How To Make An Aquarius Man Miss You

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The characteristics of each person are unique. Every person has their personality, beliefs, and habits. However, people who share the same zodiac sign most often seem to have very similar personalities and life traits. This post will share some tips on how to make Aquarius man miss you.

It’s a fact that dating is quite challenging and breathtaking. That’s why similar personality traits on zodiac signs can be beneficial.

Characteristics of an Aquarius Man

The first thing you need to know about Aquarius is that they are born between January 20th and February 18th

Aquarius men are different from any other man. Aquarius are the air sign, meaning they are more intellectual, charismatic, and communicative than any other sign. Aquarius are also loyal, stubborn, and independent. In addition, they have fixed energy that few can bear. 

Dating an Aquarius can be daunting, as they are most associated with eccentric and platonic relationships. Sometimes it can feel like dating a weirdo or your best friend. 

An Aquarius can make you feel like you are losing your breath. However, sometimes it can also feel like a wind of confusion. Their love for independency and their fear of commitment can make them a difficult sign to date. So if you start dating an Aquarius, you should be prepared for a hurricane of confusion and challenges. 

In this article, you will find tips and tricks that will make an Aquarius crave you and miss you like crazy! 

Who’s this guide made for?

  • If you are single, into an Aquarius and you can feel that there is already chemistry between you two, but something seems to be a bit weird and cooled off.
  • If you are in a relationship with an Aquarius and you feel that something changed and your relationship isn’t working anymore

In any case, if you are looking for ways to make an Aquarius miss you can get his attention back, this is the perfect guide for you.

Guide To Make An Aquarius Man Miss You 

1. Don’t crowd him

How To Make An Aquarius Man Miss You

If you are feeling distant from your other half it makes sense to want to grab his attention back and get back on track with him.

However, being intense is not going to help. Your intense desire can create a bigger problem as sometimes it comes across as insecurity.

Men are not like women. For women, closeness and bonding are natural traits but men require intimacy and love too. However, when it comes to a man, space and individual time are a must

For Aquarius men, all the above are more than true. To make him miss you, you should provide him with everything he needs; and what an Aquarius needs more are his independency and ample space

Staying a bit apart and giving space may seem challenging and difficult, however, it is the most straightforward way to make an Aquarius miss you.

Giving space to your man has many benefits:

  • It shows confidence and trust
  • It boosts personal independency 
  • It soothes all the concerns about being crowded 
  • It helps establish a strong feeling of self-power.
  • You will have so many things to talk about when you spend some time together again.

The best tip is to state your own need for extra space and independence! It is something that will make your Aquarius will be both happy and confused. 

If you want a happy relationship with Aquarians you should honour independence and be comfortable with the distance.

2. Limit your availability

If you succeed on the first tip, then your Aquarian will definitely miss you and want to reach out and see you. However, when it comes to reaching you out, don’t jump on him and respond immediately

Of course, that doesn’t mean that you need to calculate the time and overthink it. But, avoid responding in the first 30 minutes will really build his suspense and impatience for you.

Taking your time to respond back will send him that signal that you weren’t waiting for him impatiently and that your life goes on. Showing that you have your life and that you can live without him is attractive. 

However, if he calls, let him know that you missed him, but also share some details about what’s been up with you during the last few days. Remember to talk him through your funny moments, and explain to him that you’d love to meet him. 

Let the conversation flow, and don’t overdo it. End the conversation without trying to keep him more in the line. Express your light persona and let him wait for more. 

3. If you want to make an Aquarius man miss you don’t tell him everything

Aquarius men feel excited and attracted to mystery. If you tell every single detail about your life the Aquarian will feel like there is nothing left to learn about you, and he’ll be bored quickly.

If an Aquarius man loses the mystery he will disappear very quickly and he won’t miss you. 

An Aquarian needs to feel that there is always something new to learn about you. Don’t try to pull him into your everyday life like being an ordinary man. Aquarius men are not ordinary, are special and eccentric.

Keep your mystery in your lives and you will have nothing to worry about! 

4. Leave behind items that will remind him of you

Having an Aquarian misses you don’t need effort, but some small moves. Leaving an item in his place (by accident) will definitely make him think about you

For example, leaving your bracelet or your scarf at his place will make him think of you instantly and then he will realise that he likes you. 

By leaving something behind, things will get on track without applying any pressure on him and without threatening his independence.

Leaving something behind is like leaving behind your good and funny memories. You can leave an item that will remind him of a particular memory that you have together. Think of the accessory that you bought on the trip you had together or the lipstick that you were wearing on your first date. 

It’s about a safe way that won’t threaten his independence and space, but it will definitely show him his real feelings about you.

5. Be a self-sufficient woman

How To Make An Aquarius Man Miss You

An Aquarius will never be in love with a woman that is not self-sufficient. The most crucial ability for him is independency, and he will definitely be attracted to a woman who knows how to deal with everything alone. 

If you want him to miss you and be interested in you, turn into an independent woman and show him that you don’t need him. Don’t hide your emotions about him, but show him that you can survive without him. 

Don’t ever call him because you had a flat tire or you need a sink repair. If you show him the inability to go through your life without any help he will be turned off immediately. 

Show to your Aquarian how skilful you can be, show him that you can fix faulty things by yourself and he will go crazy with you. 

An Aquarius man wants to see the full potential of the woman that he’ll fall for! Show him what you deserve with small everyday things.

6. If you want to make an Aquarius Man miss you look and feel your best

Take care of your health and nutrition. Missing your Aquarian is not a reason to forget about your needs and radiance. On your next encounter make him regret that he let you down. 

Radiate confidence is the key to making an Aquarius miss you like crazy. Don’t try too hard but dress to impress him. Try some fashionable outfits that will let his imagination run wild; but make it seem effortless

Treat yourself with respect and don’t go hard on yourself. We should be kinder to ourselves. Looking and feeling at your best is not only good for your Aquarius man, but also for yourself.

7. Set your boundaries and show your strength

Aquarius men are playful and skillful and that is not always a good thing. It’s easy for an aquarian to play with your emotion in order to get some extra satisfaction. Do not let him do that! 

If he calls you when he needs something from you don’t play along and be clear that you are not ok with that. Make clear that you are not just one more option in his life. If you state that clearly, he is more likely to make you a priority in his life. 

Don’t let him give you fall promises; show him your strongest self and ask him about his true intentions, before letting him back in your life. 

If you show your true value he will not take you lightly and play with you.

8. Date other people to make him miss you

An Aquarius man always wants to be in high demand. So the best thing to make him miss you is to show him that you got over him and you are moving forward.

Don’t ever make him think that he is the only option before your relationship gets serious. Make it clear that you will see and meet anyone you like and he will definitely choose you! Tickle him and make him feel jealous. Make him feel that he is not the centre of your attention.

One more thing; feel free to open up about your love life, don’t play it nice and don’t protect his feelings. Let him reflect on how life will be without you!

9. Appeal to his intellect

Aquarians are the most intellectual signs of all the zodiac signs. To make him miss you, you must definitely appeal to his intellectual abilities

Instead of sending him regular texts, or making a regular call, you should better send him interesting facts or links that you found in your professional or academic research.

This move is something that will make him appreciate you and it will definitely intrigue him. 

Of course, sitting next to him and starting an intellectual conversation in person is even better. 

Show him how much you miss him by appealing to his intellect – show him how much you appreciate his mind and you will definitely make him crazy for you.

10. If you want to make an Aquarius man miss you let him make plans

Let him make all the efforts to make the plans with you. As we mentioned above an Aquarius man loves dating a self-sufficient and independent woman; however, he never wants to lose his independence. 

Stop trying to meet up with him and let him make all the plans for your next romantic meeting. Show him that he is in charge of your next encounter and let him play along. Intrigue him to plan something nice and fascinating, intrigue his mind with new ideas and let him choose. 

11. Make him chase you 

Aquarians love to chase their loved birds. So simply make him feel like he is always chasing you. Don’t always be available, don’t reply to his texts immediately and don’t meet him any time that he is available.

Always stay mysterious and make him feel a bit insecure. Aquarians are goal-oriented and they always like to win. So don’t get easy attainable and make his win worth it. 

12. Do exciting things

How To Make An Aquarius Man Miss You

Aquarius are stubborn men who won’t easily do the first move. Maybe he is already missing you but he won’t easily say it. That’s the reason you need to give him an extra push and make an Aquarius man of yours miss you badly.

Do some exciting and funny things that will push his interest. Work on your personal hobbies, finish your big projects, and leverage social media to show him. Update your personal profiles and show him what comes next. 

Visual content is everything that an Aquarian needs to start chasing you. Have fun, dress up nicely and be extra social! 

It may be challenging to make an Aquarius man love you, but when he is in love he will be a totally different person. When an Aquarius man is in love he will show his vulnerable side. They are super independent persons that want to feel safe before opening up. They need a deep connection!

So, follow the guide and make him feel crazy about you!

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