9 Things The Happiest Couples Do On The Weekend

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Weekends are periods that signify the end of the week as the name implies. It is a period people generally look forward to after the hustle and bustle of the week, the early wake-ups and the rushed shower time sometimes.

Little wonder TGIF (thank God it’s Friday) and cheers to the freakin weekend are popular lines to show the excitement that comes with the weekend which starts Friday night.

Couples are not left out in this excitement because it gives them ample time to experiment with some date ideas for couples that won’t take you out of your house.

Note that the happiest couples are not those without relationship issues but those who are happy, content and grateful for their relationships and not trying to live up to some stereotypes or modes set up by the society or movies. Instead, they are constantly trying to meet each other’s needs and look out for the wellbeing of one another.

What then do the happiest couples do on the weekends? Let’s take a peek.

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1.  They Tune Out The World

Since the week has been full of so much work, noise and activities, couples take the weekend to turn down the volume on external activities and focus on each other.

It could be reminding each other they are not at work and therefore they unplug their computers, put their phones on silent or attend only important calls. They take advantage of this time to focus more on their relationship and make up for the lost time during the week.

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Part of telling your mate they are a priority is by turning down the knob on external activities. Activities at this time differ for couples. Some spend the entire day in bed where kids are not involved and only take little breaks to the kitchen.

They check up on how each other’s week went. They prioritize each other above every other thing and let their partners know they are a key part of their lives.

For Ben, his weekend routine with his wife involves lying in bed almost all day on Saturdays. “We spend it catching up on our week, we settle scores we left off during the week or revisit some misunderstandings by apologizing to each other. I take out time to give her a massage while she gives me some back rubs.

Saturday time in bed together has become a ritual for us as that’s the only day we get to spend quality time together due to the nature of our jobs. We take turns to lie on each other’s backs and see how long we can carry each other’s weight. We tickle each other too, it’s our way of having fun while we are together”.


2.  They Go Out Together

“This is one way I and Gina connect”, says Ray. “Our weekend starts Friday night with me picking her up from work, we get home, have light dinner and hit the club with a couple of our married friends. We return later at night or check into a hotel depending on how far away from home we are”.

Going out for some couples could also mean visiting family and friends. Remember they are an extension of some families too. Some couples dedicate their weekends to visitations and catching up with extended family members.

Other times, leisure driving or going on long road trips is another thing happy couples do.

“My husband and I use every other weekend to discover and explore new places. We turn on google maps and try locating fun places. While doing this sometimes, we turn on the radio to listen to our favorite relationship program and call in to give our own opinion too.

This time we help us bond as we get to listen to challenges of other couples on air and get to learn of ways to avoid the same in our relationship”, says Rennie.

Outdoor time could also be spent shopping together. Imagine your mate carrying the shopping bags or pushing the cart while you both pick items on the stand together? It’s a way of creating memories too.

Going on rides with your partner can be such fun as there will always be something to talk about, not some stranger sitting on the passenger’s side all quiet and sullen.


3.  Intimate Time Together

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Intimate moments as a couple are sometimes rushed or totally abandoned during the week due to tiredness from either party. The weekends are put into good use as you share sweet relationship rituals that will help your love last.

Intimate moments together aren’t all about a meeting of the bodies but a meeting of the mind too. The weekend helps you reflect and stare deeply into the eyes of your lover away from the world, just two of you in your own world creating memories and making out.

Happy couples take out time to cuddle and explore each other. I will say this time of intimacy is a whole lot different from the “quickies” of the week as you are not pressed for time at all.


4.  Play Together

As it is popularly said, ” couples that play together, stay together “, happy couples play games on the weekend too. “I enjoy playing board games together with my wife”, says Ed. “We start off with scrabble, then to solitaire and finally invite a few friends to join us later in the day for monopoly.

This is usually the highest point of the day for us as we watch other couples and sometimes make fun of them. We don’t stop there as we pick a topic that bothers on relationships and wraps it up by playing the “truth or dare’ game for everyone retires for the night.

This is something we look forward to every other weekend as a couple. The women fix light snacks for the evening while the men set up the sitting room or garden depending on where we choose to use.

We sometimes take turns to host each other, that way we watch other couples and learn a thing or two from them while we also bond. The whole idea is not to get too serious with life, we laugh, play and share jokes”.


5.  Watch Movies Together

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Some happy couples watch movies together on the weekend. It could be indoors streaming online, thanks to Netflix or at the cinema or even going to rent a movie.

The beauty of seeing movies is that it takes you out of your world temporarily and gets you fixated and engrossed in another world entirely. It could be a great distractive tool and also a relaxing tool as well.

While seeing movies grants you access to information, it also gives you an idea of the kind of movie your partner loves and helps you master role play in your relationship.

By that, I mean you could get an idea of one or two things to try out with your partner. It could also grant you some intimate time together as you could snuggle up beside your partner in a cold and cozy environment and in the dark too. Any ideas? I leave that to your imagination.


6.  Shower Together

I know some couples who shower every day since they got married and I know a couple of others who do not have the luxury of an everyday shower together but on the weekends only.

“For me and my wife, we make time to shower together every Saturday morning. It is a time where I get to wash her body with her favorite shower gel. I’d say this is one of my best bonding moments with her. You may be wondering why I do this but it’s a ritual we have both built over the years. It helps us relax, spend time together and bond.

I am a bathtub person and my wife understands this a lot so she takes out time to fill the bath with water, light up some scented candles and she gives me a scrub while we both soak in the bath. We listen to our favorite music in the background that I have carefully selected on my phone.

This is when we catch up on the good, the bad and the ugly of each other’s week and also plan for the new week. It’s our own way of connecting”. Happy couples share a lot and also listen actively when their partners speak. It says that “I’m all yours” and I’m here with you.


7.  Support Each Other

The happiest couples always look for ways to take some workload off their partners. It could be from lacing a partner’s shoes to walking the dog or taking out the trash. It borders around just being supportive.

“I personally hate cleaning the dishes but this is one thing my man enjoys doing as he has been doing it from his childhood days growing up in a house filled with females but was made to learn all household chores. It is something he does effortlessly.

I am overjoyed by the fact that he’s willing to do anything to assist me. He tells me we are a team and we should work together. Since he can’t assist during the week, he takes advantage of the weekend to do so.

I am happy because we do house chores together”, says Marilyn. “He does the difficult ones and allows me to prepare dishes only on the weekend while he bathes and clothes the kids and tidy the house. I am so blessed by his selflessness”.


8.  They Work Out Together

This is something I never cease to talk about. I grew up in the most loving home anyone can think of. I have watched my parents every Saturday morning since I was a child. They go jogging in their tracksuits as early as 6 am and return together before 8 am to do their stretches. Mum uses the treadmill while dad uses the ball. Later in the day, they go for dancing lessons.

“My partner and I are overweight so we made a deal to use the weekend to shed some weight. This way we are able to motivate each other, be accountable to each other and check overall progress”, says Lul.

Work out time is a great bonding tool as you sweat and laugh together. Personally, it helps me gauge my man’s endurance level when we hit the gym, little wonder he is so strong and can lift heavy equipment at home.


9.  They Renew Their Commitment

The happiest couples renew their commitments of “to have and to hold”. It could be a few hugs, touches here and there and words of appreciation. They never cease to be grateful for their partners just looking at them and thinking in their hearts, “I’m glad I have you”.

Some take their partners on dates to a favorite show in town or just do dinner to celebrate nothing in particular but to say we are a family and I appreciate all your inputs in my life, I may not always be there but I will always create time to make you feel loved.

Sometimes, being with your partner on the weekends is enough to light up your weekend even if you don’t have to do anything with or for each other. Staying close to your mate and watching or even chatting has a great effect on them. Being with the object of your affection is what matters.

So the next time you are about leaving the workplace and a colleague says “have a nice weekend”, I am sure you will be looking forward to trying out any of the above-mentioned activities or even create yours. Being with the love of your life can be refreshing and trying out something new can make your weekend fun-filled too.

Remember not to engage in a routine, look out for fun ways you can enjoy each other’s company. It is the two of you that matters and when you can make your partner happy, it will naturally reflect on every other area of your lives too.


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