30 Signs He Wants to Make You His Girlfriend You don’t Want to Miss

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Looking for signs he wants to make you his girlfriend? This articles will talk about that and try and help you in the matters of love and relationship. If it’s possible. 

 ” True love comes quietly, without banners or flashing lights. If you hear bells, get your ears checked. “

Erich Segal

Love… Four letters that can make our hearts beat out of our chests and change destinies…for better or for worse. Love can sometimes turn into a battlefield, it may hurt us, or it may make us feel that we own the world.

No matter our past experiences and even with a broken heart, we will keep trying and trying to find true love. Why don’t we give up? The answer is simple: love is the most complex, fulfilling, and soul-enriching emotion the human being can experience!

Love can sometimes be difficult to put into words. Fortunately, when men are at a loss for words to express their emotions and feelings, there are other ways to speak out one’s heart.

In today’s article, we will talk about all those little signs that show a man is really interested in you and would love to make you his girlfriend. Some of these signs can be more obvious, some others may be more discreet. But, if you pay attention, you will be able to read through them.

signs he wants to make you his girlfriend

Signs he wants to make you his girlfriend – The ABC of Love Signs

As we have already said, some men are confident enough to verbalize their interests and feelings directly. It’s difficult to misinterpret an utterance or written message such as ‘I love you!’ or ‘Would you like to be my girlfriend?’, isn’t it?

But what happens when, for whatever reason, men choose to demonstrate their interest using less obvious cues such as gestures or behaviour changes?

They say experience comes with age. But, when it comes to love, there are no rock-solid recipes and reading between the lines is not always easy. Will you be able to decipher these signs and make the first step, if necessary? Well, we will do our best to solve part of the mystery!

So let’s discover some of the signs that may show that he is really interested in you.

1. He strives to make eye contact with you

If a guy finds it difficult to take his eyes off you, he is definitely interested in you. And, if on top of that, you can see excitement in his eyes and he doesn’t hesitate to maintain eye contact when you look back at him, oh well, love is definitely in the air!

However, some guys can be really shy. If you caught him staring at you but he immediately averted his eyes when you looked back at him, it doesn’t mean that he is not interested in you. It might simply be a case of shyness. Just pay attention to other signs and you will discover his true feelings.

2. He remembers everything about you

Let’s assume that you have already met several times and you have talked a mile a minute, just like two old friends would do. If he remembers even the slightest detail of your conversations, he is definitely interested in you. No one loads his/her memory with useless information, don’t you think? When a guy likes you, he will pay attention to everything you say.

3. He will try to talk to you as often as possible

Talking to you – even if initially it is only about trifles – is the best way to get to know you and find deeper connections. If he is constantly seeking your company, makes real efforts to get to talk to you as often as possible and, on top of that, he really listens to what you are saying and even asks relevant questions, he is definitely interested in you.

4. He tries to find out if you have a boyfriend or not

Of course, the easiest way would be to ask you directly if you have a boyfriend or not. But some guys are more complicated than that and won’t take the easy way out.

Instead, they will analyse every scrap of information they get from you and try to figure it all out by themselves. Some may even drop a line such as ‘I’ve been single for one year now’ in the hope that you reply ‘Oh, me too!’

5. He is always ready to help you

When a guy likes you, he will always be ready to help you, even before you ask him for help. No matter your problem, he will go through thick and thin to see you happy!

6. He is always ready to defend you

If someone insults you or talks bad about you, he will be the first one to defend you. He will do it instinctively, to protect his ‘territory’. Isn’t this way how nature usually works?

7. His body language changes when you are around

Have you ever seen the peacock’s courtship ritual? If you haven’t, maybe it’s time to see it. If a guy is interested in you, he will go way beyond dressing to impress.

If he’s really into you, he will try to display his physical attributes: stand tall with his shoulders back, walk and talk with confidence, smile seductively…

On the opposite side will be the typically talkative guy who becomes silent and observant when you are around, who blushes when he notices your presence, but who will devour with his eyes every move you make and listen to every word you say. And if, by any chance, he makes a comment, your reaction to his words is the only thing that matters to him.

8. Friendship on social media is a must for him

It’s no novelty that we live in an always-connected world. A world in which our lives also revolve around social media. If a guy is into you, he will want to become your Facebook, Instagram, etc. friend.

He will more than likely be the first one to ‘Like’ your newest picture, reply when you ask for advice, etc. The point is that nobody adds contacts to their social accounts if there is no interest involved.

9. He adopts an open physical posture when he talks to you

Experts agree that our body language can betray our most intimate feelings. From nervousness when someone we like is around to pure happiness, our bodies offer valuable cues to the right reader.

After all, nonverbal signals are part of our daily communication strategy. Let’s have a look at some visual cues that are worth more than a thousand words.

Signs He Wants to Make You His Girlfriend

What can his eyes tell you?

Do his pupils dilate when he talks to you? Well, experts say that dilated eyes denote desire. If he is not afraid to look straight into your eyes while talking, it’s a sign that he is really paying attention to you and he is genuinely interested in what you have to say.

What about blinking? Blinking is a natural process. However, excessive blinking denotes discomfort and lack of interest. If he’s really interested in you, he will blink normally.

His arms and feet speak volumes

Let’s assume you are having a coffee and you are sitting down one in front of the other. The position of his arms and legs may offer you valuable information. If he crosses his arms, you can interpret it as a defensive, closed-off attitude.

Closed legs denote discomfort and even dislike. So, if he is really into you, he will adopt an open posture. It means that, as a sign of openness and interest, he should face you directly, hands by his sides, feet uncrossed, relaxed shoulders and jaw, and stand upright. If he feels comfortable, his hands will be always visible.

Beware: if he starts fidgeting, it is a clear sign that he is bored or even frustrated.

Oh, that smile on his face!

A genuine smile involves all the facial muscles! An open smile that reveals his front teeth, lips up, enlarged cheeks that form wrinkles around his eyes (i.e. crow’s feet), those sparkles in his eyes… Now, that’s a real smile that denotes true happiness and trust!  If his upper face doesn’t move, he shows you his bottom teeth, and you can’t spot the crow’s feet…he is faking it!

Let’s not forget about the seductive smile as a sign of interest and even excitement. Seductive smiles are slight smiles that are usually combined with gestures such as a gaze from the corner of his eyes, tilting the head downward, or initial direct eye contact and then slowly glance away.

10. He gets nervous when you are around

Does his face flush when he notices you around? Does he play with his tie, touches his throat, and can’t find his words when he is talking to you? Do the palms of his hands sweat? Well, those are signs that your presence makes him nervous…and might denote genuine interest in you!

11. He is always looking for body closeness

Let’s say that males like to get more physical than women. Especially when they really like a woman. Small gestures such as tucking a rebel lock of hair behind your ear or touching your arm when he is talking to you might betray a hidden truth: he wants your full attention because he is into you! 

What’s more, he will never miss the chance to sit next to you, even if the space is tight and he would be comfortable sitting somewhere else. He will walk by your side and, more than likely, will lean toward you when talking to you (as much as possible, without looking like a freak).

12. You are the first person he looks for when entering a crowded room

Let’s imagine you are at a party. There are lots of people around and he enters the room. What is the first thing he does? If he stops at the entrance, looks around until he spots you, and then walks straight toward you, then he is definitely interested in you.

He will try, if possible, to make direct eye contact with you. As he approaches you, he will more than likely take a deep breath. No, it’s not because he lacks oxygen; breathing deeply will make his chest pop out and make him look more attractive. Plus, it might be a sign that he needs to take courage to talk to you.

Now he is right in front of you. Remember what we have said about body closeness? Well, he will more than likely accompany his ‘Hello’ with a hug or even an innocent kiss on the cheek.

13. He is jealous of other guys

Jealousy and love often go hand in hand. Of course, we are talking about a healthy dosage of jealousy. When we are in love, feeling jealous is sometimes inevitable. Of course, it is a feeling that, in most cases, we won’t express directly. But there are gestures that betray us. Some more logical than others.

Let’s assume that he has just seen you talking to another guy. You were talking in a relaxed way and laughing. If he perceived the other guy as a competitor and he can’t help feeling jealous, there are various signs that will betray his real feelings.

Some guys will play the indifference card and will start to ignore you…well, at least until they figure out a way to cope with jealousy. On top of that, some guys will give you a taste of your own medicine and will start flirting with other girls…but he will always make sure that you are watching!

And if you are not watching, he will make sure you find out about it. Even if his behaviour is confusing, his body language will keep speaking volumes when you are around.

Of course, there are guys who will act exactly the opposite. Some will start acting even nicer than before, show off as much as possible, and might even pluck up courage and ask you out.

14. He will introduce you to his friends

If a guy likes you, he won’t hesitate to introduce you to his friends. This happens for various reasons: he is looking for his friends’ validation, he wants to know how you feel about his friends, and wants to see first-hand if you fit into his world. Next step? Meeting his family, probably.

15. His friends will find excuses to leave him alone with you 

When we like someone, our friends are the first persons we break the news to. So, if you go out in a group and you notice that his friends are always looking for excuses to leave you two alone, he is interested in you.

16. He will talk openly about his favourite things and future plans

Basically, he will never hesitate to open up to you. Whether we are talking about his favourite song or his plans for the next vacation, the more ‘private’ the things he discloses to you, the more he likes you. And the reason is simple: he is looking for connections and validation.

17. He buys you small things that make you happy

From showing up with your favourite ice cream to buying you flowers for your birthday or unexpectedly gifting you the latest CD of your favourite group, he won’t spare details that make you happy.

18. He is always there to encourage and support you

When you are sick, he will worry about you as much as your mother does (if not even more!) He will always be ready to run to the drugstore and buy you medicines, go with you to see the doctor, he will check on you constantly, etc. Afraid to follow your dream? He will be there to motivate you, support you, and catch you if you fall. His world revolves around your happiness and wellbeing.

19. He won’t say NO to couple-like pictures and selfies

Are you about to take a selfie for your Instagram account? Well, don’t be surprised if he asks for permission to show into it. For him, it is important for your friends and other contacts to be aware that HE IS THERE.

Are you hanging out with your friends and feel like taking some pictures? He will more than likely show interest in taking a picture with you…just the two of you. He might also ask for permission to publish it on social media. For him, that picture means more than a beautiful memory with you.

He doesn’t mind being seen with you. In fact, it’s the perfect opportunity to show you off on social media!

20. Teasing is the anteroom of love!

This flirting technique brings back childhood memories when we weren’t all that sure on how to deal with our emotions and often thought that annoying the girl/boy we liked was the best way to get his/her attention. Isn’t that so?

Well, as adults, we can do better than that. If a guy likes you, he might resort to teasing to get your attention and trigger complicity. For instance, he might make jokes about unimportant stuff such as the size of your sunglasses or even make fun of himself.

In itself, teasing is a great way to slowly build a strong connection and discover each other while still keeping things fun and playful.  If you are the only girl he is teasing (obviously, respectfully and without hurting your feelings), he might be interested in you. If he does that with all the girls, he might not be what you need.

21. Does he call you just to say ‘Hi’ or ‘I miss you!’?

Signs He Wants to Make You His Girlfriend

If he calls you even though there is nothing important to talk about, he is definitely interested in you. Hearing your voice, knowing that you are OK, or letting you know that he misses you are good indicators that love is in the air. He might even resort to silly questions just to keep the conversation going and last longer.

22. Does he give you a head-to-toe check when he sees you?

If he does that each time he sees you, he is definitely interested in you.

23. He doesn’t spare on compliments and nice words

A guy who likes you will always have something nice to say to you. If you are having a bad day, he will put a positive twist on it. Did you just buy a new dress?

He will be the first one to say that it looks fabulous on you. He will compliment you even on small things that you aren’t even aware of. If he compliments you about the new make-up shade you are wearing, it means that he really pays attention to every little thing you do. Get the idea?

24. He always finds time for you…

…even if it means sacrificing family reunions, work, or other types of commitments. Being by your side – especially if you are going through rough times and need his help – is the only thing that matters to him.

25. He will do his best to make you laugh

Laughter is an awesome ice-breaker. If a guy is interested in you, he will pay attention to everything that makes you laugh and adapt his humour to your tastes and interests. Because, after all, laughing makes you both feel more comfortable and willing to open up to each other.

26. How does he behave when he is talking to you?

Is his voice sweeter than usual? Does he ask a lot of questions about you? Does he, every now and then, talk big about himself? Does he ignore phone calls that are likely to be unimportant? If the answer to all these questions is YES, he is definitely interested in you.

He is not only giving you his full attention but he is also trying to impress you and find out as much as possible about you. If you want, you can put him to a little test. While he is talking to you, lean toward him. If body closeness makes him feel like you are invading his personal space and he retracts or steps back, he might not be that much into you.

27. Does he show up unexpectedly in a place he knows he is likely to find you?

For instance, you have talked to him about having a drink with your friends at a specific bar. If he doesn’t invite himself directly and casually pops up at that bar, he is probably into you.

28. He chats with you on social media

We have already mentioned that we are living in an always-connected world. However, this doesn’t change the fact that the time we spend on social media is still our private time and we can manage it however we wish to.

If he misses no opportunity to chat with you and goes well beyond one-word replies and emoticons, you have really got his attention. And there are other little signs you should pay attention to.

A guy who likes you will never keep you waiting for his reply. What’s more, if he is really busy and can’t reply immediately, he will make sure to drop you a quick line to excuse himself and reassure you that he will get back to you as soon as possible.

29. He doesn’t rush things

A guy who genuinely likes you won’t rush things. Even if there is an obvious attraction, he will take his time to get to know you and he will open up to you as well. He will slowly build up a true connection. Now, that’s true boyfriend material!

30. Confident online and on the phone but shy when face-to-face?

It might be just a matter of shyness and nervousness caused by the fact that he really likes you. If you want to play smart, try to make him comfortable and safe. He might open up to you faster than you think!

Of course, there isn’t an absolute recipe for knowing if a guy likes you or not. Love can sometimes be such complicated business! Each person is unique and expresses feelings and emotions differently. But there are certain signs that might give you valuable clues on whether there is genuine interest or not. We just need to pay attention to them…

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