10 Easy Ways To Make Sure Your Partner Feel Special

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Who is that special person in your life? Do they know they hold a special place in your life or do they feel like an afterthought? If you are to speak about them what would you say? Do they know how much they mean to you? If no, then they should know.

The secret to ensure your better half feels special starts from your mind and flows to your eyes, how do you see them?

Many times, we get so busy in a relationship that we get stuck in a routine that keeps us from checking to see that our mate doesn’t feel left alone or taken for granted but feels special and loved.

In this post, we will be considering ways to ensure that your husband, wife or partner feels special and learning new ways to relate with them. Perhaps they already know they are special to you, how about making it better and turning up the heat a little.

To lay the foundation for making your mate feel special, you have to start from you, it starts from the mind. We all have our weaknesses and shortcomings and if we focus on these, it will change the way we see them and also affect how we relate with them. So, how do you work on ensuring your partner feels special:

  • Admit that you also have some faults.
  • Know that you have to seek and explore possible ways to make them feel special.


Having established these points, now we can explore the easy ways to make your partner feel special.

One of the ways to ensure your partner feels special is to understand their needs and make efforts to meet them.
Do you know the basic needs of your husband, wife or even partner?

Knowing their need is one and trying to meet them is another, understanding that your mate is unique will go a long way to help you find ways to make them feel special.

Almost everything in life is built around giving and receiving. You give love, you receive it, you make someone feel special, they will go out of their way to make you feel special too. Problems arise in relationships when partners don’t know the basic needs of their mate.

This determines how they behave, how fulfilled they will be and how happy they end up. When some basic needs in a relationship are not met, it could lead to frustration. Love is an action word and it involves working towards meeting the needs of your partner.

Satisfied partners are happy partners. Dr. Gary in his book “The 5 love languages” enumerated the basic needs of both males and females among which includes sexual fulfillment for men, companionship, having his woman look attractive always, support from her and she being a haven; a place he can return to after facing the chaos in the world and finally respect.

While for the woman, it’s affection, communication(women want to know everything), honesty(the more open you are to a lady, the more she will trust you), assist her financially and finally making her know you are committed to her and have eyes for her only.

True love seeks to give and put your spouse’s needs ahead of yours. Apart from the basic needs, there are other little things here and there:

  • Ask your mate to tell you that one thing they love that makes them feel special?
  • Ask also if there’s anything you do that makes them feel special and work at it.


1.  Be Supportive

One of the ways to ensure your mate feels special is being able to assist them. Everyone wants to make the best out of life and in the process, we may come face to face with ups and downs. Making your spouse feel special should be a top priority for you.

Becoming great in life is one of the desires of people generally, so one of the ways you can ensure your spouse feels special is to support them, their dreams, visions, and endeavors. This will inevitably pull you together, your partner will see you as being a part of their success story.

“I am a writer and David buys a lot of books for me to assist me in improving my writing skills. This makes me feel special,” says Amy.

Ask often, “how can I be of help to you?”

Part of being supportive is to assist with house chores too, lending a shoulder to cry and lean on, being a part of their struggles and winnings.


2.  Give Your Partner Gifts

One of the ways to ensure your partner feels special is by being generous to them- Giving gifts is a part of the deal. When you love someone, you will naturally want to give them gifts. Don’t wait for their birthdays or anniversaries, be innovative, take them out on dates.

Due to the busy nature of our everyday life and it’s demands, we have to make it a priority to continue to give our mates special treats.

Remind them how much you cherish, value and delight in them. The gifts don’t have to be expensive, so it doesn’t become an excuse not to give gifts. Show love even when you don’t feel like it.


3.  Be A Motivator To Them

Be that voice that they keep hearing in the ups and down moments of life. Encourage them to go for the best in life, take steps with them too and reassure them of your commitment by saying “you and I are in this together, we will take on the world, I’m your partner both in crime and progress”.

Be the springboard they need to launch into greatness, be the voice that shouts across the finishing line that “you can make it” and when doubts and fears arise, be the voice that says “you can do it”.


4.  Look Out For Moments And Seize Them

One of the ways you can ensure your spouse feels special is to look out for key moments and take advantage of them. For example, how do you receive your partner when they return from work? Is it just a welcome or you get affectionate and hug them or even welcome with a kiss.

Home coming time should be used to tell your mate “it wasn’t easy without you, I missed you, I couldn’t wait for you to return home”. This is a way to ensure your mate feels special.


5.  Articulate How You Feel About Them

Tell them how you feel about them. Say “I love you” and mean it.


6.  Give Compliments

One of the ways to ensure your mate feels special is to compliment them. Tell them they look fabulous even in the presence of people.

Learn to say thank you when they do little things for you, don’t say it’s their responsibility to do those things and as such don’t need to be complimented.


7.  Do Not Put Them Down Either In Secret Or In The Open

Sylvia and Ted decided to work as humanitarians and as such had to support a small group of people with food and some basic amenities. Ted had issues with his sight yet he insisted on joining the group that was responsible for dishing out food to people.

He attempted several times to scoop food into the plates of little children but they ended up falling to the ground. The hungry people in the queue became angry as they felt he was been wasteful or trying to mock them but Sylvia stepped in and said to her husband, “dear I know this is the part you love the most but the queue is pretty long and the people are becoming impatient, let me assist you dearly, you are such a lovely man with a great heart”… With these words, she took the spoon from him and saved him from embarrassment. She turned it around instead of making him feel put down or insulted by people, she stepped in and saved the day.

One of the ways to ensure your spouse feel special is to cherish them in spite of their weaknesses. Don’t demean or deride them instead, see through to their intentions and see the best in them.


8.  Make Sacrifices For Them

When you love someone you will go the extra mile even if it’s not convenient. One of the ways to ensure your mate feels special is to go out of your way for them. What sacrifice have you made for your mate? Have you gone out of your way to do something for them lately?

“My wife had to work from home so she can have time for the kids,” said Dan. “It made me feel special and loved, it was a great sacrifice on her part and I rewarded her by selling off my shares to establish an online store for her so she could make money from the comfort of our home and at the same time care for the family. This made her feel special, loved and appreciated.”


9.  Touch Your Partner

It doesn’t have to be until its time to get intimate with your mate that you touch them, this is one of the ways to ensure your mate feels special. Many people are starved emotionally in relationships.

“My husband hugs and cuddles me every morning before I get out of bed. This started when he realized we hardly have time to connect due to the nature of our jobs and I began to enjoy it until it became a routine and my most cherished moment. I look forward to this special time together, it makes me feel special and safe,” says Mandy.

Researchers have it that hugging releases oxytocin into the brain and this makes one feel loved and fosters bonding.

–  Ask your mate what kind of touch makes them feel special.

–  Set up reminders to enable you to include it in your daily routine.

Other ways to touch could be holding hands, cupping your partner’s face in your palms and looking straight into their eyes.


10.  Make Your Mate Feel Needed

One of the ways to ensure your partner feels special is to make them know you need them.

No one wants to feel useless, make them know you value them and their inputs in your life; this will make them feel special. Some people don’t open up to their partners or seek advice from them. Being a couple doesn’t only cure loneliness but also goes a long way to make your spouse feel like a member of a team; it makes them feel they are worth being with.

Returning to them or asking for help is one of the sure ways to ensure your mate feels special. Some mate keeps to themselves a lot forgetting they are losing out on the blessing of being able to receive help from their mate.

Learn to leverage the strengths and abilities of your partner; every individual is unique and has skills that will be valuable in a relationship. A man may be better at housekeeping than his partner, she should allow him to assist.

A woman may have the ability to get along with difficult people, allow her, it doesn’t mean you are no good but you both are better together. The more you are able to allow your spouse to assist you, the more they will feel special.


11.  Respect Your Mate

You should have been with any other man or woman but the fact that you are with this particular person, they deserve some respect and appreciation. They have been able to put up with your weaknesses and saying yes to you gives them a position in your life; Honor them for that.

Whether they misbehave or not, it doesn’t change the fact that you are a couple, treat them as the most important person in your life because that’s who they are. Remember when you first met and how you fell in love? It will help you accord respect to them.


The list is endless. Be creative and spontaneous; plan date nights, take her to her dream vacation spot, wear matching outfits sometimes. The aim is to make your spouse feel special and loved.


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