love life, would you give it a try?

Romance is the practical expression of love, romance is what makes love come alive. The very concept of love is shallow and empty if not expressed through romance. So if there are ways you can express love to your significant other, by all means, go for it. This post seeks to help these groups of people:

  • Some people are not certain how they can create romance in their relationship.
  • Some people are so stuck in cultural stereotypes and mindset thus hindering them from experiencing true romance.
  • Some people have given up their search for romance due to frustration.


Romance will help you express love in this modern age. Love is about honesty, commitment, caring for your partner but romance will help to creatively, passionately and uniquely show love to your partner.

There are a hundred ways of expressing love, but we will give you some ideas to get you started. People fall in love every day, and their love looks so genuine.

They did the entire usual things the couple do, but after a few months, the passion faded from their relationship. Is this predictable cycle avoidable? Some romantic things to do in order to engage your lover. Let’s dive in.

Way too often, the onus is on the guy to do something romantic in a relationship. Women like to be pampered, swooned, surprised, serenaded, and romanced.

They want him to prove his love, and take charge, wine and dine with them. So let us show you, the man in the relationship, how to make a woman feel really special.


Romantic Things To Do For Your Wife

These are some ideas that will make your girlfriend’s heart melt.

1.  Intimacy

There are a ton of romantic ideas that revolve around intimacy that don’t involve the idea of getting naked. Sometimes the smallest gesture makes people feel closer emotionally and physically, and they are sure ways to make your girlfriend’s heart melt.

One of the best ways to show your lady that you care is to hold her hand, doing this when you are in public will make her feel loved. It will help you to show each other off. This is a validation that you are happy she’s your girl. So take her by the hand when you are wandering around the mall, picking up groceries, or just taking a stroll through your neighbourhood.

Holding hands also makes her feel more connected to you, it is a way to make her feel comfortable.

One of the romantic things to do to ignite intimacy with your girlfriend is to hug her from behind. Sneaking behind her and wrapping your arms around her when she is not expecting it is one of the things that women adore. If you kiss her on the neck while you are doing this, it makes this even better. Not only will it make her melt, but it is also a big turn on.

Something most ladies out there cherish is a kiss on the forehead. Girls loved this because it makes them feel warm, loved and protected by their boyfriends.


2.  Show Interest In Her Family

Most men are not too keen on meeting their girl’s family. They don’t want to be judged by her parents or siblings, and a lot of the time they are scared of her father, understandably. But meeting them is inevitable if she and her family are close, especially if you are in a serious relationship.

So instead of keeping her away from her folks every weekend, make plans to spend time with her and them.

If you plan to spend time with the people closest to her, it will show her that you care about what is important. It will also demonstrate that you want to be in a relationship with her for a long time, because if you are making an effort to get to know her family then she knows you genuinely want things to last. It is also a selfless gesture on your part, she knows that there are other things like watching football that you could be spending the weekend doing.

So when you decide to make it her interest now and then she will truly appreciate it. But don’t think this is not beneficial to you. You will get to learn more about your lady’s life, hobbies and interests.

Finding out more about her should be engaging, and you will be enjoying yourself in no time. This may not sound so important to you but it is one of the romantic things to do with your partner.


3.  Make Dinner

Something else you should consider doing when trying to show your woman romance is cooking her meal. A lot of the time it is the lady making meals for her man. She will really appreciate it once in a while if you step up to the kitchen.

It doesn’t even need to be anything fancy; as long as you are the one who is cooking she is sure going to like it. Plus she will see that you are making an extra effort to make her happy.

So grab that pot, and cooking tutorials and start cooking. You can go the extra miles by lighting some candles and setting the tables. She will fall head over heels for you all over again.

One of the romantic things to do includes making breakfast in bed. This is the go-to romantic idea that will have your woman melting in no time.

Bring her some egg and toast on a cute plate while she is still sleeping, and give her something positive to wake up to in the morning. Food, cooked by her man, is the key to a girl’s heart.


4.  Make Her A Cup Of Coffee

Just as your girl would like breakfast in bed, something as simple as pouring her a cup of coffee in the morning is a wonderful way to show her that you care. There are days when she probably won’t have time to make one herself plus you are saving her time.

Doing little things like this would make your woman day.


5.  Ask Her Out

Sometimes when you are in a long term relationship, the thought of some romantic things to do tend to slow you down, and things are not as exciting as when you both started the relationship newly.

There is an easy way to rekindle the passion and make your woman’s heart melt at the same time, just ask her out. A lot of the time we get caught up in the day to day routine and chores and forget to make time for your significant others. So simply asking your girlfriend out on a date is an excellent way to spice things up again.

Go to a dinner and a movie; go dancing, no matter what the date is, it is sure to be a hit with your girl. You can also ask her to go away with you on a weekend; a surprise vacation to ignite the flame is always a good idea. It doesn’t have to be extravagant or expensive, just driving to the beach is an awesome way to demonstrate love.


6.  Make Spontaneous Call

It is often the little things you do that make your girlfriend think back to why she fell in love with you all over again. People are so used to texting (using Facebook Instant messaging, WhatsApp, and SMS) to each other nowadays that getting an actual phone call sounds crazy.

But if you call your lady at a random time during the day, she will be happy knowing you are thinking about her. She will be glad to hear your voice too. Sometimes texting becomes monotone as there is no real expression to a text, it is not just the same as having a real conversation.

So call her up and ask her how her day is going, and let her know she is on your mind. This small gesture will unlock your girlfriend’s heart.


7.  Get Her Surprise Gifts

Something your woman will fall head over heels for is when she gets her surprise gifts. This doesn’t mean you should buy her all the nice stuff at one time but something small once in a while is an excellent way to show that you care.

In fact, these spontaneous gifts will make her more excited than the ones she gets on required days such as valentine days or her birthdays.

She shows so much excitement for the unexpected gifts because she is not expecting them. So picking her a bouquet on a random weekend and leaving it for her to find when she gets home is one of the sweetest things you can do as a guy. If she had a bad day, then turn her frown upside down.

It does not have to be flowers, the gift can be anything. You can pick up her favourite candy, or bring her a bottle of champagne for an unexpected celebration. The options are endless, and she is going to love it.


8.  Pay Attention To Her

This is more of a romantic idea than something to take into consideration daily. Nevertheless, it will warm your girlfriend’s heart. So learn to pay attention to her.

When she wants to vent about her day or things that are bothering her, then be that shoulder for her to lean on. Listen to her and offer advice if she wants it. If she is confiding in you then that means she trusts you so take note of what she’s saying.

Another thing you should pay attention to is her appearance. Did she buy a new outfit? Did she get a new hairdo? Did she get her nails done? If you notice these things and compliment her, then she will be delighted.

Keep note of her interests and likes, this will help you plan out dates, pick her gifts and show her that you genuinely care about her.


9.  Dance With Your Woman

This is an activity you can do with your girl that will make her feel extra romantic and loved. Most of the time people only dance when they are out clubbing, or during a special occasion like a wedding. However, taking your woman for a little surprise jig will have her acting giddy in no time.

You can do this when you are somewhere they are playing music, like a lounge with a live band. Even doing a slow dance now and again in your house will do wonders for your relationship, and leave your girl feeling special.

So don’t hold back those moves.


10.  Do Extra Chores

Something else you should consider when trying to ignite romance is to take up some extra chores. You do not need to do this all the time but doing it now and then is a perfect way for your girl to jump for joy.

Let’s assume one weekend she was so busy and could not attend to the laundry basket, but before she came home you have helped her with all the laundry, she will be very appreciative that you did all laundry while she was gone.

This applies to any chores and task you can do to make her life easier once in a while. She will love the fact that you took on some extra chores without being coerced into it, and it will show her that you care so much about her.


11.  Introduce Her To Your Friends

This may not sound romantic, but introducing your girlfriend to your friends will certainly ignite romance. She will know that she is important to you because she gets to meet other people who are important in your life.

If you don’t take the time to introduce her, then she might end up thinking you are embarrassed by her, or you do not plan on having her around for very long. You should always invite her to hang out with you and your friend sometimes.

She would like that you still want her there even when you are hanging out with your friends. This does not mean you need to invite her every single time, guys certainly need some nights to just pop some drinks with the boys, just like ladies need a night out every once in a while.

But showing her off to your friends is a good way to make her feel loved, improved the relationship and boosts her self esteem.

Another thing you should do is introduce her to your family. Your friends are important too but it might be more crucial if your girlfriends meet your siblings and your parents. Most guys talked about the kind of girl they bring home to their mothers, and if you are not introducing her to your mum then she is probably going to start getting the wrong idea.

This does not mean you should rush into the whole family introduction thing if you are not ready for it, but your woman will fall more in love with you when you are prepared to bring her home.


12.  Be A Complete Gentleman

Chivalry is not dead, or at least it doesn’t have to be. It is often the small things that make the biggest impact, so show her that you care by paying attention to little details when you are together.

  • Open doors– Let say you are out shopping with your girlfriend when you come to a store open the door for your girlfriend. Open the door for her first, and then follow her afterwards. It will make her feel very special.
  • Pull out the chair– When you guys are having dinner, whether it is at a restaurant or home, pull her chair out for her to sit down before you take your seat. It is a courteous thing to do and will ignite the romantic flame in her.
  • Put her coat on– Offer to help her put her coat.


These are three simple gestures that will leave her feeling important, and make you into the perfect gentleman.

Some Romantic things to do with your partner and bonding activities for couples include:

1.  Do an escape weekend– This is super fun. You could pack a few things and go to a not so familiar place filled with surprises for your lover. This is one of the romantic things to do.

2.  Have a Spa Day– If you can convince your significant other to do this with you, it can be very romantic and fun.

3.  Work out together– This is super awesome because both of you are doing something together, something productive and healthy. You can do this at home or get a gym membership and go to the gym together.

4.  Do a picnic– You can do this in the park, at the beach or anywhere. Picnic is adorable, you guys can just chill, make food together, go for a drive-through and just eat somewhere.

5.  Spend a day in a different city– Driving or flying to somewhere new is cool since you get to spend all that time alone.

6.  Go night swimming– If there is a pool there, or one of you has a pool, swimming in the pool with the lights is really cosy.

7.  Go out on a boat ride– You can join a boat cruise and spend the day on the water.

8.  Have a movie night– This can be at a theatre or at home, with some home-made popcorn and soda is super romantic.

9.  Laying on a blanket– taking a blanket to the park, and listening to your favourite love songs is a way to ignite the romantic spark, it takes you away from everything and everybody and just leaves you with your significant other.

10.  Play video game– This will bring out your inner child.

11.  Write a love song together– Create your own rhythm, do a cover of a song you both really like.

12.  Go shopping together– Go out shopping together, and help each other pick stuff, buy junk stuff too just for fun.

13.  Draw something together just for fun– You can take turns to create each other’s portraits, thus getting in touch with your creative side.

14.  Get a pet together– If you both like dogs or cats then you should get one.

15.  Volunteer your time and skills– If you both enjoy doing something for the community, then it is better you are both doing it together. You will knit a close bond as you feed homeless people, teach kids how to read or join others to clean your environment.

16.  Go to the zoo– Animals are fun to be with, you can spend the whole day watching the animals as you both hold hands, and show each other affection, and oh don’t forget to take pictures.

17.  Stargazing– You can just lie on a mat and look at the stars, holding each other’s hand, and reaffirming your love. This is cheap but very romantic.

18.  Build a scrapbook of your time and make memories together– If you have been together for a long time, you can look at old photos and reminisce.

19.  Go to a bookstore– It will be great if you can pick books for each other.

20.  Have a game night– Just chill out and enjoy a night out with your better half.

21.  DIY– You and your partner should get creative with a do-it-yourself project.

22.  Going to a museum– Looking at arts and historical objects are stimulating. It will be fun if both of you are together.

23.  Do Yoga together– It is so relaxing, and a great work out, and doing it together should be so nice.

24.  Have a photoshoot together– Travel round and take photos together.

25.  Make breakfast together– You and your partner can decide to make and have breakfast together every once in a while.

26.  Watch sunrise or sunset together– You do not need a fancy location, you can simply sit in a car and watch it together. Just drive around; the view can be very beautiful.

27.  Style each other– Pick a date to dress each other by choosing the clothes and jewellery piece your partner will wear out. Then check who dresses better, this is fun and it brings out your playful side.

28.  Watch a comedy show– You and your partner can watch it on YouTube, Netflix, and Cable or on your DVD. This will make you and your partner laugh.


How about some karaoke? Fun time you may say but it’s one of the romantic things to do that will put your relationship on a route to intimacy and bonding.

Lest I forget ladies, go right back and replace the man with you and you will be filled with ideas on some romantic things to do with your man also.


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