Truth or Drink Questions for Couples, Have Some Fun and Open Up

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If you have read the title ” Truth or Drink Questions for Couples” and you are still here, it means you know this article is meant for adults. And, at this point in life, we all know that relationships are a lot more fun when you play naughty. Before getting down to kinky business, we want to remind you that The Truth or Drink game is a risky venture.

If you play the game right, you basically have two options: open up to your partner completely or get into alcohol-driven embarrassing situations. Well, you can keep some secrets to yourself and drink instead, but make sure there aren’t too many…

How to play Truth or Drink game

In the adult version of the classic Truth or Dare game, the mechanics of this trouble-stirring game is pretty straightforward: the participants use cards to write the questions on (obviously, the spicier, the better!), shuffle them, and then take turns to draw cards from the deck.

It’s up to you to decide (beforehand) whether all the participants should answer the question or only the person who drew the card. If you don’t want to answer a question, then you have to drink! While it is true that playing the game with a small group adds fun to the action, on this particular occasion, it is advisable to stick to your partner.

So, if you have ever wondered what ‘dark’ secrets your partner is hiding from you, the following questions give you the best
opportunity to unbury all those untold secrets and fantasies. Of course, to spice things up a little bit, ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ answers should be prohibited.

What do you need to play Truth and Drink

●A bold set of questions
●An open mind and a kinky attitude
●Alcohol and shot glasses

Just keep in mind what wise people say…Drink responsibly! And play responsibly, we’d add!

100 Truth or Drink questions for couples to spice up any relationship

1. Have you ever kissed someone of the opposite sex?
2. Which is your wildest fantasy?
3. If you had a chance, what famous person would you cheat on your partner with?
4. Have you ever done anything illegal?
5. What is it that annoys you the most in your partner’s behavior?
6. Have you ever dated two girls/boys at the same time?
7. What is the part that you hate the most during family reunions.
8. If there was an award for the ‘Sexiest male/female friend’, who would win it?
9. Which is the silliest reason you broke up with someone?

Truth or Drink Questions for Couples

10. Which is your biggest fear?
11. Is there a dark secret you have never told anyone? If so, which is it?
12. Is there anything you wouldn’t hesitate to change in your partner?
13. What is it that you hate the most about yourself?
14. If our relationship would be turned into a movie, which would be its title?
15. Have you ever done anything really embarrassing during a date? What was it?
16. Which is the dirtiest voice message/text you have ever sent?
17. Can you describe the weirdest date you have ever had?
18. If you could cheat on your partner without anyone knowing, would you do it?
19. If you could recreate a hot scene from a movie, which would it be?
20. What is the cheesiest pick-up line you have ever used? Did it work out?
21. If your partner would give you their phone password, would you use it to check their
22. Have you ever sent dirty pics to someone you had a crush on?
23. Which is the craziest thing you have done to impress a crush?
24. What is it that most turns you on?
25. Would you describe yourself as submissive or dominant?
26. Have you ever cheated on a partner? How did you feel about it?
27. Have you ever felt attracted to someone of the same sex?

Truth or Drink Questions for Couples

28. Your wildest dream is…?
29. What’s the weirdest thing that turned you on
30. Which is your favorite body part on a man/woman?
31.Have you got a secret fetish?
32. If someone offered you money to spend a night with your partner, would you accept the
33. Is there anything that you have never tried but would love to?
34. Have you ever flirted with someone to get out of trouble?
35. Have you ever felt tempted to cheat on me? What made you resist the temptation?

36. Do you think I have changed since we first met? How?
37. Have you ever had a nickname? If so, what is the story behind it?
38. Have I ever been on the point of catching you doing something dirty?
39. What did your family think of me when they first met me?
40. When was it exactly that you realized that you were in love with me?
41. Do you see yourself getting old by my side?
42. Have you ever had a one-night stand?
43. Do you believe in love at first sight? Did it ever happen to you?
44. What made you fall in love with me?
45. What would make you fall out of love with me?
46. If your partner cheated on you, would you be able to forgive and forget?
47. If we had never met, how do you think your life would look like now?
48. Why do you think we make a good couple?
49. Which is your favorite activity we do together as a couple? Why do you like it?
50. Which is the biggest lie you have ever told me? We just hit half of our ‘Truth or Drink Questions for Couples’ list.
51. Is there anything in your browsing history that you wouldn’t want me to see? If so, what is
52. Is there any question you would hate to see pop up from this deck? What is it?
53. Have you ever used a dating app?
54. Is there any secret you feel embarrassed to talk to me about?
55. Have you ever thought about someone else while kissing your partner? If so, who was it?
56. Is there any friend of mine that you dislike?
57. Which was your first impression of me?
58. If you had the possibility to change one thing about your relationship, what would that be?
59. If I were open to entering a threesome relationship, who would the third person be?
60. Is there anything I do unconsciously that really turns you on?
61. Give me 5 reasons why you think I’m your better half.
62. Is there anything I do that you actually dislike, but you are afraid to tell me?

Truth or Drink Questions for Couples

63. Describe your ideal romantic date.
64. Which is your favorite memory with us as a couple?
65. Have you ever been given a lap dance?
66. Do I have a personality trait that you think impossible to find in someone else?
67. If you switched gender for 24 hours, what would you do?
68. How do you feel about open marriages? Would you be interested in having one?
69. Have you ever cried because of me?
70. What is the sexiest line someone has ever told you?
71. Have you ever fantasized about your boss or a teacher?
72. Have you ever played this game before? How did it end up?
73. What’s the longest time you were without sex?
74. Do you have a guilty pleasure I don’t know about? What is it?
75. On a scale from 1 to 10, how would you rate your physical appearance? Why?
76. Did I ever make you feel embarrassed?
77. If the world were to end tomorrow, which would be the last thing you would like to do?
78. Have you ever sent or received an indecent picture?
79. Is there anything you wish you could un-see?
80. If you could write a law that we both need to follow, what would it be?
81. When routine settles in, couples look for strategies to revive their relationships. Name at
least 3 things we could do to spice up ours.
82. Have you ever been jealous of someone I interacted with?
83. How do you see ourselves, as a couple, 10 years from now?
84. What is your filthiest fantasy with me?
85. Do you have any fetishes I should know about?
86. What is your kinkiest role-play fantasy?
87. Give me 5 reasons why you think our relationship will stand the test of time.
88. Have you ever told me a white lie? When and why?
89. Is there anything you would like me to do for you but are afraid to ask?

90. How does this game is making you feel right now?
91. Have you ever done anything you still feel guilty about?
92. Have you ever been rejected by a crush? How did it make you feel?
93. When was the last time you got really angry with me and why?
94. Is there anything you wish you didn’t know?
95. What excuses do you use when you need some ‘ME’ time?
96. Rate your partner’s personality on a scale from 1 to 10 and justify your answer.
97. Talk about your deepest insecurity.
98. Give me 5 reasons why you think I love you.
99. Can you imitate me doing something that really turns you on?
100. Which is the worst thing you would do if you knew there would be no consequences?

We hope you’ll have fun, open up and get just a little bit drunk and much closer to your partner after the Truth or Drink questions for couples we listed here. Share the fun!

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