121 Funny Valentine Messages For Friends to Laugh and Love

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Valentine’s Day is a special day of the year when we show our love and appreciation to those closest to us. It’s a time for couples, friends, family, and even pets! Whether you plan on writing a heartfelt letter or sending funny Valentine messages for your friends, make sure you let them know how much they mean to you this February 14th.

Here are 121 funny Valentine’s messages that will bring smiles and laughter to their faces. Show your sense of humor with these hilarious quotes that range from punny one-liners to lighthearted jokes about friendship. No matter what type of message you choose, it’ll be sure to put a smile on their face!

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine’s Day | Via FreePik

4 cute reasons for sending Funny Valentine Day messages for friends this year 

Remember that best friend you’ve always wanted to make feel special but were too embarrassed to send love letters to? Or that friend who just ended their relationship? This is your cue to make their day (and yours) by sending them funny Valentine’s Day texts this year! Because, why not?

Here are five ultimately cute reasons why you should copy and paste hilarious messages from this post into your friend’s chat box right away!

Let’s see how a funny message can shine through all the romantic messages your friend may receive on their phone this Valentine’s Day!

1. Makes your friend giggle

Most of us crave a partner that can make us feel special on Feb 14. Sadly, not everyone has that special someone who can brighten their day. Some of your squad’s friends may be single, in long-distance relationships, committed, or even married! This is the best time to remind them how much fun they’re missing out on. From making your crush grin to sharing those inside jokes with your bestie, sending them funny Valentine’s Day can definitely do the trick!

Thank us later. 🙋‍♀️

2. Reliving the best memories

Memories can actually go a long way.

If your friend is married and has kids now, you can always remind them how fun it was to live those days with them! When sharing a funny Valentine’s Day text with them, don’t forget to add those funny details of a trip you’ve taken together. Or, rather add a funny picture of you two doing the most obnoxious things ever!

By pulling their leg further, you can make a little threat of sharing them with their partners, which will just make them laugh even harder.

Friends Forever

Friends Forever | via Adrienn / Pexels

3. To celebrate being single, together

Chances are, your friend may be as single as you are! This is your best chance to remind them of their single status in a humorous text message as you celebrate Valentine’s Day!

Sharing funny Valentine’s Day messages with them will not only make their day but also make them feel less lonely (if at all they were).

Psst, if you’ve been trying on that crush, sharing funny texts is the best icebreaker you can get your hands on.

Along with leaving these messages in the day, you can add a handwritten one and treat them to your favourite restaurant or club the day later. Boom, the romantic day is over, and how!

4. Makes moving on easy

Not able to get over your ex? We know. We’ve all been there. Though we do not support going back to your ex (once an ex, always an ex), you may want to get back to being friends with them, which is okay.

What better time than Valentine’s Day to send them a humorous text and make things lighter, fun, and bearable? ;P

This will let them know you are grateful for having them or serve as a cute reflection that you’ve enjoyed the time spent together.

3 things to keep in mind before sending a humorous Valentine’s Day message to a friend

Sending a Valentine's message to a friend

Sending Valentine’s Message | Via Andrea Piacquadio / Pexels

While there are no hard and fast well-defined tips you need before sending a funny message on Feb 14. Certain chances are – your text may end up hurting someone’s sentiment (single friend, here’s looking at you) or end up being too flirty with your crush.

Here are a few very little things to keep in mind when you’re trying your hand at humour. But remember, the right funny Valentine’s Day messages go a long, long way.

Do not go overboard

If you’re planning on confessing your feelings to your crush, a funny message can be the best icebreaker. But checking what the text actually says once you’ve added it is important.

Add some personalisation

Don’t we all love handwritten notes or lines written by our people? While sharing funny Valentine’s Day messages with your friends is the best laughter dose, do not forget to add some personal touch to them. From reminding your friend about that drunken night to creating a hypothetical story, you can do it all in these texts.

A Valentine’s message should have the right humour matching the relationship you have with the receiver

The messages you should send your bestie, gang, crush, and married or single friends should all differ and be appropriate, of course.

Let’s cut down to the chase and without much ado, dive into the best and funniest Valentine’s Day messages for everyone in your squad.

Witty and funny Valentine’s Day texts for your crush

Holding Hands

I’ll Be There For You | Via Alexis Albergo / Pexels

Woah, Woah, Woah! We see you blushing already 😛

Kudos to you if you’ve made up your mind to confess your feelings to your crush this Valentine’s Day. Now the question you may have is how exactly to do it. 

Thanks to these witty and funny pick-up lines that can help you avoid awkwardness while still being the star you are! All the best, mate!

  1. I would press pause on FIFA for you.
  2. Are you an artist? Because you’re so good at drawing me in.
  3. “If you were a book, I would check you out.”
  4. “Was your father an alien? Because on planet Earth, there’s no one else like you.”
  5. “Do you know what one rabbit said to the other on Valentine’s Day? Somebunny loves you!”
  6. If you were a vegetable you’d be a cutecumber.
  7. What did one bumble bee say to the other bumble bee on the occasion of Valentine’s Day? I love bee-ing with you!
  8. “What did one volcano say to the other on Valentine’s Day? I lava you.”
  9. From the time I set eyes on you, I knew I was going to do this. Happy Valentine’s day, my frog, I turned you into a beautiful prince. I adore you!
  10. I’m so glad. You’re as weird as me.
  11. I love you to the bedroom and back.
  12. I wanted to send you something sexy. But the postman told me to get out of the mailbox.
  13. You turn me on.
  14. I find you increasingly tolerable.
  15. I’m obsessed with you in a non-creepy way.
  16. I’d totally shave my legs for you, my Valentine.
  17. There is literally nobody else I’d rather lie in bed next to and look at my phone.
  18. It’s Feb 14. And I’d like to confess I like the shit out of you.
  19. You’re a little cray-cray. But I like you anyway.
  20. You suck. (less than most people, Valentine)

Funny Galentines Day messages for your girl gang

Girl Gang - funny valentine messages for friends

Girl Gang | via Kampus Production / Pexels

When you love your girl gang, why care about having a date?

Valentine’s Day reminds us of all the fun memories we’ve had, not just with our partner but with our women squad too. So, this year when you wish your troop, go the humour way and remind them of all the best drunken nights or those trips you wish you guys had promised to take.

Get ready to hype up your ladies by throwing a picture on Instagram and using these funny Galentine’s Day messages as captions too!

  1. Happy ladies celebrating Ladies’ day.
  2. Nothing else would make me happier than to celebrate another Valentine’s Day with my crazy bunch. Thank you for always putting up with the best, sexiest, most reliable friend like me!
  3. Here’s to a Valentine’s Day full of fine wine, good food, and, most importantly, amazing friends like me.
  4. There is no one else I can imagine toasting on Valentine’s Day except a friend like you. Happy Valentine’s Day from me to you!
  5. Happy Valentine’s Day to the family I didn’t choose. Love you, guys!
  6. I survive just fine without a boyfriend, but I could never survive without you in my head. Happy Valentine’s Day!
  7. Happy Valentine’s Day, my best partner in crime! Let’s plan an unforgettable night together again.
  8. You know your life would suck balls without me, fellas!
  9. “Maybe our girlfriends are our soulmates, and guys are just people to have fun with.” — Sex and the City
  10. We need to remember the important things in life in this particular order: friends, waffles, and work. Or waffles, friends, work. Doesn’t matter, but work is third.” — Leslie Knope
  11. How wonderful it is to discover another set of nuts outside the family tree, my girls!
  12. On this Valentine’s, I pray that we may have the best bae-cation yet.
  13. Uteruses before Duderuses, Happy Galentine’s Day!
  14. I love you all more than Kanye likes Kanye.
  15. I was going to get you guys something expensive. Then I remembered you have me this Galentines.

Humorous Valentine’s Day messages for your bestie

Sure, you have a day planned with your bestie, filled with delicious food and chilled beer. But what better way to make your friends cringe than with funny Valentine’s Day messages when they’re least expecting them?

Taking the romantic route with your best friend can be a little embarrassing, but funny? Hell, no!

Read through these supremely humorous Valentine’s Day messages for that real friend that deserves to have the best laugh of the year!

  1. I hope that you have arranged the best Valentine’s Day gift for your best friend!
  2. “I love you just the way I am!”
  3. Congratulations on surviving another year as my go-to partner in crime! 
  4. Can’t believe we’re not tired of each other even after so many years. Happy Valentine’s Day, bestie!
  5. To a friend who eats my food, wears my clothes, and essentially lives in my house. I can’t complain because I do the same things as you. You’re basically my family, and I know I can rely on you for pretty much everything. Merry Valentine’s Day!
  6. Of all the people we know, I decided you are the least annoying. I love you and wish you a happy Valentine’s Day.
  7. Friends who love and encourage you… They are real Valentines. Also, I’m single this year.
  8. You’re slightly more tolerable than others. Happy Valentine’s Day! 
  9. Let’s stay weird together for the rest of our lives. BFF, happy Valentine’s Day!
  10. If there was a zombie apocalypse, I’d kill you last, my Valentine!
  11. Thank you to my therapist, who gets paid in wine.
  12. Happy fucking whatever!
  13. I just want you to be happy. And beautiful. But mostly, happy.
  14. Dear bestie here’s promising to never let you dance on a bar table alone!

Hysterical Valentine’s Messages For Your Male Friends

Make your friends laugh their heart out

Let’s Put A Smile On Your Friend’s Face | Via Andrea Picquadio / Pexels

We all have that one male friend (or more) we trust more than our partners, other friends, or sometimes, even ourselves! They pull your leg, remind you how beautiful yet stupid you can be but always have your back. These supremely amazing guys deserve to be wished Valentine’s in the best possible way.

And we believe what better way to wish a guy friend than with jokes they often pull your leg with?

  1. Dear friend, I wish you a very very happy Valentine’s Day. I hope you will enjoy yourself with your girlfriend as she will not allow you to accompany your friends for a night out party.
  2. Happy Valentine’s Day! It is always so bewildering that the least smart guy in the class gets the most beautiful girl.
  3. Today is February 14th – St. Valentine’s day. Women call it Love day, while men call it Nightmare Day.
  4. What present will you give to your right hand this Valentine’s Day?
  5. If you’re lonely on Valentine’s Day, remember that no one loves you the other 355 days of the year, either.
  6. Love is just like a fart. If you push for too long, it will be crap. Happy Valentine’s Day, my friend!
  7. It’s always a surprise how the least smart guy in the friend circle ends up with the most beautiful girl in the class. Valentine’s Day greetings!
  8. In all these years, not even God could find someone for you. Perhaps she hasn’t even been born yet, or perhaps she’s from Pluto! I wish you a happy Valentine’s Day!
  9. The best way to avoid a fight with your sweetheart is to agree with her, and you will always have a peaceful life…Hopefully, you’ll learn to be a good yes man for your woman!…. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  10. You are the most romantic and considerate person I have ever met. Maybe this explains why you are still single.
  11. You should really think about dating yourself if you don’t find love in the next two years. Because you are unique, and nobody else is like you!
  12. Since I’m on a diet, I don’t need a lot of chocolate this Valentine’s Day. You can get me some diamonds instead!
  13. Valentine’s Day is a day to make mistakes; you have another year to do things right.
  14. I need you more than my toilet,  HV!
  15. Roses are red, and the grass is green; take me out for Valentine’s dinner, or I will create a scene!
  16. Wishing you a very happy Valentine’s Day, my dear friend. I know you can’t go to the party with your friends tonight, so I hope you enjoy yourself with your girlfriend!
  17. Happy Valentine’s Day to my friend. I’m hoping you’ll bring me the money during the party tonight, or else I’ll tell your girlfriend about it.
  18. You don’t need flowers to smell sweet and don’t need ornaments to look beautiful. And then I thought you don’t need a valentine’s day either to be loved!
  19. May your Valentine’s Day celebration get a lot of likes
  20. You cannot define love in one word, and you cannot celebrate love in one day. That’s why I don’t have any plans with you for this Valentine’s Day!

Funny valentine’s messages for female friends

Funny Valentine's Day Message

Funny Valentine’s Day Message | Via Andrea Piacquadio / Pexels

You can count on your female friends for everything from asking them to play Cupid for you to dating tips. For everything they do for you, you can thank them 364 days of the year, but on Valentine’s Day, go all out in roasting them! Leave them the most humorous texts to make them roll on the floor laughing.

Believe us, these funny Valentine’s messages will work the best when your girl pal has recently started seeing someone or has been single for the longest time.

  1. Valentine’s Day is here, and I’m offering you some free advise to let you know that it’s still not too late. Just call it quits and start saving your money. I wish you a happy Valentine’s Day, my friend!
  2. Oh! I know you don’t have someone to spice up your valentine; let me be your valentine! Happy Valentine’s Day, girl!
  3. You cannot define love in one word, and you cannot celebrate love in one day. That’s why I don’t have any plans with you on this Valentine’s Day!
  4. I’m not saying I care more about money than I do about you. But my father told me to only use my money for good things only! Valentine’s Day greetings!
  5. Hope you are prepared to send the best Valentine’s Day gift to me.
  6. Roses are red. Wine is also red. Poems are hard.
  7. All I need is you and me. (and Tacos)
  8. If you were on the McDonald’s menu, you’d be McGorgeous.
  9. I never said I didn’t like you. I just said that if you were ever on fire, I’d roast my chicken. Big difference, girl!
  10. 8 billion smiles, but yours is still not my favourite.
  11. This Feb, may you reach for my hand so that I can put a wine glass in it.
  12. Happy Valentine’s from the best decision you made to be your best friend👫.
  13. Quick reminder: You’re the only person I can stay with for longer than two hours.
  14. You guinea 🐷 be my Valentine?
  15. Here’s to the person I see more than my own bloody eyelids. Happy Valentine’s! 

Ridiculously funny Valentine’s Day messages to share with your married friends

Happy Couple - funny valentine messages for friends

Happy Married Friend | Via Jonathan Borba / Pexels

As we grow old, most of us usually find our ‘special person.’

Often, words and sarcasm may fall short for these friends who’ve just got married and left you single. This Valentine’s Day, it’s the perfect chance to get back at them by sending them some hilariously funny messages.

You can let them know you miss them, but, of course, not with the usual “I miss you,” because, friends…duh! And you can also remind them about what fun they’re missing out on as they aren’t SINGLE.

  1. Get married, please. You’ll be happy if you find a good woman. If you get a bad one, get ready to become a philosopher.
  2. “One should always be in love. That is the reason one should never marry.” — Oscar Wilde.
  3. Happy Valentine’s Day to all the couples; may your marriage last forever; only if you want!
  4. Roses are red, violets are blue, wine costs less than a dinner for two.
  5. Love is always keeping your true self a secret. It’s walking downstairs to McDonald’s to go potty while wearing makeup to bed.
  6. Love is blind — marriage is the eye-opener.
  7. Yay, so happy you didn’t kill each other. Yet. Happy Valentine’s Day!
  8. Congrats to both of you for making it this far.
  9. Happy Valentine’s Day to the couple who always welcomes me as a third wheel.
  10. Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to reflect on all your horrible dating choices since last Valentine’s Day! No, I’m not talking about your wife/husband.
  11. I’m so excited to celebrate Valentine’s Day by listening to couples argue in public.
  12. “Every passing year, your relationship gets better.” “But I’m divorced.” “Yes.”
  13. This Feb 14, I hope you never let him go. Unlike, that Rose bitch.
  14. Never laugh at your wife’s decisions. You’re one of them.
  15. For Valentine’s, I hope you pledge to only ignore a quarter of what your partner says.
  16. May you two forever be together, so you don’t have to redownload Tinder!
  17. Another year as her husband. You’re so lucky, man.
  18. This Valentine’s, I’d like to apologise to your wife for acting like a couple more than you and she did!
  19. I haven’t bought you and your better half a present this Valentine’s. It would just be something else to fight over when you get separated!”
  20. I’m so happy you finally found one person you can fart in front of for the rest of your life.

Funny Valentine’s Day texts to remind your single friends that they’re single

Single Forever - funny valentine messages for friends

Single Squad | Via Pixabay / Pexels

  1. May your relationship status remain unchanged post  this Valentine’s Day!
  2. Valentine’s Day is almost here, and I still haven’t decided what to get for myself.
  3. For the Friends fans, “I’d drink the fat for you.”
  4. On Valentine’s Day, what do you say to single people? Happy Independence Day!Have fun today.
  5. Valentine’s Day celebrations only look nice in movies. But in truth, it’s just expensive and awful. You will find out when you buy a bouquet of roses!
  6. May you discover true love on Valentine’s Day and understand the suffering it involves.
  7. I’d want to wish my single pal a very Happy Valentine’s Day. You don’t realize how fortunate you are to have a sorted status.
  8. For couples, Valentine’s Day is a lovely day. The only option available to singles is to shut themselves inside.
  9. The best Valentine’s Day is priceless – no expenses at all. Happy Valentine’s, buddy
  10. Every Valentine’s Day makes a hole in my wallet large enough to take the entire year to fill. I’m happy to see you are still single! Cheers to Valentine’s Day.
  11. You may not be in a romantic relationship, but at least your pocket money is secure. Enjoy being free! You have my envy! Enjoy your Valentine’s Day!
  12. Won’t you agree that it would be amazing if a skip button for Valentine’s Day could be created?
  13. I know you tried your hand (on almost everyone) this year, but you did not bear fruit. I feel you, pal! We can try next year too.
  14. Let’s hate 14th February together!
  15. Best Valentine’s Day wishes to the most fantastic individual; I hope you have a nice day despite the fact that you are alone. My friend, happy Valentine’s Day!
  16. Happy Single Awareness Day.
  17. Are you ready to receive nothing on this Valentine’s Day?
  18. “I can’t wait for Valentine’s Day this year!” Said no single person ever.
  19. Single bell. Single bell. Single all the way.

Valentine’s Day is by far our most favourite day of the year. Not just for romance but also because it reminds us that our friends matter to us as much as our ‘the one’ does! But, hey, what fun is it if you can’t use your humour with your friends? Let us know which one of the funny Valentine’s Day messages you loved the most.

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