100 Perfect Summer Date Ideas

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date ideas for couples

Free summer date ideas for you and your better half? Trying to have fun need not be difficult. It’s all about being creative and avoiding routines or repeating places you have been or doing things you have done repeatedly over time.

Are you tired of boring summer dates ideas? Do you want some cheap summer date ideas? Read on. You don’t have to visit old places again, try something new. You may be wondering what summer can do for you or better still why you should engage in outdoor activities this period.

Well, there are a few reasons why I personally like to tango with my man during the summer for the following reasons:

  • It helps us escape our everyday life and bring in some spice as we try to be adventurous together.
  • It opens us up to new experiences.
  • We get to see each other in a whole new different light. By so doing, we get to watch each other and know how to handle ourselves under different circumstances.
  • It helps us share ideas and have some sunset date ideas we can explore together. It helps bring out our creative side.
  • It helps us create and have fun also while we focus on each other.

sunset date ideas


Need I say much on why you need to plan for a getaway sometimes with your significant half especially during summer?

You have weathered the cold times together, how about doing the same in the warmer months ahead? Summer comes along with bringing warmer days which allows people to socialize and engage in more entertaining outdoor events.

Wouldn’t it be great if you take advantage of this time to see your lover in simple outfits while you explore nature and have lots of fun together? If you are searching for some perfect summer date ideas or creative summer date ideas, be rest assured that you are reading the right post. Come with me as we explore a few summer date ideas together.

We are starting from the bottom as we count down to the number one thing you can try out with your lover while on a date. Now to some date ideas for couples.

cheap summer date ideas


100.  Watch A Movie Outdoors

Have you tried going to a nearby park, setting up your laptop and having the crowd around you as a backdrop while you watch a movie? If that seems weird, how about turning on the portable Tv in the vehicle, sit in your car while taking a ride or even drive a few miles away to somewhere quiet. You could snuggle and cuddle while you do this.


99.  Go For A Walk Together

The cold periods made it nearly impossible to go out at will, now that you have some sunshine, how about walking on it? You could just take a walk together. This is an exercise and also a great way to bond as you watch your mate sweat while walking. You could walk into gardens and parks.


98.  Go To An Outdoor Concert

If you are a music lover or not, never mind, go experience live music somewhere in the open.


97.  Invite Friends Over For An Outdoor Picnic

It’s common for ladies to invite friends of friends over for lunch together either at home in the open or book a spot in your favourite restaurant. Whichever works for you, give it a shot.


96.  Go To The Beach

Ever walked around the beach barefooted? Watched the waves as it cascades covering everything within its pathway? How about the warmth emanating from the sun, have you experienced it?

This is one of the summer date ideas you should give a try, I recommend this for couples too as it one of my favourite date ideas for couples. Indulge your senses and have a feel of the water too, it will calm your nerves as it makes you relax also.


95.  Go Hiking

Want something daring? You can try this. Take pictures and also have a change of scenery. This could be an exciting adventure for you two. Explore and plan to go to some very popular hiking spots in your neighbourhood.


94.  Play An Outdoor Game Together

From racing to dance karaoke or even playing football with friends isn’t a bad idea after all. Give it a try.


93.  Look Into The Sky Together

Let your partner know how important they are to you as you stargaze. Watch out for shooting stars and quickly make a wish. Don’t miss such moments.


92.  Go Hunting

This may sound weird but exploring wildlife together could be fun. If you are scared of experiencing it live, try following Tv programs that showcase wildlife.


91.  Try Giving Each Other A Relaxing Massage

free summer date ideas

You do not have to go to the spa always. Try your homemade facial scrub and face mask. Then finish it up by giving each other a neck or foot massage. You don’t have to be a pro to do this also, what matters is that you care about each other’s well being.


90.  Lay In Bed All-Day

Turn off your phones if possible to reduce distractions as much as possible as you try to get some. snacks too.


89.  Try Seeing A New Movie Series Together

My all-time favourite “24”. I hear you say hell no. Just stick to your favourites before venturing into the unknown. You could also read reviews online about a particular movie before going for it.


88.  Take Some Photos Together

Go search out a beautiful place, could be a park or any public place and take some photoshoot.


87.  Have Your List Of Some Couple’s Questions And Ask Them Alternately While You Are Outdoors

While you are being adventurous, you are also getting to connect with your lover. Questions like how do you unwind to your partner are better experienced than explained because you are together and that gives you a reality check into who your lover is when alone or with you.


86.  Try Eating Out

You could order a restaurant’s special delicacy and have a complete course meal. From appetizers to the main course and then desserts.


85.  Go wine tasting

84.  Order some new delicacy you haven’t had before.

83.  Try ice skating

82.  Host a party either at your place or at friends.

81.  Go camping in the company of friends.

80.  Plan a weekend getaway.

79.  Ever tried date game night? Give it a try.

78.  Attempt clubbing


77.  Visit A Museum

Sightsee and also ask questions about old Antiques.


76.  Visit An Art Gallery

Ask for a portrait or better still buy a beautiful piece for your sitting room. It will sure to give you memories.


75.  Go watch a live band together.

74.  Go for cocktail dinner parties.

73.  Drive around together to explore new sites.

72.  Go shopping.

71.  Engage each other in play fights sometimes.

70.  Clean the house together.

69.  Wash the car together instead of visiting a car wash. You could play your favourite hip hop song while you dance to it also.

68.  Try growing your own garden by planting flowers around your house.

67.  Plan a visit to family and friends you have not seen in a while.

66.  Bake together.


65.  Play Board Games

Solitaire, chess and even monopoly to the rescue.


64.  Engage In Volunteering

Serving at times can be very interesting especially when you volunteer with your mate.


63.  Try Taking Classes

From dance classes to cooking classes or even yoga. Give it a try.


62.  Get a massage in your favourite beauty spot outdoors.

61.  Engage in water balloon fights.

60.  Try locating a Carnival happening in your area and be a part of it.

59.  Attempt mini golf.


58.  Watch Sunrise Together

This look can be very inspiring, watching the sun rising. The colours in the sky are so beautiful. You could take a picture for keepsake.


57.  Watch Sunset Also

While the day is giving way to night time, watch times change and nature goes to sleep. Watch the birds fly as they retire gradually.


56.  Try Sailing With Your Mate

I’ve Never tried this personally but it’s on my to-do list.


55.  Take A Road Trip To A Neighbouring City For A Day

Wondering what you can do while there? So many things especially since you have got company.


54.  Search for the best pizza in your area and order it.

53.  Watch fireworks together.

52.  Try making ice cream together.

51.  Explore having a group date together with old friends to bring back childhood memories.

50.  Go skating


Still, thinking if your love life is worth some summer date ideas to try out?

Read Drey’s love story.

One summer holiday I can never forget in a hurry is One spent with Joan some years ago. I met her about four months before summer but we were both busy with work and hardly had time to bond, we only met once in a week but tried to keep in touch via phone calls and messages.

I personally had my own insecurities as I have had my heart broken severally. I gave a shot at Joan just when I was about giving up on love.

When the warm season began to come on us gradually, we both agreed to take a few days from work (our annual leave falls in summer anyway). Forward to our summer date. It was fun. We met a night before our proposed trip to my place and left early the next morning.

Getting to our destination, we kissed for the first time and I could hardly catch my breath. I began to see Joan in an entirely different manner. I was drowned by the feelings I had for her, the butterflies in my belly-flopped like this had been the moment they had all been waiting for.

We both agreed that something clicked between us, there and then I decided to watch her closely for a few more days and I wasn’t disappointed at all, I knew she was mine.

She was fun to be with, it was never a dull moment being around her, we played like kids and then I made up my mind to have her for keeps. We have been married for 10 years now, yet I can’t forget the opportunity our summer date afforded us to get to know and understand each other better.

We have not stopped dating as we make time to visit some favourite spots and fun places to explore nature and enjoy each other’s company. We try to break boredom and routine all the time and our relationship grows also.

You never can tell, this could be your love story. Are you single and wanting to tango? You could meet Mr. Right while you are out catching fun.

That reminds me of a young lady who walked into my office beaming smiles with a man that looked like one in his mid-forties. I’d like to call her Ami. She mentioned with great delight how she happened to have fallen in love with this guy I’d like to also call Yash.

She packed her stuff one summer holiday and decided to go to another city, check-in and go to a beautiful destination she refused to mention to me. Fortunately, Yash was her tourist guide and one thing led to another and they have been married for 6 years now.

Am I saying what’s in your heart?

Summertime could be a time to find love and fall in love. You never can tell who is watching while you suntan, while you are swimming or even while jogging or sitting alone in a restaurant. You may end up meeting that special person that will light up your world. Hope my single ladies just got an idea now?

Next on our list of summer date ideas are:


49.  Have A Barbecue

Plan together with friends and prepare it.


48.  Visit a garden in the open and try naming and picking flowers together for your bedroom.

47.  Locate an outdoor play and attend.

46.  Initiate a water gun fight and play around like kids.

45.  Take a free do- it – yourself class. Learn how to give yourself or home a makeover.

44.  Try having a home spa.

43.  Take advantage of sales in your neighbourhood.

42.  Compete for a medal with friends. Go running or car racing.

41.  Sign up for a marathon if you are up to it.

40.  Take a free cooking lesson.


39.  Visit Your Alma Mater

Organize an outing with old school mates and show up at your school. You could come up with some sporting events or give back to your school. Encourage and mentor other kids also.


38.  Try A New Meal

From shopping to preparing to having a finished meal. You and your liver can plan towards preparing a dish you have only had the opportunity to see online.


37.  Go Rock Climbing

Scary! You can give it a trial.


36.  Attend a baseball event.


35.  Go Fruit Picking

This exposes you to nature and also helps reduce your stress especially when you are in the company of your lover.


34.  Grab a blanket, lie under the stars while listening to music.

33.  Go see a waterfall and enjoy the rush of nature.

32.  Plant a garden.

31.  Take a bike ride.

30.  Go for wine tasting and purchase a bottle to take home.

29.  Get on a boat and go fishing..compete for who gets the biggest fish.

28.  Visit a local farmers market and get some fresh vegetables for a great meal later in the day.

27.  Visit the zoo.

26.  Try horseback riding.

25.  Fly a kite.

24.  Go sightseeing.

23.  Visit the pool.

22.  Do an escape room together.

21.  Solve a puzzle.

20.  Go camping

19.  Grab a picture with a famous statue in the company of your mate.


18.  Grab A Drink At A Rooftop Bar

Wonder why? The view from up there can be enthralling as the whole place is lighted up. You could also grab a few pictures there.


17.  Go honeymooning.

16.  Listen to music in a park


15.  Engage In A Movie Marathon

Go for season movies and make it a whole movie day


14.  Go For A Drive Around Your Neighbourhood

Have your favourite playlist playing in the background while you look around the environment.


13.  Take a pottery class.

12.  Go window shopping together.

11.  Go bowling.


10.  Plan A Night At The Club Together

Invite friends over so it can be fun.


9.  Go To A Concert

Watch your favourite artist live or watch a live band.


8.  Attend a wedding function together.


7.  Participate In A Charity Walk

It could be a health walk like a walk for cancer or fitness, there are so many of them. Sign up and take a walk for good health.


6.  Be involved in an outdoor sporting event.


5.  Go For A Drive-In Movie Theatre

If you are going in your car, make it more comfortable by going with some throw pillows and blankets also.


4.  Set Up A Bonfire

summer date ideas

Have a house party with friends. Dance under the moonlight.


3.  Go take a dip together in a swimming pool.

2.  Grill in your backyard if you have one.

1.  Find some to declutter your home together.


These summer date ideas could bring about a revamp in your relationship while you bond and also have fun. You don’t need to do everything listed here but you can try them out and be adventurous. I definitely put all these for you to try them all with your partner.

Do you have other summer date ideas you will like to share or are there some creative summer date ideas you have experienced yourself? Kindly share, I will be reading the comment section.


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