Romantic Good Night Love Messages To My Better Half

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good night my dear love

Good night wishes for a lover are words always looked forward to by the people we love. Time spent away from your lover is one of the many reasons why you need to send some good night wishes to your lover.

Our nights can get cold, long and lonely but loving thoughts from a loved one can make your night a pleasant one. Distance shouldn’t be the only reason why we should send heartfelt love messages across to our heartthrob.

Our partners should feel the warmth of our embrace either far or near. Let your love know how you feel even when they are sound asleep and far away in dreamland. Check out below to find some romantic good night wishes for a lover.

good night honey I love you


Romantic Good Night Wishes For Lover

1.  To the person who makes me the happiest every day, have a wonderful night rest.

2.  I can’t go to bed without me reminding you how much I love you.

3.  If you look at the stars tonight, think of me. Because I know I’ll be thinking of you. Good night my love.

4.  I always get to think of you before I sleep so I can dream of you… Good night my love

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5.  This message is a reminder that you are needed in my dreams tonight so I can sleep well.

6.  I wish I was there to hold you tight, instead of just sending you this loving Good Night text.

7.  Talking to you has changed my night routine for the better. I now drift to dreamland with a smile on my face.

8.  My nights have been filled with love ever since we met. Have a pleasant night rest.

9.  The night is far too long, for me to be away from you my love, I’m desperately waiting for it to turn into day. Hope my heart will not rot away if things keep going on like this. All I want to do is kiss you. Good Night my dear love.

10.  You are always my priority. I can’t imagine how my sleep will be if I don’t text you to wish you good night honey, I love you.

11.  I hope you can feel the care and love that comes with this good night message. I have sent angels to watch over you tonight. Good night.

12.  The only thing I want to do this night is to cuddle with you and watch a romantic novel.

sweet good night message for him

13.  Even though you are the last thought before I fall asleep, and the first after I wake up, I’d love if you could be the last and first I see after each night.

14.  I laid in bed and something felt odd, then I remembered I haven’t sent you a good night wish. Good night to the one who makes my world shine bright.

15.  It doesn’t matter how bright and wonderful my dreams are because they still can’t compare to all the sweet moments when I’m with you, I can’t wait to wake up and see you again. Goodnight darling.

16.  I’d love to wish you a good night, but being away from you, makes the night anything but good. So…..I can’t wait to see you again.

17.  I know today was great, but I’m sure that tonight, my dreams about you are going to be even better because you will be in it. Good night.

18.  No blanket is warmer than your hugs, so even though my body feels warm, my soul, begs for your warm arms to hold me until I fall asleep. Good night.


Cute Good Night Texts To Make Your Partner Feel Special

True love is shown most often when you think about your lover and before you know it, the habit of sending good night wishes for a lover can become a daily routine. The end of the day is one of the perfect times to think about your lover and also send your thoughts and wishes. Let’s take a look at some more good night wishes for a lover.

1.  I’d love for you to be here, next to me to keep me safe and comfort me after a bad dream. Although, if I am next to you, no bad dream can get to me. Good night. I love you.

2.  Who needs the moon when I have you by my side. You make every night exciting.

3.  I just can’t stop staring at your images, you look so magical and out of this world. Good night babe.

4.  I want to be the one to fight away all the nightmares you have and bring you sweet and lovely dreams. Good night baby.

5.  A perfect night in my mind starts and ends with you. But since you are not here, the thought of you will have to suffice in my dreams. I can’t wait to see you again. Good night.

6.  Even in the darkest night, the light of your affection leads me to the morning. Sleep tight my dear

7.  I wish we could be together not only in my dreams at night. I miss you every day. Good night dear.

8.  I long for the day I may, at last, get the chance to hold you in my arms and give you a good night kiss. For the time being, I wish you to sleep tight.

9.  Every night I think about you and you are the first person I think about after waking up. You see my day starts and ends with you. Good night babe, have romantic dreams.

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10.  It is fulfilling to realise that there is somebody who fills my heart with joy and satisfaction. Much obliged to you for the motivation you give me. I am sending my love to you. Sleep tight, sweetheart.

11.  I could not care less about bad dreams because thinking of you makes my sleep peaceful. Sleep tight, sweetheart.

12.  Messaging you is the ideal completion of the day for me. I love you. Sweet dreams.

13.  If I were by your side this night, I would surround you with all my love and affection; I would embrace you and never let you go. Sleep well, sweetheart!

14.  I feel so comfortable with you: if only you were here I’d feel so safe. I love you so much. Goodnight my sunshine.

15.  Just before you go to bed, think of our love and get carried away by sweet dreams! I love you more than I can put into words. Good night my darling girl!

16.  Before you go to sleep, I just want you to know I’m right beside you to hold and protect you from all harm. Rest well

17.  I just want to be in your arms all night long, I feel so safe with you. Have a peaceful night rest.

18.  I can’t wait for the days where I finally get to kiss you good night in person before I sleep off. I’m thinking of you. Good night!

19.  You must be sleeping or getting ready for bed, just know I can’t stop thinking about you. Good night my addiction.

20.  I want to cuddle you so badly because I miss you so much. Let me make do with my teddy bear. Good night my baby.

21.  Know that I am thinking of you always. I love you so much. Goodnight.

22.  Goodnight to the hottest, funniest, coolest, awesome-est person I know. I wish you were in bed next to me, so I will feel better and warm.

23.  I have faith in my dreams because I have met an angel in person and I wonder what I did to deserve such a perfect woman. Goodnight.

24.  Every time I have a bad day at work; somehow you managed to turn it around with your love and positivity. Thank you and have a nice sleep dear.

25.  Let me wish you a good night and I hope that very soon I will get to fall asleep in your arm so I can tell you these words personally. I LOVE YOU.

26.  Before you fall asleep, I just want you to know that my life is just perfect the way it is.

27.  Cuddling with you at night makes everything right for me, and when I fall asleep on your shoulders, all my pains and sorrows go away. Goodnight, sweetheart.

28.  There comes a time when you meet someone, and you just want to make them smile for the rest of your life. For me that someone is you. Good night, dear.

29.  Even after spending the entire day with you, I just can’t seem to get enough of you. I hope the night fades soon. I miss you already.

30.  You are one of the reasons why my day was awesome. Thank you for being there. Good night, sleep tight.

31.  Every night, as I lay in bed and about to drift off to sleep, I thank God for giving me such a caring and loving partner. Have a wonderful night rest.

32.  It’s time to rest your sleepy-head. May the moon and stars shine in your dreams and make them as sweet as you. Good night!!!

33.  Time had come to bid all your negativities adieu. Lie in bed with the hope of a better tomorrow and have a wonderful night rest.

34.  I have asked all the stars in the sky tonight to let you have the most peaceful sleep ever. Good night!

35.  The day is over, night has come. Today is gone so embrace your dreams through the night. Tomorrow comes with a whole new light.

36.  Your smile makes my day and night perfect.

good night love messages for him

37.  The best way you can be assured of a sweet dream is dreaming about me. And I hope you do. Good tight!

38.  The moon and the stars have arrived just to wish you a good night. Let the moonlight guide your dreams as you pass the night away.

39.  As the day comes to an end, keep all your worries and troubles away. Have a wonderful night full of pleasant dreams, my friend.

40.  My hectic day is over, I want you to know that I was thinking about you all day, and now I can’t stop imagining you in my arms all night. Sweet dreams. I love you.

41.  My dreams are incomplete without you in them. I always sleep with expectations of seeing you. Dream of us.

42.  At the end of the day, all I wish to see is your charming smile and that makes my day fulfilled, I hope you had a great day too. Good night.

43.  In this ever-changing world, you are my constant love. Sweet dreams darling.

44.  Every night I long to sleep beside you and feel you. That is how I know you are always there with me. Goodnight dear.

45.  I cannot sleep without wishing goodnight to the only person who can chase away all my worries and bring smiles into my life. Goodnight dear.

46.  I am counting minutes so that this night could end fast and soon you will be in my arms. Miss you and goodnight darling.

47.  Even in the darkest night, the light of your love and affection lightens me. The lonely night it is but your thought keeps me company.

48.  You are my life; I love none other than you. I am glad to share my days and nights with you. Goodnight my love.

49.  The thought of you makes it easier to fight the struggles of life. I am thinking of you right now my love. Good night my darling.

50.  I wish to kiss you on your forehead and hold you close to myself like a newborn baby. I hope you get the sweetest of dreams.

51.  I want you to know you mean the world to me and I am always thinking of you especially during cold nights like this. Have a lovely night rest.

52.  It is amazing to know the only person I think about is you.

53.  It is in your arms I find comfort after a stressful day. Good night sweetheart.

54.  I cannot believe how my life changed after I met you. You made my days brighter and my nights sweeter. Thank you, my dear, for coming into my life. I love you and goodnight.

55.  Even though we are physically apart, the thought of you makes you closer than I can imagine… Sleep well, my beloved.

56.  No matter how tired I am, I cannot sleep until I wish my darling goodnight. Goodnight baby.

57.  Good night to the most beautiful woman in the world… Have a peaceful sleep.

58.  Even though we are physically apart, I wish to come in your dreams and make them all sweet. Goodnight darling.

59.  A good night kiss to the most beautiful and powerful woman I have met all my life. I want you to keep a space in your heart that will always remind you of how much I love you. Goodnight and sweet dreams my gold.

60.  There are so many stars in the sky tonight & I was wondering which one is you. Because my friend, you are a true star! Good night!

61.  The only reason I have the sweetest of dreams is that I look forward to spending the next day with an awesome friend like you. Goodnight.

62.  Just like how the stars light up a night sky, the memories of our friendship are the shine in my life. Goodnight bestie.

63.  I promise myself every night, that tomorrow I will become an even better lover than I am today. And that is the only reason I can stand being away from you every night because I know that the next day will be better. Good night, and wait for the better things to come.

64.  Every time I fall asleep, I feel something missing, and that is you. So if the night is to come, then I want you to fall asleep fast, so we can meet in our dreams. Good night

65.  The night may only last for a few hours, but the dreams I have of you during it, last forever. Good night.


Amazing Good Night Texts To Strengthen Your Bond With Your Spouse

hot good night messages for girlfriend

Have you ever gone to bed thinking of your lady or your man? How does it feel? great and refreshing I guess? It further strengthens your bond and endears them to you. Want to make them feel the same way about you? Let’s look at some more good night wishes for a lover below:

1.  Before you sleep I just want you to peep through your window and look into the sky. Can you see the brightest star? That’s me saying have a pleasant sleep, my unique baby.

2.  I’m sending you one thousand and one kisses as well as all of my love, in the hope you will spend a gentle night.

3.  I miss you so much when you are not around. I know you do too. But I hope that it won’t make you restless. Have a great peaceful night and don’t forget that in the morning we will see each other.

4.  Hugs and kisses to the guy who makes my life seem like a bed of roses. Good night dear.

5.  I write to you not because I am the best writer in the world or to compliment you, but I write to let you know that the thought of you wouldn’t leave my mind all day. Have a good night sleep, my jewel.

6.  My best hobby ever since I met you is thinking of you because you are the only thought that crosses my heart. Good night my treasure.

7.  With your eyes closed and your mind cleared, I like you to pay rapt attention as the stars in the sky take their places to wish you a beautiful sweet sleep, my sweetheart. Dream about me.

8.  When I count my Blessings, you to the list and I’m ever grateful to God for bringing you into my life. Sleep well, my Queen.

9.  Hold your phone as tight as you can because this text message that you are reading now is a hug from me to you in disguise. I wish you sweet rest honey.

10.  The happiness you bring to my life makes me wish to stay entangled to you forever. From the moment our paths crossed, I knew that things were bound to get better. Have a good night and sweet dreams as you sleep tonight.

11.  I am heading to bed, but I’m still eagerly waiting for one of your sweet goodnight kisses as I m sending mine already to you. Kisses and hugs to you, the most wonderful person in my life.

12.  My love, you are my hero, the one that makes my heart fill with so much love, our life is amazing. I now know how lucky I am to know that you adore me. I love you so much, good night, my king.

13.  I have a lot of things to do before I go to bed but thinking of you won’t allow me to concentrate, I really wish you were here by my side. Good night sweetheart.

14.  The best way to end a day is to convey one’s love to the one that matters most to him or her. As I retire to bed, it is great hanging out with you today. Pleasant rest my heart.

15.  My love for you outshines all the stars in the world! I wish I could prove it to you, but somehow my love will just have to suffice. Love you, sweet dreams.

16.  I wish I could be the moon. I would give anything to watch you sleep.

17.  The first time I met you, I knew that you were going to be the reason for my sleepless nights. I knew you were going to be the reason for the butterflies in my stomach. I knew that you were going to give me a lot of trouble. And I was right. I love you. Good night.

18.  I miss your warmth, your scent… It’s going to be a long night without you! I love you.

good night message for her long distance

19.  I’m going crazy thinking about you and missing you. I just want to be with you, to snuggle in your arms, and to fall asleep with your heart beating against mine. Come home now, love. I love you. Good night!

20.  I am honoured to have you in my life and even spend my night in your arms. Good night

21.  I always wonder what would have become of me if you were not there for me. I will miss you again tonight my angel. Sweet dreams.

22.  Sometimes, it’s hard to find words to tell you how much you mean to me. A lot of times, I don’t say anything at all. But I hope someday, you’ll understand, having you is what I live for. Have a good night rest, my dear.

23.  At night, I sleep peacefully because you are by my side. I dream every night to see you again in the morning.

24.  This is what I wanted you to know before you went to sleep: your smile makes me smile, your voice melts my soul, and I’m enjoying every bit of it! Good night, my sweet.

25.  I can’t look at you without thinking that you’re the best thing that ever happened to me. Good night, sweetheart.

26.  My perfect bedtime routine is one where I thank God you are in my life.


Hot Good Night Messages For Long-Distance Couples

1.  I miss you already, even though it’s been a short while, I can’t just wait for the morning to come so I get to see your lovely face.

2.  I wish I was your blanket so I can be around you, I want to hold you tight, and be the lucky person who kisses you good night.

3.  While others are sleeping, I lie lonely on my bed and miss you my darling.

4.  Please, my angel, think about me before you sleep and maybe we will meet in dreamland. Good night.

5.  I love and miss you so much that when I close my eyes, I can almost feel you near me.

6.  Looking out to the stars at night reminds me of you. Your love is one of a kind and an inspiration to me at all times.

7.  When the night separates us, the memories of the day stays and keeps me going. I can’t wait to have you in my arms again. Good night dear.

8.  I wish I was there to hold you tight, instead of just sending you this loving “Good Night”.

9.  I just want you to know that I really do love you! Have the best night and the sweetest dreams.

Good night wishes for lover

10.  I hope you are reading this with a smile on your face and love in your heart. I love you my prince charming. Rest well.

11.  How I wish that my home is your home so I can tell you good night personally accompanied by a lot of kisses and hugs.

12.  All I want right now is for you to come here and hold me in your arms as I fall asleep happy and content. Sweet dreams.

13.  I always wish that my day with you does not end with us heading in different ways. I can’t wait for the day when you and I finally get to live in the house so I get to see you every night. Good night, sweetheart. I love you.

14.  I love that we started as friends and then became lovers. I know that even when the passion fades and romance become less, the two of us will never stop being good friends. Just a random thought on this beautiful night, love. I love you. Time to sleep. Good night.

15.  Sleeping without you is tough for me and I know it is the same for you but very soon we won’t have to be separated anymore.

16.  I imagine everything I could do to you if you were there. I pretend to think that you would be fulfilled. Too bad that a few kilometres separate us.

17.  I am in the most luxurious hotel in this town, and yet I am not able to sleep without you beside me. I miss you so much dear; I know you do too. Goodnight.

18.  It doesn’t matter how far apart we are, you are always in my heart. Good night dear.

19.  Thousands of stars are between us, but we will soon be reunited, till then let us meet tonight in our dreams. Goodnight love of my life.

20.  Some nights, I want to roll over and talk to you and snuggle until daybreak, but you are miles away, so I roll over anyway and talk and snuggle with my pillows and hope that my message finds you.

21.  I and my lonely heart are counting down to the day when we meet again.

22.  You do not know how much I am missing you right now. I want to fly back and be with you. Miss you and goodnight dear.

23.  I sleep peacefully at night knowing that I have such an amazing man to share my life with. I look forward to seeing what tomorrow brings. Until the morning, my sweet love!

24.  I’m the luckiest girl in the world to have the pleasure of saying hello to you each morning and goodbye to you each night. May the most pleasant dreams greet you, sweetheart.

25.  Sleeping without you is hard, but knowing you are too tired to face tomorrow would be even harder. May sleep find you quickly so that you have the energy to enjoy another day of fun adventures with me.

26.  I wish I was there to watch you drift peacefully off to sleep, your dark lashes fluttering softly against your tanned skin. I’ll have to settle for the next best thing- wishing you good night and sweet dreams!

27.  I’m missing you dearly, my love. Since I can’t kiss you good night in person, I’ll look forward to stealing sweet kisses from you in my dreams.

28.  Although the sun has set on this day, it will never set on our love. It will forever burn brightly, shining light on each aspect of our lives. We’ll speak again when the sun rises. I love you, always and forever.

29.  I long to feel your arms around me and to taste your sweet kisses. Being apart from you is agony, so may peaceful sleep surround us both until the first morning light peeks through the window. Goodnight honey!

30.  Even in my dreams, I know you’ll protect me. Goodnight, my knight in shining armour. I love you to the moon and back.

31.  When I say my good night prayers, you’re the first thing I thank God for. I’m asking Him to send extra love to you tonight since I can’t be by your side. Sweet dreams, honey.

32.  The only thing sweeter than having you as my man during the day is having you in my dreams at night. Goodnight, baby.

33.  I take comfort in knowing we’re both looking at the same moon. It makes me feel close to you, even though we’re miles apart. Until the sun rises, my love.

34.  May this good night text wrap you in a hug so tight you’ll feel cocooned in my love till the morning. Pleasant dreams, babe.

35.  How lucky am I that you’re the last thing I think about before I fall asleep and the first thing I think about when I wake up in the morning. May you find dreams as wonderful as the love you’ve brought into my life.

36.  Of all the things I’m grateful for in this life, you’re number one. Good night to the love of my life.

37.  The day is done, it’s time to dream. May you sleep peacefully knowing we’re a team. Good night honey I love you.

38.  Doesn’t it bring comfort to know that we have each other, through the good times and the bad, day in and day out? As this day comes to a close, may that comfort bring you a calm and restful night’s sleep, my dear.

39.  Never has there been a love so great that it can surpass even the wildest dreams. Dream big tonight. We’ll conquer the world tomorrow.

40.  You bring butterflies to my stomach during the day and tranquillity to my heart at night. I’m so blessed to have you as my boyfriend. Sweet dreams, baby.

41.  May your sweetest dreams tonight become a reality tomorrow. I can’t wait to hear all about them in the morning. Good night honey I love you.

42.  Sometimes my love for you is so strong, it wakes me from a sound sleep. You’re like a magnet, pulling me towards you even on the darkest night. I love you eternally. Good night.

43.  How did I get so lucky? To have a man that makes my reality even more incredible than my dreams. You’re one in a million, babe. Have a peaceful night’s rest.

44.  The stars tonight are shining so bright, they almost compete for our love. Almost. Nothing can truly compete with the brightness of the flame that burns between us. Sweet dreams; Love you always and forever.

45.  The only thing better than spending this day with you is knowing that I get to do it all over again with you tomorrow. Get a good night’s sleep.

46.  I wish I was your pillow so I could rest myself against your cheek the whole night long. I’ll have to settle for this good night text and the promise of hearing your voice tomorrow. I love you.

47.  Everyone says they wish they could sleep like a baby. I don’t. Since I met you, I’ve never slept better. Knowing you are my boyfriend brings me such happiness and peace. May your sleep be just as restful.

48.  I don’t even need to dream anymore. My dreams came true the day I laid eyes on you. Now I only sleep to make the hours pass quickly until we can be together again. Always and forever, babe.

49.  When you wish upon a star, I hope you know how loved you are. For there has never been a love so true than the one that has blossomed between me and you. Good night to my everything.


You can wish your loved one a good night by sending these messages to them. You can even start today, right away. What would it cost you? A call, an SMS or even a love note. Just do it and you will be glad you did. Make your loved one smile, even in their dreams.


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Good night wishes for lover

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