100 Nerdy Pick Up Lines That are Cheesy and Funny at the Same Time

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Are you looking for some cool nerdy pick up lines? As if we can say cool and nerdy in the same sentence right? LOL. But I think in today’s world we can. Nerdy is the new cool! 

If you are here, it means you may have missed out on basic flirting schooling. We are sorry to break it to you so bluntly, but flirting is an art form, my dear friend! Unfortunately, saying the right words, at the right time, and get the right reaction from the person who caught your attention is not always an easy task.

And, when it comes to love and attraction, the nerdy part of our persona may come to life with an unexpected force.

This is why we have decided to give you a hand and put together a list of 100 nerdy pick up lines you can spread around in those situations when your synaptic connections are overloaded and just can’t come up with an original and mind-blowing line.

We don’t want you to miss the chance to get to talk to your potential half!

Some of the below nerdy pick up lines and ice-breakers are old, with proven performance. Some others are new, waiting to be tested. Some are even so nerdy that may make the object of your desire cringe and may get your wings cut short before you even get a chance to display your finery.

But at least you have a ready-to-use line that can help you break the ice and get a chance to head toward a never-ending, pi-like relationship. After all, the only thing nobody wants is to look like a deer in headlights in front of the person he/she likes.

Flirting is mainly about having fun and letting the other person know you are interested in him/her. If you break the ice with a peal of genuine laughter, like using any one of these nerdy pick up lines, you are on the right track. Don’t worry, you will get your chance to impress him/her later on.

nerdy pick up lines

So, are you ready to indulge in the art of charm and laughter? Here we go!

100 Nerdy Pick Up Lines 

1. Excuse me, is your name Google? Asking because I seem to find in you everything I have been looking for!

2. Hi! I wanted to know if, apart from being attractive, you are also smart and nice. Are you?

3. Excuse me, do you know what time it is? Because seeing you has made me lose track of time.

4. Could you tell me your name? I dreamed of you yesterday and, when you were just about to tell me your name, I woke up! 

5. It seems incredible that it took us 20 years to meet! But it’s never too late.

6. Since I couldn’t take my eyes off you, I bumped into the wall and hurt myself. I need your name and phone number for the insurance company.

7. You are the only person in the world with 2 hearts: yours and mine.

8. I hope you are good at CPR because I’m out of breath.

9. Can you buy me a drink? I dropped mine when I saw you coming in.

10. Could you lend me a dictionary? When you are around, I’m speechless.

11. Sinners like me exist because of temptations like you. My redemption is in your hands!

12. – Do you know how big the universe is?


-Then you don’t know how much I like you.



-Then you know how much I like you!

13. I think it’s time for you to start paying rent. You have been living in my heart and head for free for too long. How do you want to pay?

14. Since when do orchids walk, talk, and smile?

15. I’m hungry for you. Will you join me at the table?

16. Hi, I’m your next mistake. Can I ask you out?

17. Forgive my lack of punctuality, I would have liked to enter your life a lot earlier. 

18. I want to become your mother’s next reason to say ‘You have such horrible taste in men/women!’

19. Come on, let’s get controversial, cold leftover pizza for dinner… yes or no?

20. How long will you stay with me? For a coffee or a lifetime?

nerdy pick up lines

21. Do you know how much a lion weighs? Well, enough to break the ice. So what’s your name?

22. My parents taught me to always pursue my dreams. May I walk you home?

23. You’re wearing an amazing dress. I’m sure it would look great on my bedroom floor.

24. If you were salsa, I would spend all my time dipping.

25. If your right leg were Friday and your left leg were Sunday, I wouldn’t mind spending my whole Saturday with you.

26. I would love to be your derivative and stay tangent to your curves.

27. I like you unconditionally…with or without clothes.

28. Kill me if I’m useless. But at least try me first.

29. Hi! I’ve just heard your body calling mine!

30. So beautiful and without a boyfriend? Oh my, let me fix that!

31. You look like an iPhone…out of my reach! Can you make me an irresistible offer?

32. You are the most complex substance I’ve ever come across. When you’re around, I don’t know how to react!

33. Do you mind if I take a picture of you? I have just found out what I want for Christmas! And I want to make sure Santa gets the correct instructions.

34. Sorry if I’m not hitting on you but today I don’t feel like spending time with an amazing girl. Are you free tomorrow? 

35. Do I know you? It’s that you look exactly like my future girlfriend/boyfriend!

36. Are you by any chance related to Nikola Tesla? Asking because you are electrifying!

37. I adore you! Do you understand that or should I explain it with kisses?

38. If I were an e-mail, you would be my password!

39. You are the kernel of my Linux.

40. You are the trending topic of my heart.

41. Well, here I am! You have two more wishes left!

42. Touch my shirt. Do you know what it is made of? Boyfriend/girlfriend material, of course.

43. You have filled up all the memory on my hard drive.

44. You are like a Tanzanite gem: beautiful, colourful, and extremely hard to find!

45. You are the .gif that brings me to life!

46. –Are you a virus?

– No. Why?

– You have just damaged my system. You need to fix that!

47. You go against the laws of physics: you are very aerodynamic, yet you put up too much resistance.

48. Without you, my life would be like a web without CSS.

49. Whatever your question, the answer is: you have to go out with me.

50. I would buy you a drink. But I would be jealous of the glass.

51. You have so many curves…and I don’t have breaks!

52. On average, a person falls in love 7 times before marriage. My dear, you are the seventh …

nerdy pick up lines

53. You are so hot that the ice in my drink has just melted!

54. Your lips look very lonely. Would you like to introduce them to mine?

55. Without you by my side, I’m just a nerd without suspenders. Please, complete my outfit!

56. Do you have some water? Because of you, my heart is on fire.

57. I only have one day left to live. Please help me, I don’t want to die being a virgin!

58. Hi! Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? Where can I apply for this position?

59. Your body is 90% water. And I’m very, very thirsty…

60. Excuse me, is your WiFi on? Asking because I’m sensing a strong connection between us…

61. Will you kiss me? If not, I will have to write a lie in my diary…and that’s a sin.

62. Be unique, defy the odds! Say YES to going out with me.

63. I’m not good at Maths. But I like numbers. Can I get yours?

64. Can you lend me a kiss? I promise to give it back to you right away!

65. If I were a coronary artery, would you wrap me around your heart?

66. You look so familiar. Have we been classmates? I could swear we shared the chemistry course.

67. You must be the most efficient treatment for Alzheimer. Dis you let scientists know that you are unforgettable!

68. It’s time to start believing in charity. Help the needed…take me home with you!

69. Excuse me for noticing that you haven’t noticed me…

70. –Sorry, were you talking to me?


– Oh, that’s ok. We can start now…

71. Can you help me find the road to your heart? I couldn’t find it on Google Maps.

72. Kissing is the language of love. How about we start a conversation?

73. You know, those lips are not going to kiss themselves…

74. Rejection can create emotional stress for the parties involved and could lead to physical conditions such as ulcers or even death! So, for the sake of your health and mine, say yes!

75. The only thing your eyes haven’t told me already is your name…

76. Don’t worry about eating apples. I’ll kiss you if you get in trouble.

77. I miss those mornings when we were waking up together and I was cooking breakfast for you while you were cuddling between the sheets. Oh, wait a second! This is not a memory…it’s our future!

78. It’s a beautiful dress, but it’s unnatural. You know, we were both born naked…

79. Do you remember me? It’s OK if you don’t. So far we have only met in my dreams.

80. Hi, my name is Chance! Do I have any?

nerdy pick up lines

81. I’m looking for a daughter-in-law/son-in-law for my mother. And you seem to meet all the requirements.

82. I’m looking for a woman with a USB port. I would like to download genetic information!

83. You are the reason I came here alone…

84. Tonight, I’ll make love to you. It would be great if you could show up too!

85. Sorry to bother you, but you have just won the Oscar for ‘The Most Beautiful Girl’ in my autobiographical movie.

86. I could get you drunk and take advantage of you, but I know it’s not fair. So how about you get me drunk and take advantage of me?

87. If I were paid to think of you, I would be a millionaire!

88. Excuse me, but if you are planning to spend all the day running through my head, could you please put some clothes on? I can’t focus!

89. You are the right desire at the wrong distance. Can you think of a remedy?

90. Someone is very interested in you. But I’m not going to tell you who I am. You’ll have to guess.

91. You’re like my mother’s flip-flop: I see you getting closer and my heart starts racing!

nerdy pick up lines

92. Dancing is the vertical expression of a horizontal desire. May I have this dance?

93. How dare you make me like you so much?

94. I’m an invisible man in search of a transparent woman to do things never seen before. Are you that woman?

95. Would you try out my lips? I’m positive they are your size.

96. We are both at the right age to do all the wrong things just the right way, don’t you agree?

97. Good stuff doesn’t need aggressive marketing. That’s why I almost never go out. But this is your lucky day: here you have me!

98. You have just become my favourite part of the day!

99. Make sure you look your best tonight. I’m planning to dream of you!

100. Until you find Mr. Right, wouldn’t you be interested in giving Mr. Wrong a try? Just saying…

nerdy pick up lines

If you know any other flirty punch line, we would love to hear from you. Don’t be shy, don’t be Scrooge…share your wisdom and wit with the needy community! If you get the chance to put any of these lines into practice, we would all love to hear how it all went…and – why not? – maybe get a wedding invitation!

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