50 Compliments Men Want To Hear Way More Often

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how to compliment a guy on his personality

Great compliments are ornaments that you hang on your wall and return to every time you feel a positive emotion. ~Matthew Hussey

The song “All of Me” by John Legend seems to ring a bell here. The song is filled with accolades for a lady( my head swells when I listen to it) but turning it around, your man also needs to be told some lovely things.

Sweet compliments for guys is a necessity as we live in a world where giving and receiving compliments is very important. I guess you will be wondering if your man needs to be complimented at all? It begins from us as individuals and carries on into our families and love relationships.

Everyone deals with certain forms of insecurities and most times it clouds our imagination and hinders us from rendering some quick compliments to the special persons in our lives. To give compliments involves taking your eyes away from self, insecurities, and failings.

I feel like something just snapped on your insides, could this be one of the reasons you find it difficult to pay compliments to the man in your life? Do you think you should be at the receiving end always? Don’t you think you will be draining your spouse by sitting and wanting to be the one to be praised always?

Words are powerful, what words are you saying to your man? A simple word of compliment like ”I’m proud to be your lady” can make him go weak in his knees because you touched a sensitive part of him. It even works best when you can see through a good quality in your man that is underappreciated or not even recognized by people and then lend your voice in that direction to make him feel good.

When you are in love, giving becomes a natural habit and it doesn’t begin by giving out material things, it begins with words of admiration. The deal about giving sweet compliments for guys is that it doesn’t stop at telling them how special they are alone but how special they are to us.

Most men are starved for compliments and they are not different from us women when it comes to receiving compliments. Every man wants to be appreciated. He wants to know that you find him fascinating, he wants you to speak highly of those parts of him that no one else sees, he longs for you to accept, value and appreciate his inner qualities also. He wants to be told he is significant, this will help him feel like a man.

Another key to giving sweet compliments for guys is the fact that he is winning when it has to do with his life goals. Try to acknowledge his efforts and celebrate his success no matter how little it may seem.

We are multifaceted and there are areas to be complimented. Paying compliments can be good but there is an act to it. People like people who like them and if you can show how much you like them, it could cause a change in your relationship. You may be doing it but not doing it enough.

When you pay compliments to your man, you plant yourself in his heart and make him think of you also. Some ladies make the mistake of complimenting their men to third parties, but do you think this is proper as your spouse may never get to hear it?

how to compliment a guy on his looks

How do you go about paying some sweet compliments for guys?


1.  Be Direct When Giving Compliments

How can we give compliments to your mate when you don’t know how to? Don’t just say dear, I like your shirt, instead, say that shirt looks great on you.


2.  Be Specific

funny compliments for guys

Don’t just tell your mate you are handsome, instead, tell them in what way they are handsome.

3.  Be honest, don’t let it come across as flattery. Say it as you mean it and let it sound real.

4.  Look for something that your spouse does very well and compliment it. Also, look out for not so spectacular things about them and compliment it as well. Why do I say this? The most obvious strengths of your man would definitely have been complemented by other people, look out for other things that only you can see.

5.  Instead of complimenting his achievements which isn’t bad, try complimenting who he is.

6.  Look for opportunities to compliment him. Every man wants to be loved and appreciated not just for what he has but who he is. Tell him what makes him feel special to you.

7.  Do not always wait for special occasions to compliment your man, let it be part of you.


A vivid example is this:

Dear, you have done so well for yourself, imagine all your achievements.

Instead of the above, try this:

Dear, look how well your hard work has paid off. I love your diligence and tenacity.

The above will make him feel better about himself and also put you in his mind because you are not just applauding him but his effort and that tells him you really do understand him and it will birth a deeper connection.

New York Times bestselling author Matthew Hussey says if you show a guy you admire the traits that made him the man he is, that’s when you will start to become the woman he can’t replace.

Sweet compliments for guys can make your man feel he is unique, reveal his innate qualities, and also show you admire him. They should not be bland words, infuse some life to make them living and real, don’t mouth the words because you need to, say them because that’s exactly how you feel.

The secret lies in you being able to make your man feel like the man he is, that way he will not just be able to do without you. When you talk him down, you alleviate yourself from him.

In the book ‘how to talk to men’ by Matthew Hussey, he emphasizes on some ways you can complement your man and I will be sharing some practical truths gleaned from it after which I will also share a personal list of sweet compliments for guys you can also take advantage of. On your marks, get ready, let’s go.


How To Compliment A Guy On His Look

how to compliment a guy through text

Men generally love to be told they have great bodies and commenting parts of their bodies make them feel great. Remember not to stop at just the body parts but go further to talk about their appearance. Let’s look at some compliments you can use:

1.  I love your curly hair.

2.  I love to lay my head on your broad chest, it feels like home.

3.  You look great in those pants.


How To Compliment A Guy On His Personality

You will agree with me that your man has some really great personality traits. This is one great avenue to pass some sweet compliments for guys. My man’s sense of humor is out of this world, he’s so damn funny, he reminds me of Actor Rowan Atkinson of the popular Mr. Bean comedy series and I love that part of him because it not only relieves tension between us but makes people happy too.

Now, most people outside don’t know this part of him but I do and compliment it always. Your man may be smart, as funny as my man or even charming, compliment those sides of him. You can borrow a leaf from the following:

1.  You are just so funny, you got everyone laughing at the table.

2.  You are such an entertainer, people should come to watch sometimes you know?

3.  You are such a gift. Your ability to stay calm in turbulent times gives me hope.


How To Compliment A Guy Through Texts By Sending Some Sweet Compliments For Guys

Whether you just met or you have been together for a while, remember, the fire has been kindled and the heat is up. Texting could be a powerful tool in sending compliments.

Why should texting be a part of the mix? It helps create some moments that will be cherished, create some deep interest, create an environment of fun and humor and also use it as a vehicle to drive some sweet compliments for guys into the very heart of your man. Here, you have to tread softly and not just keep sending messages as it comes to mind, there is an act to it.

Go subtle, add some teasing to it, that way your message hits home quickly. It could be a way of spiking interest. Remember, it shouldn’t replace your regular conversations. Make your words few and catchy, no need for epistles and long messages, you can save that for your physical meetings.

Don’t fall into the trap of wanting to talk deeply by text messaging, it’s best to leave deep conversations for physical rapport, the text just acts as a window and gives an opportunity to bump into each other briefly.

Learn to send catchy messages that will put a smile on his face and raise some emotions in him. Make use of your early morning when you get out of bed, a quick check-in at lunchtime or just before bed.

Let your statements make an impression. Know ideal messages to send so you don’t appear needy and kill the attraction that already exists. Anyone can send messages but there is a better way to do it to bring results. The result is to see him smile, make a connection, and make them desire you more. To do this, try to keep your compliment short, simple, and straight to the point.

You can use emojis too to depict your mood at that point in time. You could write any of the following compliments to your man.

1.  It was nice seeing you today.

2.  You looked really great in your outfit.

3.  I can’t wait to see you again.

4.  You are such a caring man.

5.  What a marvelous gift you are to me.

6.  You own my heart.

7.  You light up my world.

8.  You leave me breathless.

9.  You rock my world.

10.  You are the best.

11.  You are my world.


Other sweet compliments for guys include:

1.  You are such a guy

This is a line you can use when your man exhibits some real masculine traits like lifting really heavy stuff. This will infuse some kind of pride in your man making him have more confidence in his abilities.


2.  I feel safe around you

You can say this to your man if you begin to get real close. Every man wants his lady to feel safe especially when you are together. I’ve had a guy tell me, I will protect you and I won’t expose you to harm, this made me, in turn, use the above-mentioned line. It also made him go out of his way to make me feel safe.

This is another great way to compliment your man and make him feel like a superhero that he is trying to be.


3.  You are so great, I’m glad I have you

This is best used for someone you have established a concrete relationship, not one you are still testing the waters with. The best way to keep a guy, trust me, is to make him feel special and not try to downplay his attributes you admire.

Some ladies make the mistake of thinking that their men will misbehave when they are appreciated by words, but this is not true, the more you praise your man, the more confident he becomes and the more special he will feel around you especially when their love language is words of affirmation, they always want you to assure them of your love and feel you are still connected with them.


4.  Thanks for the help

Regardless of how little or insignificant the help your man renders, make him feel all loved up by saying “thanks for coming to my rescue or you are a lifesaver”. It may be said jokingly but it will send a signal of him feeling like a savior to you. He will do anything to make you keep feeling this good about him.


5.  I love your smell

I personally love perceiving strong fragrances on my man so most times instead of saying I love your perfume, I’d instead say, I love your smell especially when it mixes with your sweat, it makes you exude masculinity.

Some more sweet compliments for guys you can use for your man include:

6.  You are such an incredible guy.

7.  You are so sensual.

8.  You are just so amazing. Don’t just say it, tell him why you think he’s amazing.

9.  The way you check up on me really makes me feel special, you are a rare breed.

10.  You are so unique.

11.  You feel so warm.

This is how to compliment a guy in bed. Seize the opportunity to steal a hug and cuddle, then say the words.

12.  Moments spent with you feel like heaven.

13.  I love your personality, you are so smart.

14.  I love you.

15.  I’m in love with the man you are.

16.  You are a goal-getter.

17.  I’m proud of you.

18.  I am glad you are a part of my world.

19.  You look sensual when you are driving.

20.  I appreciate the way you make out time for us.

21.  I’m proud of your decision-making skills.

22.  You make me feel beautiful when you take my hand whenever we take a walk.

23.  I’m excited to be with you, it’s never a dull moment.

24.  I’m blown away by the way you care for me.

25.  You are such a great kisser.

26.  You are my knight in shining armor.

27.  You are so handsome.

28.  I love your thoughtfulness.

Let’s read the story of Amy below:

I am a divorcee in my late forties. I had a great life as a wife to my ex-husband Drey. Looking back at the times we spent together, I regret my actions of nagging and not complimenting my man. Now I remember all the things he did while we were together that I took for his responsibility instead of appreciating him.

I miss the days he would wake up early being an early riser to fix meals for the family most especially during the weekend. He would wait for me at the airport to pick me up hours before my arrival time, he would apologize even when I was at fault and even do the laundry most of the time.

How many can I recount? I’m living in regret now because I took his love for granted, I took lightly all the good things he did and concentrated more on the one thing he didn’t get right.

He tried to make it work but it was too late as I felt he wasn’t good enough for me. My ex went into an affair with a colleague at work who saw his countenance and change of attitude and made efforts to make him smile. She complimented his looks, his potbelly looked sensuous to her while to me it was disfiguring, I wanted perfection but she saw his heart.

I criticized his dress sense but she worked on his looks by having him change his style of hair cut and went shopping for him to suit the man she wanted him to be. In no time, Drey found me less attractive and began drifting away. He began to keep late nights and stayed away from home for days without a call or message.

I swung into action and paid a private detective to monitor his movement for me. Then the truth that I had lost my husband to another woman.

I threatened with a divorce hoping to change his mind as I was too proud to apologize for my lack of care and appreciation of him. He didn’t think twice about signing the papers. He told me how his new lady was directly opposite of me.

She complimented the things I found disgusting, even when I wanted him to change, she made him see reasons why he should change and didn’t force him to. I was devastated because I knew it was all my fault. Today he is living a good life while I end up miserable and alone. I wish I knew earlier.

The danger of hoarding compliments is that someone else will do it to your man and he may take an interest where he is appreciated. In case you are far from hitting this mark, it’s nothing to worry about. Don’t beat yourself up, but do something about complimenting your man.

Plan programs and schedule set reminders and walk with your friend. Pay some sweet compliments for guys to your man today and share his reactions in the comment section.

Don’t try to be manipulative with the use of these compliments. Be sincere else your man will notice. If you find it really difficult complimenting your man then it means you are not with your kind of man, girl, go get your man, get someone you adore.

When you are with someone you love and admire then complimenting them won’t be difficult, it comes with ease.


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