20 Kissing Games For Couples To Make Things Hot And Steamy In A Relationship

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Yes, intercorse and all is fine. But have you ever tried to make things steamy with your partner by just kissing them with some rules laid out? If not, this is your cue to do it.

Relationships tend to get boring with time but to keep the spark alive, you can introduce some kissing games for couples to your love and life. These kissing games can not only make your intimate moments memorable but also give you a date night to remember! 😉

Before starting with the list, remember most of these games can get very sensuous, intense, and kinky. So, if you want to give yourself and your lover the best kissing experience ever, these 20 kiss games are what you should try today. Not this weekend, TODAY!

Before we begin with that oh-so-intense list of kissing games, here’s why you need to play ‘em if you’re still apprehensive about adding them to your relationship.

Why Should You And Your Partner Play Kissing Games?

Free Photo of Couple in White Bathrobes Kissing While Holding Black Ceramic Cups of Coffee Stock Photo
Couple playing kissing game | Via Pexels

Contrary to popular opinion, sex isn’t always the star when you want to get intimate with your partner.

It is said that kissing invites a different flavour of openness as it ensures closeness and lots of bonding with your partner during the act. Um, also a reason why people with no strings attached do not kiss a lot!

Kissing is considered an emotional nirvana and, yes, more intimate than sex.

When you, as a couple, introduce kissing games to your relationship, you open the doors to playfulness. This makes things fun, exciting, and interesting, leaving you two wanting more. Thus, the spark stays alive!

Take a break from your regular couple pecks and kisses and engage in these romantic, steamy, and intimate kissing games that you’re bound to love. Let’s roll…

1. Eyes Wide Open

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Couple looking into each other’s eyes | Via Pexels

Well, we won’t lie, but when you play this kissing game with the right person, temperatures are sure to rise, but if you’re playing it with someone you just met, it can come across as a tad creepy!

In the Eyes Wide Open game, all you have to do is kiss your partner. Doable and sexy, right? Yes, but this time, you have to lock your lips with them while keeping your eyes wide open!

Things may get more intense and steamy, or you may even burst out laughing with them. What better way to laugh your heart out with the person you love from the bottom of your heart than with a kissing game?

Here, the winner is the person who lasts the longest without pulling away. Finally, the winner gets to pick what the other person needs to do for them.

You can do everything from making them cook for you or asking them to switch to other games listed below.

Why Will A Couple Love This Kissing Game?

We love the Eyes Wide Open game for couples, as the challenge here isn’t actually winning. It is more about being in the moment with your best friend while things get hotter and sexier!

Apart from laughing during the game, you also get to keep things fun when you give them a dare, and they are apprehensive about it-like going camping with you or shopping.

2. Kiss Or Dare

Free Young black couple in elegant clothes sitting at table while male pouring red wine from bottle in glasses near gifts and vase with flower bouquet and chocolates in light loft Stock Photo
Couple playing kissing game with bottle | Via Pexels

Most of you would have heard about the infamous Truth and Dare game. But, when two people in love play a game, some erotic and romantic elements must be included.

This adult couple-friendly Kiss or Dare kissing game involves you two asking each other “truth or dare.” Here, you’ll have to touch your lips with your partner instead of blurting out the truth-hence, kiss or dare.

Also, in this couple kissing game, you can give them dares that involve a lot of kissing (on your favourite spots) or doing downright sexy and heavy makeout sessions with you.

We support it all, so choose what will get you two closer as a couple.

You can also play this game with your other couple of friends, but when you kiss in front of them, things may just get sexier!

Why Will A Couple Love This Game?

A couple is bound to love this kissing game as they get to kiss a lot firstly. Also, when you’ve both just started going out and want to know what your partner loves or struggling to get there physically, this game comes as a sensual life-saver.

3. 7 Minutes In Heaven

Free A Couple Kissing Stock Photo
Couple kissing in the corner | Via Pexels

Being one of the most classic kissing games for couples, the 7 Minutes In Heaven is something you can’t miss at your next house party.

In this raunchy game, you have to spin the bottle, just like you would while playing Kiss Or Dare, and then if it comes on your partner, sitting on the opposite, cheers! Keep your socks on (even literally) because things are about to turn exciting. But not lead to sex.

Once the bottle points at you two, take your partner to the nearest corner. You can either use a closet or a room, but hold up because the doors stay open.

The game’s rule is that you don’t take your clothes off, but you can have a pure seven-minute make-out session with them that involves only kissing.

As things can get pretty exciting real quick, make sure to set a timer on your phone as you don’t want to miss the party, or wait, do you want to?!

Why Will A Couple Love This Game?

Want to get transported to heaven with the partner you love? 7 Minutes In Heaven is the game for you. A couple can enjoy this kissing game, as seven minutes are actually a lot when you’re only kissing or making out like two teenagers!

The game gets even more erotic when you know your friends are waiting for you outside to finish those heavenly seven minutes of intense romance and kisses. Wink, wink!

4. Who Will Last Longer

Free Couple Sitting on Bed and Kissing Stock Photo
Couple kissing in bed | Via Pexels

No, we don’t mean what you’re thinking.

This kissing game for couples is one-of-a-kind, as the winner gets to have the best; they get to kiss their partners.

Who Will Last Longer involves the two of you in an intense, romantic mood. You can put some nice music on, order pizzas, dim the lights, and stare into each other’s eyes while sitting on a sofa or, better, on your balcony.

Whoever of you two lasts the longest without kissing your partner wins! We believe you don’t really have to win this game because even if you lose, you get your partner to kiss you. 😉

Why Will A Couple Love This Game?

Things can get pretty steamy during this game with the person you love. Imagine you two getting lost in each other’s eyes for the longest time and ending up having the best makeout session at the end of the game! Interesting right? Try it out today.

5. Roll That Dice

Free Photo of Two Red Dices Stock Photo
Couple dice game | Via Pexels

If you still haven’t invested in an adult dice game, this is your cue to do it.

Thanks to people getting serious about playing couple games, you can now find adult dice in the market according to your mood—foreplay dice, sex dice, and couple love dice.

You will need a couple of dice for the Roll That Dice kissing game. Each dice will guide you for something you need to do with/to your partner.

On each side, one dice will have pasted different kissing styles, like sucking, nibbling, French kissing, etc. In contrast, the other dice will have different body parts pasted. The fun part begins when you roll the dice and find a combination.

Now whatever combination you see on the dice, you have to perform it on each other! For example, if you see Bite Kiss on Earlobes, you have to bite their earlobes. Duh!

Why Will A Couple Love This?

This game is enough to get started with an intense makeout session, if not sex! A couple will love the game as they get to perform various types of kisses on their boo’s various body parts.

If this is not the sexiest game on the planet, we don’t know what is!

And, if you don’t know what a ‘Boo’ is, then read: What does Boo mean in a relationship?

6. ​​Secret Pecks

Free Couple Kissing Stock Photo
Couple kissing secretly | Via Pexels

If you love those kinda kisses where nobody’s watching, this kissing game is the one for you.

As the name implies, in Secret Pecks, you have to get a hold of your partner and kiss them without getting noticed.

The exciting bit of the game is to play it in a room full of people, friends or family-and get as many pecks as you can get. If intense French kisses are a bit difficult to give with people around, you can give your partner a quick peck on the cheeks.

The rule is when anyone turns to you two, you immediately stop wherever you are! The idea of getting caught makes this kissing game for couples the best.

Why Will A Couple Love This Kissing Game?

A couple will love this kissing game, as you and your partner are actually on the same team. You both are out there looking for a way to catch a quick (or long) kiss without anyone noticing. From having an intense makeout session to even a quickie, if you haven’t been caught for some time now, bang on!

7. Red Light, Green Light, Kiss

Free A Couple Kissing in the Car Stock Photo
Couple kissing in car | Via Pexels

No, this game isn’t one of those scary Squid Games. It is, in fact, one of the sexiest kissing games for couples.

If you’re looking for a game you can play when you’re on the go with your partner, Red Light, Green Light, Kiss is your pick. While you both want to do something adventurous in a car or Uber, this game can come in handy.

To play this game, when your car stops at a red light, your lips go green, and you kiss. You two can kiss inside your car as passionately as you want until the lights turn green.

Remember, do not get so involved in the kissing that you forget to check if the light has turned green; whoever notices it first calls Green Light.

Why Will A Couple Love This Game?

For two people who’ve just started seeing each other or have been together for years, this game is the one for you. You will love this kissing game as both the winner and the loser get the best of both worlds. You can kiss your partner indefinitely till the Green Light strikes!

We’re sure this game will rev up your relationship’s excitement!

8. Count Your Kisses

Free Hispanic couple with candy on street Stock Photo
Woman biting a chocolate piece | Via Pexels

This game is pretty cute and similar to Roll That Dice. The only difference is in Count Your Kisses, you need a bowl of chocolates and little pieces of paper detailing the place and way to kiss your partner.

You can begin the game by picking chocolate and a slip of paper from another bowl. The words on the paper can ask you to place your luscious lips on their shoulders or something even more intense.

Another dare on the paper can be to eat your chocolates while you kiss them on various parts of their bodies. The winner is whoever gives the most kisses while they’re eating their chocolates.

Why Will A Couple Love This Game?

As in most of the above-mentioned kissing games for couples, you two get to be on the same team. The winner who wins the most kisses gets to choose what the other person does for them.

This game can absolutely get quite interesting if you decide to use the chocolate in your mouth while kissing various parts of their bodies.

9. Serve A Kiss

Free Woman Wearing Brown Coat Blindfolded Stock Photo
Woman being blindfolded by her lover | Via Pexels

Loved the movie 50 Shades Of Grey; no, we aren’t talking that deep today. This game is similar to it and lets you unveil the sensuous side of you two where you need to blindfold the other person.

Serve A Kiss is one of the best kissing games for couples as it helps you to get to know your partner’s strengths and weaknesses when it comes to kissing.

All you have to do is kiss your lover in the way they like it. The receiver waits for you to finish the kiss and rates them (and the way you did it).

Ultimately, you switch positions and repeat the same for your partner. Win, win, isn’t it?

Why Will A Couple Love This Game?

According to a psychologist and speaker at Sex-Positive Psych, the kissing game-Serve A Kiss can help couples exchange ideas. In this way, they can show each other what the other person likes, how they like it, and if it can get better.

This makes it an interesting game and a fun little exercise to know your partner better.

10. Name That Episode

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Couple binge-watching a show | Via Pexels

There’s a reason we say couples who think alike go a long way.

In Name That Episode, you don’t have to go out of your way to play this game. In fact, you can enjoy it from the comfort of your home, or rather your favourite couch.

If you two are couch potatoes and love spending your weekends binge-watching Friends or You (Netflix), this game is for you.

All you have to do is play any scene from a series you have watched together and let the other person guess the episode’s name.

For example, you can play the Friends episode where Rachel and Ross kiss! Now, you can kiss your partner the same way if they guess the episode name right!

Why Will A Couple Love This Game?

Name That Episode is our personal favourite kissing game for couples, as, 

  1. You’d know if they were actually into the show you two watched together.
  2. You get to recreate your favourite moments from the favourite show you’ve loved as a couple.

11. Bisou Bisou On Bed

Free Woman in White Tank Top Lying on Bed Stock Photo
Couple intimate in bed | Via Pexels

Okay, now this one’s going to be pretty intense and out there!

Bisou Bisou On Bed is a foreplay game with the maximum chances to turn into an intense love-making session.

According to Dr Laura Deitsch, a sexologist, this game can work great as foreplay, where one person has just to lie down, and the other person does all the magic. But wait, roles are reversed at the end of the game.

In this kissing game, when the other person kisses the person lying down, starting from their toes and eventually going up, a ton of excitement is involved.

Your partner caresses and kisses your entire body, but the rule is you can’t really move. As interesting and difficult as this may sound, you must stay still though we know how ticklish it can be!

So here’s the thing, when you stay still and hold it in for a while, the temperatures are about to rise. And the physical intimacy is about to get even more passionate when you get to switch roles.

Why Will A Couple Love This Game?

Two people in a relationship will love Bisou Bisou On Bed as it’s a great and fun start to a passionate session. Not just that, the person who stays still the longest can get the other person to do whatever they want-from household chores to picking the first sex position. Ah, does it get any better?

12. Adult Spin The Bottle

Free Top view of anonymous female with glass of wine sitting on plaid with food while having picnic on grassy lawn Stock Photo
Couple spinning the bottle | Via Pexels

If you were waiting for a better version of Spin The Bottle, here it is.

In the Adult Spin The Bottle kissing game, you compete with your partner, but we promise it gets only better and sexier.

All you gotta do is spin the bottle, and whoever the bottle picks makes a request for what they would like to do with the other person who spun it-the partner.

It can be anything from a peck on the cheek to an intense kiss! The catch is the spinner gets to accept the offer or make a counteroffer that’s easier or more intense. And when both agree, it’s time to turn the lights out.

Why Will A Couple Love This Game?

According to Dr Liz Powell, a Sex-Positivr Psych speaker, this game is, of course, a grown-up version of the teen classic, Spin the Bottle. It is a great game as couples get to say what they want their partner to do and then say no to something they don’t like.

Powell believes this is one of the most important parts of a happy sex life, where you take yes and even a no for an answer from your partner.

13. Hot Word

Free Woman in Blue and White Stripe Shirt Holding Clear Wine Glass Stock Photo
Couple playing a board game | Via Pexels

This kissing game is for couples who love their Scrabble or any other word-course game! To play Hot Word, you need not really have to have a setup or be prepared beforehand. You can play this game easily at a friend’s get-together or a house party.

It is also really fun to play this game one-on-one as all you have to do is together, choose a word that’s more like a code word only you two understand. It can be something like “thank you”, “cheers”, or “love.”

Now every time you hear it, find your partner and French kiss them-no matter where they are!

Alternatively, you can also play this game at home while listening to your favourite songs on the radio, and the code word drops in!

Why Will A Couple Love This Game?

The Hot Word game offers a great reminder that sometimes having an inside joke with your partner is very sweet and interesting.

You need not do anything special; just when you hear a word, all you have to do is think of them, find them, and kiss them hard. If this isn’t a gentle reminder of your love for them, we don’t know what is.

14. Candy Kiss

Free Couple Sitting on Wooden Chair Biting Cupcake Stock Photo
A couple kissing using a cupcake | Via Pexels

Love the idea of chocolates in your love life? The Candy Kiss game is the one you’d absolutely love.

Most of us are always on the lookout to indulge in chocolates when making out or about to make love to our partners. This game lets you do exactly that without even dirtying the sheets.

You can now include your favourite dark chocolates, strawberries, grapes, or Nutella in your foreplay to make things steamy in your sex life.

Start by placing the chocolate bite or sauce in your mouth and pass it on to your partner while indulging in a dirty, chocolaty kiss!

Why Will A Couple Love This Game?

A couple who loves having butter, chocolate, or whipped cream on while making love to their partners is bound to love this game. The best part about this game is you not only get to kiss your partner but also share some passionate kisses while sharing your favourite candy or fruit.

15. Guess The Flavor

Free Kissing Couple Wearing Black Jackets Stock Photo
Couple playing guess the flavour game | Via Pexels

Guess The Flavour has to be one of our favourite kissing games ever!

To play this game, you may need a few flavours of-chewing gums, lip balms, chocolates, or icecreams!

The best part about this game is you can easily find tons of these flavourful items when you rummage through your purses, car cup holders or pockets. Once you’re stocked up on these items, let this sensual game begin.

Place a flavourful item in your mouth, make your sweetheart kiss you with their eyes closed, and then make them guess the flavor.

We bet this fun little game can turn really interesting when you have those various ice cream flavours slathered by your partner from your lips.

Why Will A Couple Love This Game?

Well, what’s not to like about this raunchy kissing game? In Guess The Flavour, you firstly do not even have to wait till the end to kiss your darling. Instead, you get to kiss them even to start the game.

Couples love this game as it takes no time to turn this fun game into a pretty passionate one!

16. Love Battleship

Free Photo of Woman Kissing Her Man on His Chin Stock Photo
Woman kissing her partner on the face | Via Pexels

The kissing game Love Battleship is the opposite of Bisou Bisou On Bed. Here, your partner begins kissing you all over your body but starting from the top of your head down to your feet.

They pause in an area where you want them to. You give them compliments or whisper some sexy words while they stay still. Once you ask them to play, they go further down and continue the game.

This game isn’t just too sexy but also lets you discover the area where you like to be kissed the most. Now, it’s time to swap positions.

Why Will A Couple Love This Kissing Game?

When two people in love play Love Battleship, it is more like a battle where they’re fighting to please the other person more. One partner pleases the other by gently kissing them all over, while the other gushes and says sweet, romantic things to them. Intense enough?

17. Adult Card Game

Free Man in Printed Shirt Holding Poker Chips and Playing Cards Stock Photo
Couple playing kissing game with adult cards | Via Pexels

Thanks to Amazon and thousands of other adult store sites, you can now get your hands on adult card games with a single click.

For couples who’re looking to break the ice in a new relationship or those who want to add some spunk to their sex lives, this game is the best pick.

You can play Adult Card games with your friends, in pairs or even when you’re alone trying to raise the room’s temperature. Different types of cards are available in the market-from knowing each other better cards, kissing cards, to sex cards.

Why Will A Couple Love This Game?

The best part is that most of these cards help you choose the difficulty level—easy, medium, difficult, according to your and your partner’s mood. This makes this kissing game exciting as you get to decide the game’s intensity per your desires and fantasies.

Take note; these card games aren’t just your regular Uno cards; they’re bound to give you a night to remember!

18. Very Very Cherry

Free Crop anonymous couple with tattoos on arms in casual clothes eating bowl of appetizing ripe cherries at home Stock Photo
Couple using cherries in kissing game | Via Pexels

Now that you are tired of the kissing and a bit of licking here and there, it’s time to indulge in some straight shooting. No pun intended.

In Very Very Cherry, you’d need a cherry which you have to place in your mouth. Now, aim it at your partner and shoot it in their direction.

The rule of this game is your partner has to catch the cherry from their mouths and shoot it back at you.

The person who gets the most catches wins! However, in both cases, you at least get to have the cherry straight from their mouth to yours, so you already won, right?!

Why Will A Couple Love This Game?

Very Very Cherry is one of those sexy kissing games you may have watched people play in movies for the longest time. The only difference is that you get to recreate it with your very own beloved this time.

This game is undoubtedly sexy and raunchy as couples love the idea of cherries, strawberries, and chocolates in their love lives.

19. Ice-Ice Baby

Free Woman Holding an Ice to her Lips Stock Photo
Woman holding an ice cube on her lips | Via Pexels

Want to try your hands on a sexier kissing game this time? Ice-Ice Baby is the one for you. To play this game, you can start off by placing an ice cube in your partner’s mouth.

Now, you get to kiss them, and while you’re at it, coax that ice cube into your mouth. It is now time to turn the temperature high by running it down the length of your partner’s body.

Once you reach their waist, roll the ice back to their lips, and they take it over again. It is their turn to give you the pleasurable treatment with that fun little ice cube.

You can continue this game till the ice melts, and if you want to take the competition a step further, you can keep playing to see who is left with the most melted ice cubes. The person who loses has to do whatever their partners want them to, duh!

Why Will A Couple Love This Game?

Ice-Ice Baby is popularly loved by couples as most love experimenting in the bedroom. They love the kink of hot chocolate and also of the chilled iced cubes.

When you play this game, you get to pleasure your partner while also getting pleased once the ice is passed to you.

20. It’s Apple-icious

Free Side view of enamored adult couple in casual clothes eating delicious snacks and preparing to kiss during picnic in nature on sunny day Stock Photo
Couple kissing with an apple in mouth | Via Pexels

What better way to end that kissing marathon than with a juicy red apple, we thought!

To play It’s Apple-icious, you’d need a fairly large apple that you need to hold in your mouth. Erotic already? Wait till we finish.

Your partner now has to bite a piece of that apple off your mouth using their teeth. Then, they have to take it from over your mouth while you take the next bite of that juicy apple.

After about four-five bites, the size of the apple gets smaller, and you both practically get to kiss each other to finish that apple.

Of course, there are no hard and fast rules to this game, but you have to continue this game till there’s nothing left of the fruit. After that, you can have your time and smooch your partner in peace.

Why Will A Couple Love This Kissing Game?

A couple is bound to love this kissing game because it involves a juicy red fruit. People who love experimenting in their sex lives know how fun and erotic it can get when you have to bite something off each other’s mouths. Agreed?

The Bottom Line

These kiss games for couples are not only great at improving your love or sex life. Instead, they’re bound to strengthen your relationship with your sweetheart and leave you wanting more. Now, what more? Games or makeout sessions, you decide!

Before you get ready to play these games with your partner tonight, we’d love for you to read this ultimate list of hobbies for couples that will make your relationship more interesting.

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