14 Perfectly Romantic Morning Habits To Create A Strong Relationship With Your Partner

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When it comes to relationships, the word that comes to mind is ‘connection’. And connection when worked on fosters closeness between couples and how they respond to each other.

Romance is about getting closer and creating such moments could actually strengthen your bond. Most times we all know what to do as there are no hard and fast rules to it, you only need to identify and use what works for you. Having a desire to connect more with your partner will on its own unlock several romantic ideas too.

There are everyday moments, the wake-ups, the chores, home going and the fall asleep moments respectively. These moments are sometimes considered mundane for a hookup or connection by some couples who feel these moments are tagged and filled with activities and they do not make any efforts to reach out to their spouses.

But this isn’t true as it’s always best to live in the moment and maximize it, as every moment is useful and could be a tool to foster a closer and stronger connection, this is one of the habits of a happy couple.

Everyone wants to be loved and feel like they are a part of a close bond, once these needs are met amongst others, they tend to experience feelings of well-being and happiness which also affects how they relate to their significant half. What then are the habits of a happy couple?

There’s no special time to creating a strong bond, instead, we should learn to seize the moments…morning, afternoon or night. When couples fail to connect it could result in one’s inability to keep a mate. Couples should make each other a priority and not focusing on other important activities at the expense of their mate.

I hear couples say too often, “I doubt if I can ever have enough time for my spouse especially with my long daily to-do lists” but I always tell them that when there’s a will, there will always be a way. When your spouse is a priority, you will include them in your daily activities.

Give the person you love time, honesty, respect, trust and passion or be prepared to watch from the sidelines as someone else does it ~unknown author

Every problem has a solution including how to Create a stronger relationship with your partner. We will be focusing on one of the moments highly overlooked by couples but which knowledgeable and happy couples live by. It is called “the waking moments”.

Sometimes in relationships, routines could be healthy as long as it is spiced up with a hint of surprise and innovations coupled with new ideas. It doesn’t have to be in the same manner always. As said by John Maxwell ‘you will never change your life until you change something you do daily’. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine and that includes how you treat your mate(paraphrased by me).

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Morning Habits To Create A Strong Relationship


1.  Make Your Spouse A Priority

Most couples rarely see each other in the morning due to their busy schedules, many sleep and wake up differently as they try to connect to their daily activities. At the sound of your alarm clock and as it jolts you to life, it’s true that so many things are important and require your attention daily but so also does connecting with your spouse too.

With a healthy relationship habit, you can be reminded of how important your significant half is to you in spite of your rather busy schedule for the day as your feet hit the ground in the morning.


2.  Wake Up Together And Early

Another happy couple routine is falling asleep and waking up together daily. Your spouse may be a night owl and you an early riser and sometimes you may feel like the one who has to do the waking up daily. But when your spouse is a priority, you will want to do all you can within your power to make your spouse happy then it won’t be a problem. Your spouse will also take a cue from you and reciprocate.

Remember, it takes a willing and determined mate to make things work. Agree to sleep early and also do some chores at night together to have a free morning. Try waking up also an hour before your usual time so you can bond with your spouse and together assist with some chores.


3.  Pray Together

“I and my hubby kneel beside our bed, hold hands and pray together,” said Laura. “This is usually the best part of my morning as I hear him pray for me and the kids and our activities for the day. We also use it as a tool to resolve conflicts between us”.

‘My wife apologizes and says she’s sorry some mornings during our routine prayer time. She eulogizes me and asks how she can make me happy during our prayer sessions together,” says Mike.

As it is popularly said, A family that prays together stays together.


4.  Work Out Together

Another habit of happy couples is exercise- working out together.

“I am single and yet to be in a serious relationship but I admire the way my parents have fun together while jogging in the early hours of the morning. They are both in their sixties and they have kept this routine for as long as I can remember.

I look forward to doing the same with my spouse in the future,” says Judith. “Just seeing them both in their tracksuits makes me admire them and watching them laugh and smile genuinely makes me happy too.

Mum says exercising with Dad helps them both ease stress and lightens her mood. Dad’s best part is helping mum do her stretches after jogging and this has also helped her stay in shape”.

Couples could integrate this into their daily routine also. Instead of fighting with your spouse over weight-gain, why not get involved in the process of helping them burn some calories and at the same time get the desired results and also bond?


5.  Having A Bath Together

After exercises and you are breaking out with sweats, having a bath together is part of the morning habits to create a strong relationship with your partner.

Even when you don’t exercise, taking a shower together is a Romantic morning habit to create a strong relationship with your partner.

It could be tempting to rush in and out of the bathroom to meet up with daily activities but even the bathroom could be a great bonding spot for couples.

Most happy couples attest to taking time to shower together as they take time to lather each other up. You could keep some romantic music on while you shower and sing along to your favorite tune together. You could play together as little kids and just enjoy each other’s company. You could soak in a bathtub together also.

“Whenever we are taking a shower, my husband imagines he’s performing before a live audience and sings with a loud voice (he has a very terrible voice I must say) but in the bathroom, the echo effect makes it sound better and we both laugh out loud. Shower time is playtime for us,” says Beverly.


6.  Assist Each Other With Morning Chores

“Couples who are happy share family responsibilities together. Working as a team in the morning builds connection and relationship happiness that continues throughout the day,” says Dr. Kurt Smith.

This is a part of morning habits that create a strong relationship. Couples should seek ways to take some burdens off their spouse especially when it comes to house chores. One could support by waking and bathing the kids while the other makes breakfast and packs lunch for everyone. You could also go further to picking outfits and ironing them also.


7.  Be Grateful And Express It To Each Other

Words are powerful and could propel your spouse to do more. When you see the good in your spouse and focus on them rather than the bad ones, it makes them want to do more.

Expressing gratitude is one of the habits of a happy couple. Everyone likes appreciation, everyone wants to be seen and acknowledged for things they do; do not stop only at appreciating your spouse for what they do but for who they are.

Letting them know they are great at what they do is one of the morning habits to create a strong relationship as it doesn’t stop between you two but lingers into the day and affects their performance outside the home front.


8.  Speak Supportive Words

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The moment you get to speaking supportive words and being an encourager to your mate, it changes a whole lot of things positively. It’s one of your responsibilities to speak words of affirmations to your spouse. Whenever you affirm the quality of your spouse, it is reinforced. This should be a part of your morning habits to create a strong relationship.

How do you fix this into your morning routine?

  • Try speaking kind and encouraging words to your spouse.
  • Use endearing words like ‘I love you’.
  • Think of somethings you cherish about your spouse and tell it to them.
  • Keep a favorite photo of your spouse in the bedroom and sometimes refer to it. Talk about the prominent changes in their appearances and how great they look now.
  • Keep love notes hidden where you know they visit often… It could be under the pillow, wallets or even in their pockets.


9.  Take Breakfast Together

“My wife and I share a cup of tea as we prepare to leave home every morning. While at this, we share our plans and schedules for the day and look for ways to make our day at work easy. Sometimes, we share jokes about happenings at work and talk about the high points of the previous day at work,” says Rueben.

Happy couples share a kiss before they set out for the day to let their mate know they are cherished, loved and can’t wait to be back together later in the day.


10.  Touch Often

A simple pat on the shoulder, a smack on the bum or even a cuddle is an important aspect of romantic relationships. The busy nature of our schedule could make us forget to touch our mate.

The touch of someone you love has a way of reducing stress and projects to your mate that you want and desire them. This can be added to the morning habits to create a strong relationship. Cuddling also makes a woman feel safe; as it is often said, a little hug can go a long way.


11.  Give Quality Time

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Avoid distractions early in the morning so you can focus on your mate. Taking time to create romance is paramount to creating a fulfilling love life. Even if you think the time spent is too little, it is the thought that counts; squeezing out a few mins to bond with your mate is very important.

“I put my phones in silent mode as soon as I wake up in the morning in case of emergencies and the light that emanates from it tells me if there’s a notification. Sometimes I ignore, other times, I just check quickly if I’m expecting an important message and try to concentrate on my mate,” says Justice.

Most couples don’t connect easily as they always seek time to do that which is sometimes unavailable.


12.  Be Spontaneous

Surprise your mate with a kiss when they are not expecting it, tease each other, lock eyes sometimes, smile, wink… Also, breakfast in bed wouldn’t be a bad idea either.


13.  Keep In Touch

When your partner stays far away from you or happens to be in another environment, you could also use some morning habits to create a strong relationship between you two.

Sending text messages, making voice and video calls while doing your activities for the day.


Romance never happens just like that, they depend on conscious and calculated efforts. They don’t have to be too much, little acts of kindness go a long way. When your heart is in it, your mind and the entirety of your body will work alongside also.


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