30 Ways to Cheer Up Your Girlfriend

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Relationships are hard, and people can be upset and down sometimes. Reality and daily life are sometimes difficult to follow. When it comes to women and girlfriends, things are quite more serious. Women are often upset, even for tiny details that a man cannot imagine.  On such days, a man should know ways to cheer up her girlfriend.

Partners’ real work is quite hard as he needs to help his little queen stop being depressed and upset. Everyone has some difficult times, but when it comes to your girlfriend, things are a bit harder, as you probably want to see her always happy.

You may have the same habit with your girlfriend, but when it comes to feelings and emotional paths, then it can be 100% different. 

Ways To Cheer Up Your Girlfriend

Dealing with your girlfriend’s “black” emotions is like getting into a different territory. If you want to see her being happy, you need to understand her and find ways to cheer her up. Don’t say “Calm down”; it’s the worst move you can do! 

Try to find some other smarter ways to help your girlfriend. Giving your partner the love she needs and sometimes the support makes a relationship stronger and long-lasting! Empathy and love are what matters the most to a relationship! 

If it’s hard for you to find ways to cheer up your girlfriend, then we are here to help. Below you will find a list of different and smart ways to cheer up your girlfriend.

How To Cheer Up Your Girlfriend

Before doing anything, you need to assess and think of the situation. Try to understand her real emotions and why she feels like that. Please don’t say or do anything before you understand what makes her sad. 

Sometimes is even better to ask her directly what is wrong and why she feels that way. Don’t take “nothing” as an answer. Women never open up from the first words; it takes time! 

Maybe it’s a good option to ask her what you can do to make her feel better. However, if you don’t take an answer, it’s better to try other, more indirect movements. 

1. Ensure her that you are here for her

Ways To Cheer Up Your Girlfriend

Being there for your girlfriend is the best move that you can make. Make her understand that you are always there to support her. Sometimes you may think she doesn’t want you there, but it’s not like that.

Please don’t assume she doesn’t want you there because she is feeling down or having a bad day. Spending some time quiet sometimes is what she needs to feel safe and calm.

Maybe you need to show that you care by asking what is wrong, but if she doesn’t want to tell, don’t be pushy and let her relax on your hands. 

Show your support even by just sitting next to her! 

2. Write a loving note

Ways To Cheer Up Your Girlfriend

Women always want to feel wanted and appreciated. That’s why a loving and cute note will be what she needs to feel better. No matter what she has, showing your love in a handwriting note is cute and romantic, and she will love it. 

Sometimes small moves are what she needs to get over her rainy days. 

3. Make a strong drink

A strong beverage is always a good choice for bad days. Alcohol not only helps girls but everyone. Sometimes bad feelings are overwhelming, and a spirit can help one relax. 

Except for that, spirits can help in opening up. A good shot can help her speak and mention her real issue. A happy and relaxing environment is what everyone needs to cheer up.

4. Listen to her

People need a good listener to feel better on their bad rainy days. When it comes to your girlfriend, you should want to listen to her when she is not ok. People usually like to talk and never listen to others. However, your girlfriend is not all people; you should always listen to her problems and concerns. 

5. Plan a date

Ways To Cheer Up Your Girlfriend

What’s better than showing love and support by organizing a double date, like in the first days? A date will give your girlfriend the little positive energy she needs to forget her problems and cheer up. Go out for drinks, organize a nice dinner, or even go to nature and enjoy the sun together.

6. Go to a stand-up comedy

Laughing is what everyone needs to cheer up. A stand-up comedy is the best night out for you and your girlfriend. Doing something different is definitely what will make her feel happy. Sometimes staying at home and watching Netflix on the couch is a bad option; sometimes, staying at home only makes you more depressing. 

Please choose the best stand-up comedy and take her out! 

7. Make her feel appreciated

Showing your gratitude to her is sometimes the best way to make her feel better. Make her remember why you are with her and why she is a fantastic person. Daily life and routine can tear you apart and sometimes make you feel bored and depressed.

However, telling what you feel to your loved ones will help you overcome all the difficulties. It’s easy to forget why you are with a person, especially in a long-term relationship. That’s why expressing your gratitude will help her understand her value.

8. Organise a physical activity

Everyone needs to feel active and energized to increase the endorphins in their body. Physical activities help on improving people’s moods.

So, why don’t you organize a physical activity for you and your girlfriend? Of course, it won’t solve any issues, but it will help her clear her mind and forget her problems for a couple of hours. 

9. Buy her a puppy

Paw therapy is what your girlfriend needs to feel better. Who wouldn’t like to have a little extra friend in the house? Dogs are a source of happiness and relaxation. So buying her a little puppy is not only a way to cheer her up, but it is also a great surprise

If you don’t have the option to buy a puppy, you can borrow a friend’s puppy and bring it home to spend some time with her. The puppy will help her enjoy the day and forget her daily problems and the weird situation that she is in. 

10. Give her a thoughtful gift

Giving her a gift will show your appreciation and love. It doesn’t need to be expensive, but a thoughtful move will help her move on and stop being in a bad mood. People and especially women, love gifts. Of course, a thoughtful gift will show her that you listen to her needs and that you know what she likes. 

Be careful and don’t buy something that is not her style, as it may worsen the situation. 

11. Cook her a meal 


Cooking a meal for her will enlighten the mood. Cooking food for your partner shows your appreciation and love. After a long day, your girlfriend will love and appreciate it. So make her favorite meal and offer her a glass of wine! Make her relax in the best and easiest way!

12. Be patient with her

One of the best things to do to make your girlfriend feel better is stay patient and on her side. Before doing anything, it is better to be patient and read all her signals. Sometimes he may need to be alone and calm, and sometimes she may need an ear to listen to her concerns. Then, finally, when she is ready to resolve her problem, she will send you a signal.

13. Put some fun music

The music can enlighten the mood and push away all the bad vibes. Listening to music can relieve all the concerns and hurtful feelings. Of course, listening to music is also the best thing to do when you are the two of you at home.

14. Take her for a walk

A walk-in nature can be quite enlightened. It doesn’t need to be hiking or climbing, but even a small walk in the park can help her fix her mood. Let her breathe the fresh air and relax. Maybe a walk in the park is a great way to make her talk about her problems. However, a walk in a new environment will cheer her up. 

15. Give her space

If she doesn’t reply to your messages, don’t push it! Give her the space she needs. Sometimes people want to stay alone when they are in a bad mood. Maybe she is just having a hard time, and she is not in an emotional place to talk with anyone; that doesn’t mean she doesn’t want you.

16. Help with the chores

Doing chores is less than exciting, and it’s even worse when you are not in the mood. That’s why one of the best ways to cheer your girlfriend is to give a hand on the chores. When you are in a bad mood, you feel weaker, so a hand on chores can be beneficial.

17. Go dancing 

The ticket to cheer your girlfriend up is to go dancing. A fun night outside is what she needs to forget her bad mood and pain. Take her to her favorite place to dance and enlighten the spirit. Dancing is like any other physical activity, but combining it with some drinks and your favorite person is the best way to cheer up. 

18. Try something new together

Break the comfort zone and try a new activity together. Introducing her to something new can be a good distraction from all her concerns. Especially if your girlfriend is in a bad mood for a long time, a new task will help her. Choose a new hobby or learn a new instrument. Learn what she is interested in, and then go for it!

19. Offer her a massage 

The best way to push the tension away is by having a massage. If your girlfriend feels tense, her muscles will tense and tight. A good head and shoulder massage can help her relax her body and mind. 

20. Tell her how much you care

If you want to cheer her up, tell her how much you care about her and what she means to you. Assessing your real loving feelings will make her feel better. Show her that she is not alone and you are always on her side to love and support her. 

21. Help her take an action 

When it comes to a problem you need to find a solution. If she is stressed about an issue that she is dealing with then you need to discuss it with her and find a solution together. For example, if she has her dissertation in a couple of months, then create a weekly plan together! 

22. Get her along with her friends

If your girlfriend is upset and sad, then she needs her friends. Having your friends means having plenty of moral support to help you surpass every difficulty. If you see that she is hesitant, then you should find a way and organise it! Her friends can help her cheer up and fix her mood. 

23. Encourage her to commit to her goals

Having something to look for and believe in is the best way to overcome a bad mood. It is common to forget about your goals when you are not feeling okay.As a good and supportive boyfriend, you must remind her why she is fighting! Moreover, don’t forget to tell her that she is strong and will succeed. 

24. Communicate clearly 

Distance is what brings unhappiness to a relationship. As a partner, you should be the closest person that she has. Share your lives and discuss everything. If she is a reserved person, you need to open up first and make her feel comfortable when talking about her concerns and troubles. 

25. Be present 

Being next to her doesn’t mean you are present when she is not ok. You need to be actively present in her life and support her no matter what. Women are more sensitive and need all the support they can take when they are not in a good mood. 

26. Meditate with her

Meditating is an excellent way to relax and find balance in your life. So, why don’t you try meditating with your girlfriend when she is feeling a bit off the track. Finding a peaceful place where she can relax and breathe will stop her from being grumpy.

27. Respect her choices

When your girlfriend decides on her problem, you must respect it! Never urge her to take any other decision, as she may feel suffocated more than ever before. Don’t forget that she knows herself better than anyone else! Apart from all the above, respecting her choice will cheer her up as she will feel that she made the correct decision. 

28. Have an emoji conversation

Adding a bit of fun to your daily reality is the best option to overcome any difficulty. If your girlfriend feels worried about something or is not in a good mood, then propose to her to have an emoji conversation and where it will lead you.

29. Tell her how pretty she is

Telling your girlfriend that she is pretty is something must! Every woman wants to hear that she is pretty, especially from her love bird. If she were an issue to worry about, she would find your words even more perfect. 

30. Tell her your girlfriend you love her

Every person wants to feel loved, especially in difficult and stressful times. So, if you cheer your girlfriend up, you need to show her your love. Use the magic love words and make her feel beautiful. Everything we mentioned above is a way to make her feel better, but if nothing works, then telling her that you love her will make her smile

The list above will give you everything you need to know about ways to cheer up your girlfriend. Choose what suits you the most and go for it! Love will help you overcome all the difficulties, no matter what. Of course, all relationships are not the same, so try not to rush things and make the better choice for her. Don’t be afraid to change some of our suggestions, as something else may suit you better! 

And… remember, everything will go better, you need to be patient! 

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