10 Things Guys Like In Bed But Won’t Ask For

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what guys like in bed the most

There are a whole lot of things guys like in bed but won’t ask for. In every man are a child and a king. The kingly part of him wants to be respected and honoured while the child part wants to be pampered and snuggled like a teddy bear too.

In a world like ours proudly referred to as a “man’s world” definitely has along with it a couple of things guys want from their girlfriends which we have misunderstood to be cumbersome.

I know society makes us feel that men are generally strong and would always be strong but there are areas where they are weak also (permit the use of the word in this context).

I know you are expecting to read some really hard styles and positions in bed, yes it’s part of the deal but reaching out to the men in my life, I discovered that men generally want a few things that are little compared to what I was expecting to hear them say.

little things guys like in bed

Want to know those things guys like in bed but won’t ask for? Come with me.


1.  Take The Lead

I and my man got talking a few days back and due to my recent work schedule, he began to complain of me being too busy that I’ve abandoned the bed. That came as a surprise to me because we made love just a night before this complaint.

I almost flew off the handle but decided to calm down and remind him that we had one of the best nights ever just a night before this conversation.

Then, he explained that yes we did but it was because he came for me. That sent a strong message to me. Men generally love being in charge in the bedroom but like it even better when the woman takes the lead sometimes.

It should not just be the man always. Let him know when you are in the mood and reach out for him, touch his crotch, reach out for a kiss, touch him, send signals that show that you want him. Wear something cute that accentuates your curve and try getting his attention.

Ladies, bring in your magic too, be in charge. You can begin by asking how he likes it, then go ahead and bring it on. Don’t wait for him to initiate lovemaking all the time.

Surprise your man by reaching out for him and I’m sure it will light up his mood and turn him on also. This is not the only thing guys like in bed but won’t ask for, there are a few more, keep reading.


2.  Use Your Hands Too

what not to do in bed with a guy

If you haven’t learnt this trick yet, then you may be depriving your man of so much pleasure. Men love the act itself but how about building up tension within him until he gets to climax using your hands?

Make sure your hands are wet so you don’t hurt him. Watch his reaction and let it guide you into doing the right thing that will give him that toe-curling sensual satisfaction.

There are several motions you can use, you can stroke his joystick gently, or form an ‘o’ with your index finger on your thumb and go full length up and down on it. Don’t ignore the sacs underneath also, stroke them gently.

When you are in doubt of what to do, let your man guide you but be confident about what you are doing. Try bringing other things to the mix also, use deep kisses also and allow him to touch you too.


3.  Don’t Fake It

I’ve had men complain about their spouse in bed faking ‘getting to the peak of sensual excitement’. Not just that, some try to fake the sounds they make in bed while at it. Ladies, please stop it.

If your man is hitting the right notes, let him know and when he’s not, how about telling him what to do instead of faking it? You may try convincing him with your sounds but your body will definitely not lie and he will see features of what you are trying to exhibit.

You know the part of you that responds and take you there, show them to him and allow him to explore, it’s a process and a journey, you will get it right someday.


4.  Cuddle Him

where to touch a man

Every child loves to be cuddled, so also every man loves to be cuddled too. I know you are used to resting and folding yourself in his strong protective arms, but do you know this is one of the things guys like in bed but won’t ask for?

Your man longs to be held in your arms also. He wants to feel the warmth of your embrace and the comfort of your breast. Is that too much for you to give?


5.  Communicate

In as much as we are advised not to fake sensual satisfaction, it’s also not out of place to be expressive as a Lady, it’s every man’s dream to win not just at work or in life endeavours but to also win with you to bring his lady to climax.

Every man wants to be told he is good in bed and when he’s not there yet, he will love to know what he can do to take you ‘there’. He wants to hear you call his name, breathe upon his neck and also tell him he’s nailing it. So, when next you are with your man, be expressive and don’t lie.

Let him know you feel his touch and what it does to you. You love what he’s doing, moan with pleasure and boost his ego.


6.  Participate

what do guys find attractive in bed

In movies and romance novels, we are made to think all about lovemaking rests on the man, but this is so untrue. Even if you are not taking the lead sometimes, participate.

Roll your waist, twerk or try touching your man too. Let him feel your active presence, don’t be passive. This is one of the things guys like in bed but won’t ask for.


7.  Be Confident

Every man loves a confident woman. This isn’t in any way to be looked at as pride but believing in yourself and your abilities. Your man wants to know you are confident being around him, he wants to know you are not needy or a parasite.

This does begin from the bed but begins with you and how you perceive yourself which will in turn spill into other areas of your life including your relationships and how you relate with your man in bed.

You won’t second guess yourself and even if you are not getting it right, you will be bold enough to ask questions and master the art of making your man happy in bed. This is what guys find attractive in bed.


8.  Try Out New Things

what do guys like to hear in bed

Men are moved by what they see. Be adventurous sometimes and think of ways you can wow your man. Don’t be predictable, break the routine and introduce new things to prevent boredom. Change your nightie or the look of your beddings if you can, introduce the use of an aphrodisiac, be creative and find new means to seduce your man.

I remember on one occasion I had to get some new lingerie with some writings on them. I remember there used to be one with the days of the week written on them but I dared to go further and shopped for the ones with instructions, some had kissed me, I’m in the mood, suck me and so many others.

When he least expected I wore one of them and pretended like nothing was going to happen but later at night, as he watched me change into my nightie, he caught a glimpse of what was written on it and you can imagine what happened afterwards.

Learn to bring in new innovations, overstep boundaries sometimes provided it is healthy for you two and you will be glad you did. Instead of always being the missionary, you can try the “doggy” or instead of the cowgirl, try the reverse cowgirl. These are part of the things guys like in bed but won’t ask for.


9.  Smell Nice

I don’t think you really need to break a bank to smell nice as there are very affordable ones in town. Tickle his senses with a musky smell. Try taking a shower before you get down, wash your intimate parts very well, use a little cream or lotion and apply a little perfume.

Endeavour to use a little so it doesn’t overwhelm him and give him a different impression of you. Don’t use perfume in your intimate area as it could mess up with bacteria activities there and give you infections or even make the smell there unbearable for him if he wants to give you a “head”.

A little use of deodorant in your underarms and a mouthwash too will be just fine. You need to prepare when you want to meet your king.


10.  Give Him Some Good Foreplay

Foreplay is the special time where you build the sensual chemistry and tension between you and your Man. So, if you want to give your man real mind-blowing lovemaking, Then focus on foreplay. This is where you are truly intimate with your man, it involves touching, tasting, smelling and even listening for his sounds to give you more direction on what to do next.

Where to touch a man matters because it has to be the right places that give him pleasure which includes his crotch, neck, lips and even his head by running your hands through his hair. Some people think it’s wasted effort, but, trust me, it’s not because you are reaching into the soul of your mate.

One last thing you can add to the mix is giving your man a head. There are several things you can do but don’t forget to begin by making sweet comments about how he looks down there, give him some compliments and then begin. Be cheerful while at it, maintain eye contact and make some sounds while you are at it.

Remember to mind your teeth also to avoid hurting him, it’s what not to do in bed with a guy.


And to those asking for the benefits of lovemaking, please find below some good reasons why you should “get it up” while in bed.

  Lovemaking relieves headaches. Every time you make love, it releases the tension in the veins of the brain, it is a natural antihistamine. It helps to fight against asthma and spring allergies.

  Scientists have discovered that when a woman makes love, it produces a large amount of estrogen that gives shine and softness to hair.

  Making love slowly, smoothly and in a relaxed way reduces the chances of suffering dermatitis, skin rashes and acne. The sweat produced cleanses the pores and makes your skin glow.

  Lovemaking can also help burn calories too. It releases endorphins into the bloodstream, creating a state of euphoria and leaving women and men with a great feeling.

  It is also a tranquillizer and muscle relaxant. Have you noticed how well you sleep after a lovemaking session with your man? It is natural and a lot more effective than some sleeping pills.


Now, these are reasons why you should be more open to lovemaking with your spouse and also try reading up on things guys like in bed but won’t ask for.

Not all of these will work for your man as he could either be conservative or a free thinker. Just give your best shot and look for what resonates with your man.

Remember that you need to accept the fact that your man may not always say what he wants which is one of the reasons why we are looking at things guys like in bed but won’t ask for. I know you may have a hard time remembering all you have read here but tried picking one or two that hits you the most and try them out when next you are with your “handsome”.


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