How To Impress Your Crush

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how to get your crush to fall for you

Love is a beautiful thing but imagine having feelings for someone who doesn’t even recognize it? It could be disturbing as you will want to try every available means to let them know how you feel about them.

Now I understand you just seem to be awed by this person and you can’t seem to understand why it’s happening. In fact, you haven’t found out anything really special about them but when you see them, your heart skips a beat or even takes a leap, you become lost or have this burning desire to just be in their world.

You become speechless or begin to talk excessively just in a bid to get their attention or you just find out that you can’t stop thinking about them no matter how hard you try and the butterflies have refused to stop fluttering on your inside especially when you see them. The way you feel presently isn’t bad in itself but you have to sit and really know what you want.

The fact that you feel this way may not be that you have fallen in love, you may be infatuated or just idolizing this fellow. That’s why you need to allow some time pass, so that, you can analyze how you feel. After having done that, then you can look for ways on how to impress your crush.

I remember my days in college. On my way from the girl’s hostel one morning, I ran into a very tall, dark and handsome guy. What caught my attention was his height and the smell of his perfume.

It was so strong and consuming. He said “hello pretty” and I felt like my legs were going to give way under me, I was blown away and I couldn’t find the words to respond to him and he flashed a smile and said: “let’s catch up later”. Those words kept ringing in my mind all day that I couldn’t concentrate in class.

I began planning what my outfit later in the day would look like, the fragrance I will wear and also where I would find him without coming across as someone searching for him.

Sounds so funny I guess, but that was my first experience of crushing on someone. We became friends afterward and are still friends to date but the feelings faded a few months after we got talking. It’s obvious he just paid a harmless compliment and wanted a platonic friendship and nothing more.

how to win over your crush

Want to learn how to impress your crush? How about reading this piece to learn a few things about making your crush feel like pursuing you too?

Talking about crushing on someone reminds me of some stupid things I had to do in my college days like screaming a crush’s name on a street to get his attention and having his name printed on one of my Tshirt and guess what? It worked. I’ve had people who had to give up on certain bad habits so they could win a crush over and it worked. Want to know how to impress your crush?


1.  It Begins With Confidence

I understand how you battle within to keep yourself composed especially when your crush passes by and leaves you breathless. Don’t write yourself off even before your crush gets to notice you.

Are you scared of being turned down or laughed at? This will have a negative effect on you because you will not have the confidence to approach whoever you are crushing on, be it a friend or an acquaintance.

What could be the barrier withholding you from reaching out?

Are you too self-conscious or you have low self-esteem issues or you are emotionally withdrawn?

What good will it do you sitting in a corner wishing you had just some nerve to speak to your crush? No good at all. You have to be confident in yourself if you want to get the attention of your crush. That is how to impress your crush.


How Do You Solve This?

Try hanging out with confident friends who believe in you. Let their words of encouragement sink into you. See yourself with the eyes of your strengths.

This isn’t the time to remember your weaknesses, it will make you lose points at being confident. Bring back your achievements, good looks, and your unique abilities and praise yourself. It will go a long way to help boost your confidence level.


2.  Sell Yourself

how to make your crush miss you

Yes, you read correctly. Are a lady crushing on a guy? It’s a difficult task for a guy to come to terms with the fact that you are crushing on him. In fact, in most cases, it is his friends who will tell him. He may know you like him but may be scared of taking it further so you don’t misunderstand his feelings or turn him down. But keep throwing it at him.

I don’t know why it’s difficult for ladies to let it out and try to get a man’s attention. You can try walking up to him with confidence, look him in the eye and let out a “hello”. Ladies are powerful beings you know.


3.  How To Impress Your Crush: Start By Giving Him A Compliment

You could start by giving him a compliment that is real. Don’t fake it. Your crush shouldn’t be sweating after working out at the gym and when you run into him, you tell him you smell nice. Come on, that’s so false. He will be smelling sweaty of course.

Next, you could pass a compliment of liking the fact that he’s working out, which means he cares about his health and fitness. Then you could go further to ask where he works out? Boom!! A connection has been established and you could build on it later as time goes on by finding out his interest.

Personally, I don’t like football and find it difficult to engage anyone in any conversation concerning that. You can look for what he enjoys doing and it could be a great avenue to connect.

If you are crushing on a lady, don’t assume ladies are carried away by looks only. Ladies are carried away by care. Get her friends to be your friends, I mean to get everyone around her to be your friend and later, she would join in your circle of friends. You could also make her meet your friends as time goes on.

So after saying “hi”, what next?


4.  Start A Conversation

how to get your crush to ask you out

Say something and ask questions. I know the butterflies will be at it this time but try to present a composed front. Continue the conversation by saying something yourself, probably an experience.

Pay attention to what they like while you speak then find common ground and discuss. While you speak, you could try sharing a joke too.

You don’t necessarily have to stalk them but try to be in places where you feel they may be but go with a distracting tool so if you don’t find them, you won’t be disappointed.

In my college days, a friend once had a crush on one of our lecturers who happened to live two houses away from ours at that time. And guess what? The dude was damn handsome. We literally named him “handsome” so if we needed to talk about him in public, no one would know who we were talking about.

Whenever he passes by our house or comes to class, my friend gets carried away by his looks. In fact, she knew when he left the house every day and would stand by the window watching him as he drives past.

My friend tried getting his attention but he was very principled. We later got to find out he was married and my friend had to give up on him.

When you have a crush on someone, try finding out the reason behind the crush.

  • What do you know about them?
  • Do you think it will be possible to be with them someday?
  • Are you friends already and want to take the relationship to another level or just classmates?


How To Talk To Your Crush

It’s easy to ask intelligent questions that will make them open up.

Are you co-workers? Ask for help with an assignment, feign that you are confused about something especially if you know they are better in that area.

It’s nearly impossible to catch up with a movie star or artist as you would be the 100th person crushing on them.

Do you often meet in open places where you have to offer some kind of service to them? Be confident, smile at them and give them quality service. That’s one of the ways on how to get your crush to talk to you.


5.  Be Yourself

Having tried all of the above, one last thing, just be yourself. Don’t try to be somebody else to get someone’s attention because things may change between you two as time goes on and it may be difficult keeping up appearances.

When you are you, you will attract people to your content( who you really are) rather than your container( who you are outwardly). You won’t need to try too hard because when you do, you may end up creating conditional relationships based on false expectations as against reality.

What if the trait you try to portray doesn’t exist in you and that’s what the other person is desperately in need of? You both get together and you can’t keep it up, the other person ends up getting hurt because they were attracted to a lie.

Be yourself and I bet you will attract the right people into your life. Don’t be the kind of person that can be gotten through gifts and doings, be yourself. Being real is another way on how to impress your crush.


How To Make Your Crush Miss You

Don’t always be available. Let them know you have a life outside them. Get busy. Also make it a point of duty to get off the phone before them, give excuses to not always be online. It will make them want to discover you more.

Also, make sure you have a healthy sense of humor, don’t be uptight. Make them laugh and bring discussions that bother on helping you know them, at least some basic details but hold back on revealing too much about yourself. With time, they will begin to enjoy your company and want more of you. This is How to get your crush to ask you out.

Now you have their attention, work more at catching and holding their gaze. Maintain eye contact while you talk with them. Make sure you are well dressed with the right fragrance. Wear something that accentuates your best body features. Smile too while you talk with them. Laugh if you have to.

Don’t just sit across them and be mute, thinking in your head what next to say or what questions to ask. You should be prepared for this so you come across as a very interesting personality to your crush. This is one sure way of how to get your crush to fall for you.

I always tell people to take advantage of opportunities as they may never show up again.

Why die in silence? It’s a crush, that’s what it is. Different people handle the crush experience differently, how do you handle yours?

Will you rather go quiet than speaking? Do you prefer your crush choosing you instead of you being the one to approach them?

Are you afraid of being turned down?


It All Depends On You

Sometimes being vocal could leave a lasting impression on your crush. You both may even be crushing on each other but waiting on who to speak first. After having thought the whole process through and still want to know how to impress your crush?

Be vocal, let it out. Be positive, you are only expressing yourself and you are free to do that. If you get turned down, don’t take it to heart. Remember, it’s only a crush, nothing more.


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