How To Make A Man Feel Happy, Loved And Respected

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how to make your boyfriend feel special with your words

Ever thought of making your man feel loved and happy? Who says only women have the right to be loved and pampered? Love is an all-encompassing word with actions of care, respect, happiness and so much more. Everyone deserves to be loved, your man inclusive.

Every valentines day gets me wondering how some ladies sit around waiting to receive gifts from their men and not thinking of what they can do to make their men feel special also. Women don’t have to be at the receiving end of love and care always, it should be vice versa, a give and take thing.

Kudos to the women out there who would not leave any stone unturned to show their men how they feel about them. I see the show of love via calls, text messages, surprise meals at work and fun times together.

Want to know how to make your man happy? You don’t have to break a bank to do so, a simple kiss, pat on the back, little acts of kindness and care will add up to a ‘ meal of love’ you can share with your man. Want to know how to make your man happy? Then this post is a must-read for you.

how to keep your man interested in you


1.  Be There For Him

I understand the need to be a lady and meet up with the demands of life and it’s responsibilities but that shouldn’t deter you from spending time with your heartthrob.

I don’t mean you should go into lockdown with him all day as it is impossible but you can give him so much attention that will make him feel like a king. If you have to be away for some time, do well to check on him or send some romantic messages to tell him you are thinking of him.

The saying “give a man what he wants” is evergreen in my memory. How about taking him out sometimes? Make him happy by hanging out with him only. Don’t always turn down requests by him to take you out, accept them and dress to kill.

Have you ever tried spending quality time with your man being engaged in chit chats and having fun together in a world that says ‘just the two of us’? Give this a trial today. One thing some ladies don’t realize is this when your man feels loved and happy, he will go out of his way to make you feel the same way also.


2.  Shower Him Some Praises

what makes a man happy in life

Women generally loved to be praised and most men know it so they use it to make their women happy.

It’s a societal thing to see the man as someone who is tough and hard but inside every man is a boy who wants to be told something good. There is a boy waiting to hear some nice words, he wants to hear you tell him he’s handsome, he wants to hear you say you’re privileged having him in your world.


3.  Be Appreciative

Be courteous and appreciative. Learn to say ‘thank you’ occasionally to your man. Don’t wait until he returns home with a gift bag for you before you appreciate him.

Express gratitude for the times he helped with house chores, the times he held the crying baby while you had to fix dinner, the times he asked you to go take a rest while he helped look after the kids, don’t forget the pickups and drop off at work or even the grocery shopping time together where you walked like the Queen with him as your handyman pushing the shopping trolley while you picked whatever you wanted.

Think outside the box and prepare your own list of “things to say thank you to my husband for”. If only you can think, you will see there are so many things to be grateful for. This is one of the ways on how to make your man happy. Let’s stop our entitlement feeling, appreciate your man also for putting up with your mood swings.


4.  Make Lovemaking Time Great

Initiate lovemaking sometimes! Dress to “kill” him! Be seductive! Know the part of your body he likes most and use it to seduce his brain out!

A man never jokes about getting down because it is very important to him. Don’t deny him. Some women say it’s not their fault, their men don’t ask for it, please if your man never does, please you better ask! Why must he be the only one initiating lovemaking?

If you are busty! Good asset! Wear push-up bras, leave some mighty cleavage and keep strolling around him. Sit beside him, bend in front of him, serve him food with your cleavage in view and don’t let him rest until his assignment in the bedroom has been fully carried out.

If your asset is the bum, thigh or legs, wear eye-popping bum shorts and keep rotating around him, he should get the message.

how to make a man feel loved and respected

Send him sensual messages at work and “unload” him when he comes back. Want to know how to make your man happy over the phone? Call him up and say something sensual to him. Don’t turn him on without offloading him, a man must let out some steam.

You won’t be happy if he does that on his secretary! Touch him and ask, pull him close, kiss him, and take initiative. That man will never notice another woman and will make you his number one woman for life!

If you constantly reject getting intimate with your man, he will become distant and indifferent. If you do not give ‘it’ to your man regularly, he may go find it elsewhere, it may be by indulging in sensual adult movie, meeting with call girl or even having an affair and having a mistress or a side chick.

You need to know that lovemaking for a man is a NEED. He does not function well when that need is not regularly met.

Sometimes, I hear ladies complain that their husbands refused to touch them for days, weeks and even months and I keep wondering. The little I know about men, they are easily carried away with what they see if well packaged.

Ladies, next time he refused to look at you, here are little tips you can use to draw his attention silently; At night, take your bath, wear your best nightwear, you know the one he loves so much. Make sure the room is well arranged and everywhere is sparkling.

If he is watching TV, walk past as if you are looking for something, get busy with some activity that will make you bend a little, revealing your cleavage and well-built thighs. Make sure your fragrance exudes a message of ‘I’m ready for the taking’.

When you are through with your diamond ultimate search, go sit opposite him with your legs spread, but sit pretending you don’t know your legs are well spread. By this time he will be restless already, you know what to do from there.

Another thing you can do is try getting down early in the morning. The first thing your energy will be used on will be on the early morning ramp, after explosive early morning lovemaking, your man will feel renewed and excited to face the day.

No man is as happy as a man well taken care of in bed. When you see a man happy in the morning, just know he’s got some tender loving care at night.


5.  Give Him Listening Ears

Try to listen to your man. If he tells you he wants some things it is because he needs to feel happy in the relationship, he needs to know that you would do whatever he asks from you because you love him. Be assured that if you truly do everything for your man’s happiness he will do the same to you if you ask for it.

Men, as women, can’t read minds so don’t be upset if things don’t go how you want them to. If you don’t communicate it’s your fault. If communication is good, keep trying and things will fall into place.

Ladies, listen to your man and pick up cues too, where you don’t know what to do, ask questions.


6.  Don’t Be Too Dependent

Ever have an idea of what your man goes through at work sometimes? Some sit bemoaning the pain of not being able to meet up with their responsibilities and where they have a lady who isn’t helping it could be an additional burden. Men love strong and independent women.

Want to know how to make your man happy? Don’t sit around waiting for what your man will bring to the table. It doesn’t have to be a 9 to 5 but following your passion is one thing that will make your man happy.

Every man finds happiness when he sees his lady succeeding and living her dream. Don’t sit around waiting for a man to fulfill you, get a hobby and pursue a career, Look for what you can do easily, go after purpose.


7.  Don’t Choke Him

Accept it when a man says he is fine, he really means it when he says he is fine. It’s normal and healthy for a man to sometimes want to be alone. He needs that once in a while.

He may not always want to talk about everything, it’s part of his make up. Accept him that way and don’t nag. Men believe in providing solutions rather than discussing the problem.

Some men see your intruding as you being insecure. Allow him to be himself and hang out with the boys sometimes, you don’t have to walk hand in hand with him, let him breathe.


8.  Be Supportive

As the saying goes, behind every successful man is a woman. Can your man say that about you? What support have you shown in his life? What words do you speak to him? Do you tear him down or build him up? Do you fill him with the strength to face the world by telling him you got his back or when he returns from facing the world, does he cringe with fear at the sight of you?

A supportive woman is interested in her man’s career, job, business and life goals. Do you give inputs on how to make him more productive at work or try to manipulate him because of what you hope to get from him? Our men thrive on the support they get from us.

We should learn to massage their ego sometimes and see how they respond. Watch out for the times he’s silent and try to find out why he’s troubled, listen to his problems and offer advice to help soothe his pain. You may have the right words to say to him that will encourage him and help him go through whatever storm he’s facing.

When he doesn’t take your advice and things go out of hand for him, do you seek revenge and add salt to increase the pain or do you lovingly sit and cry with him while you seek for ways to help him? Where he’s financially handicapped relieve him of some bills especially when you are working, after all, he showered you with gifts when he had so much to give to you.

Be understanding when he behaves like a child. Be his safe haven and oasis of peace. Don’t nag him. There is no better way on how to make your man happy than to believe in him and his dreams also.


9.  Surprise Him

Most people view surprises as throwing lavish parties or buying tickets for two to an exotic location (that’s great) but it doesn’t stop there as not everyone can afford that. How about starting small and growing into something big?

Surprising your man could be thinking ahead of him and solving some issues. It could be washing the car before he gets up to do it, it could be redecorating his office when you have the opportunity to do so, it could also be bringing him lunch at work or getting him a pair of nice shoes.

Surprises have a way of putting smiles on his face. It doesn’t have to be a once in a while thing, try to inculcate it into your ritual and you will be glad you did.


All of the above comes from a heart that loves genuinely. If your motive for being with your man is real love, then doing any of the above will come naturally except you don’t know what to do, which is the reason why this post was put together. When you love your man, you will respect him and treat him like the king he is.


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