How Do You Know You Love Someone – 10 Questions To Find Out

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How do you know you’re in love? Maybe it’s only a crush, what’s the difference anyway? We will try and help you figure out if you’re just liking someone, or is it really love. Below is a quick 10 questions quiz that will help you figure out if you really love someone, or it’s just a phase that will blow over in a month.

1. The person you think you love just walked into the room, how does that make you feel?  

A – OMG he’s such a dream!

B – Not really feeling it

C – Who is this guy again?

2. How often do you think about this person during the day?

A – Like every second of the day

B – Maybe when I have a free minute 

C – Not that much really 

3. How have you been feeling lately in general? 

A – All over the place to be honest

B – I have been feeling really good 

C – Everything is normal. Nothing to add

4. Your friend said something bad about your love interest – you:

A – Hi man! back off with that kind of talk!

B – I will defend him no matter what

C – Now that I think about it, they do really do that thing…

5. He doesn’t like your favorite song, do you argue? Or let it go?

A – He can have this one, as long as he’s happy

B – I am right! I’m not backing down

C – We can talk about it, not a deal breaker

6. The both of you are stuck in an elevator with no cell service

A – I can live here, this is my life now, as long as i’m with him

B – I need to get out of here like ASAP!

C – I guess it could be nice to talk for a bit

7. What’s the best feature about your love interest? 

A – I can come up with a few

B – Trick question – he’s perfect! So everything! 

C – You know, I can’t put my finger on it right now

8. Be honest, have you ever felt like this before?

A – I think so yes

B – I don’t even know what to describe how i’m feeling

C – What was the question? 

9. Your love interest just asked you to take it to the next step. What ever it means for you, what do you say?

A – YES! I don’t even care what he said

B – I don’t know, maybe it’s too fast

C – Let me think for a second 

10. How long do you know this person? 

A – We met last week, but this is it!

B – Like a couple of months now

C – We work together. 

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I think it’s safe to say, you are in love! If you really chose these options, you are head over heels girl ( or guy ). Take the next step and invite the person for a date to take things to the next level. Life is too short to pass on your potential true love. We got you!



This could develop into something special, but it’s not there yet, so either give it more time, or just move on until you are sure you never felt like this about anyone else. But just know, sometimes love takes time to develop, and a lot of deeply in love couples didn’t fell for each other right from first sight, so don’t ignore this right away. 



It’s not true love, like for sure, maybe you ate something bad, that’s more likely based on your responses. 


Any other combination

It’s not clear, I would give it more time and see how it develops. Could honestly go either way, that’s part of the beauty of dating and getting to know a new person.

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