Dating a Finnish Man. Guide to a Happy Relationship

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Dating a Finnish man could be a great thing in your life if you know what to expect. Αccording to the World Happiness Report, Finland is one of the world’s happiest countries. Furthermore, the same report ranked Finland in the first position for three years – 2018, 2019, and 2020. But does this mean that dating a Finish Man is enough to guarantee that you will be happy for the rest of your life?

It is not simple to date a Finnish man. Relationships always require two people to work, and the Finnish culture is quite weird and challenging for anyone outside of it. Finnish men are usually a mystery for all ladies, making them attractive and desirable. However, we can say that Finnish men are pretty indecisive regarding romance

Dating a Finnish man needs substantial research into Finnish culture, life, and especially love life. People in Finland are a lot more different than we are, and if you are planning to go on a date, you definitely need some preparation and good tips. 

Characteristics of Finnish men 

Dating A Finish Man Guide

It is known that Finnish men are rude and introverted, and they hate small talk. However, we could say that this is an incorrect stereotype. The fact is that Finnish men are unique

A natural Finnish man tends to be stoic and shows little emotion in whatever is happening around him, which could mean that a Finnish man can be inexpressive about their feeling and burdens. 

Another unique characteristic of Finnish men is that they usually are stubborn. Of course, for some people, stubbornness is a bad thing, and for others, a good thing – it depends on your perspective. The inevitable fact is that a Finish man will never stop when something needs to be done; most of the time, this leads to extraordinary results. 

Finish men are confrontational, which sometimes makes them seem rude to the world. However, this characteristic usually comes when things are not fully functional for them or are in danger. Finnish men don’t like to lose, and they use precise tactic methods to succeed and surpass their competitors. 

Another thing that makes them unique is that they are pretty innovative, and they like to build their path in different fields of life. Finish men don’t care about trends and fashions, and they always try to create something new themselves. 

Finnish men are difficult to date because of their lack of “dry” humor. Finish men’s humor is not apparent, but it is based on wit. 

As we mentioned above, Finnish men are stubborn, making them hard-working. They don’t like to leave things unfinished, and they want people to be happy with the quality that they receive from them. This is why such a small country like Finland is well-known on the global stage today.

Last but not least, Finnish men love nature. They live in a country with thousands of lakes and a place with many natural things to enjoy. Their country made them love doing activities in nature and spending time outside in the cold. So if you want to date a Finish man, it’s time to buy some sports outfits and be ready to run wild. 

Guide to Dating A Finnish Man 

Dating A Finnish Man

Relationships are daunting, and things can become more challenging when you are courting someone from another country with such a strong culture. Some rules apply in most of the relationships, but some of the tips that you will read below apply only to the unique perspective of Finish men.

1. Finnish men want to get to know you

Finnish men don’t hold stereotypes and firm expectations of how a woman should be. In Finland, women have the freedom to live however they choose and do whatever they like, without the fear of being criticized. In Finland, the only boundaries are those women create themselves. 

Being grown in such a free environment, Finish men don’t expect anything from you. You need to share your habits with him and share your beliefs and perceptions about the world. Show him your authentic self and all the sides of you without being afraid of what he thinks. The more you share, the better for Finish men. 

2. While dating a Finnish man suggest things

Dating A Finnish Man

Finish men may be innovative and like action, but don’t always let them take the initiative. If you want to make a Finish man loves you, you need to be proactive and show your full potential. You are two people with different minds and full of ideas, so you both need to add little stones to this relationship. 

Don’t be the trailer on his car, be his co-drover – start making a journey together. You want to make a good impression on him and impress him with your imagination. There are plenty of good ideas to suggest. Even simple ideas like a short walk in nature can make him love you. You need to be ready to take action! 

3. Be interested in him

A Finnish man wants to attract the attention of others; that’s why you need to be genuinely interested in him. Ask him about his hobbies, traditions, beliefs, and background. Do not let anything without asking. Show him that you are interested in learning about his personality. 

For example, Finnish men love nature and natural activities. Therefore, it should be vital for you to learn what exactly he likes doing. Then by having this knowledge, you can try and do some of his favorite things together. For example, organize a fishing trip and let him enjoy the wilderness with you. In the worst-case scenario, you will see that you don’t like the same things and move forward.

4. Accept his personality

Finns are pretty reserved and quiet. If you want to date a Finish man, you should be ready for his calm and peaceful personality. Don’t expect to date a talkative, loud, and touchy person, but accept him as he is. 

Most of the Finnish men need space and silence. Even if you are together all day, you should let them enjoy their silence for a couple of hours. Let them be themselves.

In most Finish couples, it is really rare to meet each other’s families. Maybe a couple of times per year, but not commonly. Remember that you need to support your Finish man when blending into more communal and loud environments. Try not to stress them out, and let them be as antisocial as required. 

5. Don’t ask “Yes” or “No” questions 

Suppose you are ready to date a Finish man, then never ask him “Yes” or “No” questions. Those closed-type questions will bring answers that can’t spark a conversation. Remember that we said that Finnish men want to be interested in them? Then here is the thing. Ask them questions that show interest, and let the conversation lead you to other paths. 

Finish men love to talk about Finland, and they are interested when someone else follows their lead. Show your interest in his country and culture and let them narrate all their crazy stories. If you don’t know something, ask him and let your Finish man share his knowledge with you. 

6. Learn about Finland

You may think that you broke the ice on your Finish date, but you need to continue learning everything you can about his culture and country. Follow all the Instagram accounts relevant to Finland, and read the quotes and the stories behind the pictures. 

Another good option is to try and learn the Finnish language. You can follow the Her_Finland account. In this account, you can find all you need about Finland. You will discover Finnish language and culture courses and get on the right track to learning the complex Finnish language.

Let alone that learning Finish is a matter of time. When dating a Finnish man and going into a serious relationship with him, you want to learn how to communicate in the same language with your partner. Start sooner than later. 

Learning the Finnish culture will allow you to learn to understand the most crucial side of your partner. Finnish men feel that their culture is essential! Be a part of it, and you will make a big step toward a successful relationship.

7. Show your independence

The dating culture in most countries is different than in Finland. Usually, speaking with multiple people and seeing which one suits you the best happens in most countries. 

However, a Finnish man will show a genuine interest in you and make time to show you that you are a particular person to him. If a Finish man doesn’t find time for you, he is not interested. 

For a Finnish man, it is simple, if they like you, they want to be with you. However, you can still go and hang out with your friends or spend time alone at home. You should show him your independence and let him understand that you should also spend some time apart. 

Don’t be afraid to show your independence; it will make him more attracted and interested in you.

8. While dating a Finnish man never be late

Being late is an indication of bad manners. When you date a Finnish man, you should respect his time and understand that he set aside plenty of things for you. If a Finnish man finds time for you and puts you on your schedule, he loves you and cares about you. 

Being late will show that you don’t respect his feelings. Of course, unexpected situations can happen, but here comes good communication. Give a heads up that you will be late, and explain the reason.

Staying on schedule will show him that you are genuinely interested in him and respect him.

9. Don’t Rush Things 

Finnish people don’t go with the flow. That can also be seen in all types of relationships. Fininsh men don’t rush into things; they like to follow a calm and balanced life. 

It is a fact that most Finish men wait until their 30s to get married. They may be comfortable having long-term relationships and being stable, but they don’t like to push forward the significant milestones. 

If you come from a culture that likes to rush these things, then a Finnish man is not the right man for you. However, cultural differences can find a middle ground. 

Another sure thing is that a Finnish man will discuss all the financial details with you before making the next step. Before rushing things and putting some pressure on your Finish man, you should think seriously about why engagement and marriage are important to you, as you may set your relationship at significant risk. Finns aren’t going to rush when it comes to life.

10. Get used to doing your share

Dating A Finnish Man

Finnish culture promotes equality in every part of life. You should expect your Finnish partner to do some cooking and cleaning in the house or take care of their children. In schools Finish people learn how to cook, sew, clean and manage the whole household. Doing chores is a part of their culture

However, this comes with an opposite side too. Both parties expect to do their part at home and keep things tidy and in a good situation. 

Equality can also be seen in all parts of life. You should expect to pay your part of the bill, even on the first date. Dating a Finnish man means that you are a part of a team and expected to act like one. 

Dating a Finnish man can be daunting and requires a lot of effort. However, Finnish men are trustworthy, and you should believe that things will work out. Remember to respect their boundaries and weird habits, and everything will go well. 

If you decide to start dating a Finnish man you are on track for a happy life in the happiest country in the world. 

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