5 Signs You Are In A Relationship That Will Likely Last Forever

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In romantic relationships, you are either in a good or bad one, there’s no middle ground. Some out of desperation or inability to put up with being single decide to put up with just anyone in order to feel good with themselves. Some go to the extreme of lowering their standards and remain in really bad relationships putting up with things they don’t want.

It’s best to watch out early for signs your relationships will last. To help steer you in the right direction, we will be looking at early signs of a good relationship.

After several heart breaks, I was advised by relationship experts to observe early for the level of sacrifice my mate can make for me. Being very emotional and having people take advantage of me in my relationships made me decide never to go all the way for someone who cannot go a mile with or for me.

This is why it’s best to allow relationships to grow gently and not rush in. It will give you a better sense of judgment and help you realize early if you are with a good partner.

–  What are the signs your relationship will last?

–  what are the signs your relationship is getting serious?

–  what are the signs of a good relationship partner and many more are what we will be exploring in this post.

signs of a good relationship partner

So, if you just got into a relationship, you are about to get into one or perhaps you are married, this post will help you as you read on. The signs your relationship will last are:


1.  Your Partner Accepts You The Way You Are

No one is perfect and for two people to make it together in relationships, there has to be acceptance and tolerance. One of the signs of a healthy relationship is that your partner loves your good qualities and also accepts and embraces the bad ones too.

They understand you are a work in progress and don’t use your faults against you or bring it up whenever there’s a misunderstanding. When there is a need for correction, they do it lovingly without making you feel guilty for having flaws. You feel safe being open and honest with your mate, not afraid or unsure of what their reactions will be like.

They never violate your trust or use your flaws against you and you don’t have any feeling of fear that they will leave you soon. You can be yourself and feel accepted.

You don’t feel scared of their reaction if you want to tell them something that may be hard neither are you afraid to say or for them to hear; there is a balance in how you interact. Once you know that, you can just relax and have faith in the acceptance and love of your partner and don’t need to constantly check if you are on course in the relationship, then you are a great duo.

Does your partner criticize you constructively? Have you told your spouse with so much admiration the things you love about them and the not so good things you wish they could change and they agreed with you and didn’t cause a scene or take it in bad faith? Then, its one of the signs your relationship will last.


2.  Being With Your Partner Makes You A Better Person

Do you enjoy being around your partner always? Do you feel like you should always sleep and wake up with them too? Do you have fun being together? This is one of the signs that your relationship will last.

In every relationship, your partner ought to be your number fan, cheering and supporting you, they see your strengths and seek for ways to improve you. They want the best for you always and they don’t stop there, they also work at being better by working on themselves.

You feel at home when you are with your partner. If your partner is really into you, they will make you feel special and loved; Love is an action word and carries a lot of details with it. You should bring out the best in one another.

“One of the signs your relationship will last is who you become when you’re together,” says Forness a relationship expert. “One of the signs of a good relationship partner is the person inspires you to be the best version of yourself at any given time,” she said.

They make you want to be your best self and they bring that out in you. You also feel completely at ease being with them. Being better also entails having fun and never being a dull moment when you are together, you connect not just intellectually but intimately too.

Your intimacy level seems to get better as the days go by, the romance thrives when some hint of fun is added to it. Research and relationship experts have it that happy couples do fun things together which in turn makes them happier and makes them better.

One of the signs your relationship will last is you and your partner seek for ways to have fun, you go to the movies or go on dates together. If you two are good at finding solutions that make you both happy and bring out the best in you, it’s one of the signs your relationship will last.


3.  Always Available When You Need Them

Irrespective of daily schedules, deadlines to meet or even distance, your partner will always make time for you. They will go out of their way even when it’s not convenient to be there for you.

When your mate is genuinely in love and cares about you, making excuses will hardly come up and even when they do, you don’t doubt them because they have a record of being sincere.

One of the true tests of love is ‘sacrifice’. One of the signs of a healthy relationship when dating is that your partner will always go out of his or her way to make you happy.

Don’t hurt yourself thinking about how he makes you feel or the sweet nothings he whispers into your ears as not all partners are vocal instead watch their how- how they treat you, how they try to make you happy, the effort they constantly put into making the relationship work.

Your mate may not always be spot-on in meeting all of your needs or even being at your beck and call but the fact that they make an effort and there are proofs they have been with you in your down moments is enough.

It’s relatively unavoidable in life that you will experience some pretty bad times. It could be losing a job, going through a health challenge or even being stagnated careerwise, having your partner with you could go a long way to tell if you two will stand the test of time. Having your partner with you in times of difficulty is one of the signs your relationship will last forever.


4.  They Value Your Inputs

For a relationship to go the distance, there has to be constant rubbing of minds. Decision-making times in relationships are very dicey ones.

One of the signs your relationship will last is if your partner considers you when making decisions no matter how little. They look forward to your inputs and value them and even if your suggestion doesn’t seem to fit in, they value you too much to let you see why they feel it won’t work and not discard what you have said totally.

They will not scorn your suggestions even when they don’t make sense, they can listen attentively to hear what you have to say and even the things you have not said because they understand you.

One of the signs your relationship is getting serious is if your partner values your opinions, thoughts and sees you as a partner and never looks down on you. Your mate sees your relationship as something more than just you two but sees you as a teammate.

Not everyone is a great orator or talks much, we sometimes have quiet spouses who hardly talk. If you are one, how does your partner treat you? Do they listen the few times you want to make an input? If your partner does not want to always be the one calling the shots in the relationship then it’s one of the signs of a good relationship partner.

So, If your significant other regularly ask for your suggestions, advice and includes you in important decisions in their life that’s one of the signs your relationship will last.


5.  Conflict Does Not Tear You Apart

“There is a chance if you are together with someone for a long time you are not going to agree on everything,” says relationship expert Shula Melamed.

One of the signs your relationship will last is when you and your significant other can communicate with each other even about tough issues and can manage outbursts and emotions amid disagreements.

In the beginning, it seems pretty easy to resolve conflicts as everyone puts their best foot forward in the early days but as familiarity begins to set in and they get used to one another, it becomes pretty difficult to manage challenging times.

When you are together, you can judge the health and longevity of your relationship by how much you want to connect. “The right one for you will make you feel inspired to connect with them physically and emotionally. Even when there’s a misunderstanding, they see it as a phase and seek to address it quickly and not allow the relationship to disintegrate.

Relationships indeed go through ebbs and flows but the right partner will seek healthy avenues to ensure your connection isn’t affected and when you hit a rough patch, you will resolve your problems in a manner that will endear you to each other and not tear you apart.

Matured couples want to understand why their partner feels, behave or respond the way they do rather than reacting defensively when disagreements come up.

Every relationship must go through the fire of conflict but coming out better and stronger is one of the signs your relationship will last forever.

How serious are your conflicts? Do you experience constant bickering and never seem to come to a compromise? This could be a warning flag but when a couple agrees with their differences and work at understanding their partners and how they react to issues, then this is how to tell if a marriage will last.

It takes a lot of time and effort as this is no child’s play, but when partners focus on making their relationship work instead of seeking to win always, then their relationship will go a long way.

Avoiding conflicts isn’t the way to go either as it can only be done for a short time, it could lead to emotional abuse or terrible outbursts which could, in the long run, lead to the end of the relationship.

Further signs your relationship will last are you two are working intentionally on understanding each other. You are constantly asking how to please each other, you communicate openly without ulterior motives instead you are vulnerable and willing to compromise and accept your partner’s judgment even when they are difficult because you believe they value you and want the best not just for you as a partner but for the relationship also.

And you both are willing to change for the better also and drop bad habits and character. Can you say this about your relationship? Then it’s part of the signs your relationship will last forever.

‘When I began dating Tasha I noticed she wasn’t a great talker and she was too quiet for my liking. It got me thinking if I could cope with her, but as we progressed I discovered her deep respect and reverence for me,’ said Gayus.

‘Even when we had little disagreement I expected some outbursts but they never came, then I realized I only needed to understand her even though she didn’t seem to follow the pattern of women generally. She seemed complicated.

30 years down the line, I can say being with her has been one of the best decisions I’ve made in life. Shes so courteous and polite, she knows how to handle my anger tantrums and I tell my single friends never to underestimate the power of understanding your spouse.

In fact, your relationship is more likely to last if you can just seek to understand each other, it will go along way to help reduce and resolve conflicts. This is one of the sure signs your relationship will last forever’.

Sometimes the simple things we overlook in the early stages of dating matter a lot. Something so simple and insignificant may become a bone of contention later in the future.


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