30 Signs She Is a Keeper

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“A man is lucky if he is the first love of a woman. A woman is lucky if she is the last love of a man,” Charles Dickens. At a certain point in life, all males start looking for that ‘last love’ Dickens talks about, a woman to stand by their side unconditionally, for better or for worse. In this post, we will talk about 30 signs you have that kind of woman in your life and you should know she is a keeper.  

Of course, physical attraction plays a crucial role in the equation of a long-term relationship. But attraction is multi-faceted. While most relationships start with a physical connection, strong relationships need more than that to thrive. Healthy relationships are usually fuelled by many other factors: strong emotional connection, shared interests, intellectual affinity, etc. 

Luckily, for most males, committing to THAT woman goes well beyond physical appearance. In the end, looks won’t get you back on your feet when you are down nor help you make wise decisions. But which are those qualities men should look for in a woman worth riding the waves of life with?

Of course, each woman is unique and has her imperfections and qualities. But certain signs pinpoint keeper or a life-partner material. Let’s take a look at them!

30 Signs She Is a Keeper

30 Signs She is Keeper

  1. She challenges you intellectually 

Physical attraction is the starting point of most relationships. But, as time goes by, physical attraction is no longer enough, and you will need more to fill your time together. Yes, you got it right: conversation. Having a meaningful and intellectually challenging conversation with your partner will help you bond even more. 

  1. She is thoughtful and caring

A woman who spares no effort to show her man how much she loves him with small and unimportant gestures is a keeper. This type of woman radiates kindness, love, happiness! This is one of the most important signs that she is a keeper.

  1. She has ambitions and goes after them with determination 

A woman able to follow her dreams with determination is the type of life partner who will support you to achieve your own goals and positively challenge you. With a mature and ambitious woman by his side, a man can take on the world anytime, anyhow. And succeed!

  1. She is supportive and understanding

Having a healthy relationship is impossible if there is no empathy and support, especially during hard times.  A strong couple that constantly supports and encourages one another can take on any challenge!  

  1. She has a good sense of humor

Having to deal day after day with a stiff person eventually gets annoying. And it works both ways. A joyful and playful attitude makes spending time together more relaxing and fun, especially after a hard day of work. 

30 signs she is keeper

  1. She shows love and affection

Of course, not the suffocating type. But gestures like hugs, kisses, caresses, or holding hands are meant to make your connection even deeper and enhance intimacy.

  1. She is not only your lover but also your best friend

Being in a healthy relationship means more than romantic gestures, seduction, or serious talking. It also means enjoying each other’s company when doing trivial stuff as well: go out for a beer with friends, watch a football match, cooking, etc.  A woman who is not only your lover but also your silly partner is a keeper. 

  1. She is trustworthy

Trust and reliability are crucial factors when it comes to building a strong relationship. A responsible and trustworthy woman will always have your back, no matter what life surprises you with.  

  1. She is always willing to listen to you and communicate

And we mean listen, not simply hearing you uttering words. A woman who is always ready to listen to you and respond to your concerns is a treasure you can’t afford to lose. A healthy relationship is impossible if there is no open, straightforward communication. It is important to feel comfortable and safe when talking to your partner, even if you have to show that males are vulnerable too. 

  1. She has a positive outlook on life

A positive mindset can only bring about positive things. Is positivity contagious? It certainly looks that it is. Libraries are full of studies that demonstrate that surrounding ourselves with positive people that irradiate energy and good vibes is nothing but beneficial, helping us grow, stay focused on our goals, inspiring us, and enhancing our confidence and self-esteem. 

  1. She trusts you

When a woman trusts you, the last thing she will do is try to control every step you make and every breath you take. So she won’t freak out when you don’t answer her phone calls, or you are late. Instead, she will dedicate the time when you are not around to her personal growth and wellness. 

  1. She respects both her own and your personal space

Dedicating time to ourselves and focusing on the things that make us feel good can’t harm a relationship. On the contrary, it will help it thrive. On the other hand, spending too much time together can suffocate a relationship. And, in the long run, ignoring our personal needs will make us feel unhappy and frustrated. Remember what we said about positivity? Being in a relationship doesn’t mean you have to give up your sense of identity. If your lady understands that, she is a keeper!

  1. She has her dreams and ambitions

This goes hand in hand with the previous discussion. A woman who doesn’t give up her identity, dreams, and goals simply because she is now in a relationship with you is worth keeping. 

  1. She doesn’t try to change you

Trying to change your partner constantly is a way of telling him that what he has put on the table is not good enough for you. And this attitude not only gives birth to emotional distancing but can also generate frustration and exhaustion. A woman who doesn’t try to make you fit her preconceived mold and, instead, supports your personal growth positively is definitely a keeper.

  1. She wants to have kids

If you plan to have kids in the future, it is essential to make sure your lady shares your plans. It is not uncommon for women to prefer having a career over being a mom. So make sure your idea of ‘family’ matches hers. If other signs tell she is a keeper but your plans don’t match, maybe the hardest decision is in front of you.  

  1. Your family (especially your mother) likes her

Nobody cares more about your wellbeing than your family. Especially your mother. And there’s something special about mothers that makes them reliable wife-material detectors. You can call it a 6th sense or intuition. But mothers are rarely wrong. 

  1. She doesn’t crumble under pressure

In a relationship, not everything is as sweet as honey. As a couple, you will have to pass through crises and bad times too. However, an emotionally strong woman won’t crumble under pressure and will be right by your side to help you get through whatever life throws your way. 

  1. She stays by your side when things get tough

If you are down, but she is still there to support you, she is a keeper! Hard times are a couple’s touchstone. 

  1. She is willing to make compromises

Please, keep in mind that we are talking about compromises, not sacrifices. When it comes to relationships, making compromises is a way to meet in the middle and grow together as a couple. If you find a woman who always strives to make things work, she is a keeper!

  1. She is always honest, even if it hurts

Trust is the foundation of a healthy relationship. But it would be hard to trust someone afraid to speak the truth, isn’t that so?

  1. She inspires you to be a better person

If you find a woman who inspires you to be the best possible version of yourself, don’t let go! You will never get bored of a woman who can surprise you every day, who inspires you to achieve more, who activates self-motivation within you, who turns the mundane into a passion without even trying. 

  1. She keeps the passion alive 

There aren’t many things that kill a relationship faster than monotony. However, suppose you find a woman who always strives to surprise you, stir your imagination, and make you feel butterflies in your stomach each time she is around. In that case, that is a clear sign that she genuinely loves you and values your relationship.

  1. She is always on your mind

If you have reached that point where you can’t imagine a future without her by your side, maybe it’s time to take Beyoncé’s advice and just put a ring on it!

  1. She makes you feel comfortable…

… even during those silent moments when you have nothing to say to each other! If you can handle silence, you can handle anything!

signs she is keeper

  1. She maintains a mature attitude during fights

Let’s face it: arguments are part of any relationship. The difference lies in the way she deals with them. If a woman yells at you, breaks objects, hits, belittles, or insults you, run as fast as you can! On the other hand, a keeper will deal with arguments maturely: keep calm, ask and answer questions to get to the root of the problem, and eventually work together to resolve the issue. 

  1. Your friends like her

Alongside your family, your friends are the ones who best know you. If she strives to get along with them and integrate into the gang, that’s a good indicator that she is really into you. Just like mothers, friends have a unique sense to figure out if a woman is right for you or not.  If your friends give you the go-ahead, then she is more than likely a keeper. 

  1. She accepts your flaws

Nobody is perfect. Not even you, dear reader! We all enter relationships carrying our old emotional baggage, our qualities, and – inevitably – our flaws. If she values your qualities and accepts your flaws without trying to change you, she is a keeper! 

  1. She is not afraid to take risks

Getting stuck into your comfort zone can only bring about monotony, boredom, predictability. A woman who is afraid to get out of her comfort zone and try new things will slowly wear you out. Of course, we are not talking about taking on extreme sports or dangerous experiences. But a woman who is open-minded and doesn’t hesitate to become your ‘partner-in-crime’ will keep your relationship alive.

  1. She is passionate

Passion makes life worth living. And when passion involves two people, there will be fireworks!

  1. She always makes you feel special

Let’s get into the situation: you have had a rough day at work, and you need to unwind. So which is your first option? Go home to be with her or go out with the guys? If the answer is ‘home’, you have found someone unique worth fighting for. 

Wrap up 

We live on the run, and we rarely find it in ourselves to stop and genuinely look deeper into things. This is probably why finding true love has turned into such a complicated task. And even if we are lucky enough to find someone special, we often don’t realize it until it is too late.

Our advice? If you take the time to pay attention to all these little signs, you might discover that you have already found the woman of your dreams, a partner, a keeper and that she will stay by your side every step of the way.

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