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Being the perfect girlfriend is hard, and sometimes words are hard to express! Love and passion are not guaranteed in a relationship, that’s why we always need to share our feelings with our partner. To be honest, men are straightforward, and they are happy just having a girlfriend.

However, women think of love differently! Women want to show their love in multiple ways! On the other side, men want to know that are strong and respectful. That’s why complementing our boyfriends is a good way to keep a relationship alive and show respect.

love poems for him

So, love poems are an amazing opportunity to show your love, without any compulsion. A wonderful love poem is full of literary mastery and genuine sensation and sentiment. It is possible to make a short poem a romantic act when you put the time and effort into it. To help you find love poems easily, we created a list of the best love poems for him! Words have a meaning behind them. So, make every word count! 

Below you will find a list of 56 poems suitable for every boyfriend! Read and find which one suits you and your relationship the best. 

List of Love Poems for Him

1. Forever and Always  

By Mercedes

You are the sun that shines brightly throughout my day.

You are the gravity that holds me down in every way.

You are the moon that shimmers throughout my night.

You are stars that glimmer oh so bright.


You are the oxygen that keeps me alive.

You are my heart that beats inside.

You are the blood that flows through me.

You are the only guy I can see.

You have the voice of when a mockingbird sings.

You are my everything.


You are my one and only.

You stop me from being so lonely.

We plan our future as if we have a clue.

I never want to lose you.

I want you to be my husband, and I want to be your wife.

I want to be with you for the rest of my life.


Make your man feel valued. If he is the most important person to you then “Forever and Always” is the best poem to express your feelings for him! It’s written with words full of sentiment and passion – as any relationship should be! 

2. To the Man I love

I can’t believe I found you

But we were meant to be

I am always there for you

and you are there for me.


No one in the world could make me feel this way

and my love for you keeps growing

more and more each day.


The most amazing way to express your feelings is to send him a love text or state that he is the man you are meant to be with! Make him feel important and irreplaceable! The state that you love is growing as time goes! State that he is the “Man that you love”.

3. I love you

I always looked for someone I could live with,

But ended up finding someone I can’t live without

I love you

You are my heart, my soul,

my treasure, my today,

my tomorrow, my forever,

and my everything


Being in a relationship means that you love your partner, and you need him today, tomorrow, and forever. So, why don’t you use the “I love you” poem and make your feelings clear to him?

4. A Precious Love

A million stars up in the sky,

one shines brighter I can’t deny.

A love so precious a love so true,

a love that comes from me to you.

The angels sing when you are near,

within your arms I have nothing to fear.

You always know just what to say,

just talking to you makes my day.

I love you honey with all my heart,

together forever and never to part.


A poem that states your true love is an exceptional love poem to write to the man of your life! Write this poem in the mirror and let him find it as a beautiful morning note! You will definitely make his day. 

5. I Don’t Really Know 

I never really knew you

You were just another friend

But when I got to know you,

I let my heart unbend.

I couldn’t help past memories

that would only make me cry

I had to forget my first love

and give love another try

So I’ve fallen in love with you

and I’ll never let you go

I love you more than anyone

I just had to let you know

And if you ever wonder why

I don’t know what I’ll say

But I’ll never stop loving you

each and every day

My feelings for you will never change

Just know my feelings are true

Just remember one thing

I love you.


The “I don’t really know” love poem is an excellent poem to show the progress of your relationship. Especially if you started as friends, and then develop love feelings, this poem is specially written for you!

6. My Promise 

by Danielle Mia 

love poems for him


I promise to be there for you always

Whenever you need a helping hand

I promise to think about you daily

Wherever you are in the world

I promise to never let you down

No matter what we go through

I promise to keep you in my prayers

So that God may keep you safe

I promise to be here when you return

I will be there waiting

I promise to be your support

When you need it most

I promise to help you through the tough times

Even though it will hurt me

I promise to be here for you when you are in pain

Even though it will pain me too

I promise to support you in any decisions you may make

No matter what they are

I promise to be there for you when decisions need to be made

Even though it will kill me to watch you leave

I promise I will be there to say goodbye

When you leave on your excursions

I promise to be there to say hello again

When you return home to me

I promise to love you forever and eternally

No matter what happens or where life takes us

I promise to be loyal to you while you are deployed

Because I know that you will be loyal to me

I promise that no matter where life takes me

It will never take me away from you

I promise to be here forever and always

Trustworthy and in love

Forever and always

I promise.


If you want to make love and forever promise to your partner, then this poem is the best for you. The promise poem is an amazing love poem that can help you express deep feelings, that cannot be stated with simple words. 

7. I know you 

by Katie

When I first met you,

I felt like I had known you forever,

telling you my secrets

and what I didn’t want ever.

You listened to me.

I bet you thought I’d never end.

Who would have thought

we would become more than just friends?

Over a period of time

I got to know the real you.

A boy, so caring and gentle,

with a heart so true.

You’ve survived your life

with hurt and loneliness by your side.

I told you I’d never leave

because of the feelings I have inside.

I know you

like no one I have ever known,

and sometimes I wonder

what I’d do if you were gone?

So I have decided

time answers all.

If it is meant to be,

time will remove the wall.

I love the way we are together.

You can always make me smile.

Will it ever really be forever?

I guess I will have to wait a while.

Time will reveal what lies ahead,

but always remember

what I have said.

Meeting you has changed my life,

and I really love you so.

The feelings I feel for you,

I am never letting go.

Remember me always

and I will, too.

I always think of

me and you.


If your boyfriend changed your life and the way that you see life, then this love poem is definitely for you. If you can’t think of losing him and if your feelings are so strong, write this poem and tell him everything really feel with some simple words. 

7. Growing Old Together

The melding of two bodies,

The surging of two souls.

The love between the two of us,

Keeps us from growing old.

It was on the day we married,

The day we said I do.

It was then I made you mine,

The proof that I loved you.


Now the years are passing,

And we can hardly see.

Where one of us begins,

Or the other person ends.

Growing old together,

What a special way to age.

Together we have grown,

Like oregano and sage.


If you count many years together and your love still stays intact, then you need a different type of poem for you man. “Growing Old Together” is the best poem to express the feeling and the experience that you have of all those years you are together. A more humorous vibe is definitely needed in long lasting relationships.

8. You’ll Always Be In My Heart.

You’ll always be in my heart.

Can’t bear the pain when we are apart.

Nobody is as special as you are to me.

I hope you are beginning to see.

I can’t describe how much I care.

But when you need me, I’ll be there.

To wipe those tears when you are sad,

To make you happy when you are mad.

All these things I can really do.

Just remember I’m thinking of you!


If you have a hard time with your relationship and you feel that is falling apart, then a love poem can actually help you start the healing process. Saying precisely how weak and incomplete you feel without him can click inside and make him think how much he loves you. Why don’t you give it a try?

9. Happiness

I never knew about happiness;

I didn’t think that dreams came true;

I couldn’t really believe in love

Until I finally met you.


10. Happy Love

You’ve made me so happy,

I’m giddy with delight,

Stay with me forever,

And I’ll hold you so tight.


Two simple and short poems which actually express the exact meaning of true love and a healthy relationship. Your man should give you only positive feelings and help make your dreams come true! If he actually does that, then write this poem and help him. 

11. Grateful 

I am so grateful,

That you are my man,

I worship and love you,

I’m your greatest fan.


Show your gratitude in a few words! Thank him for being there for you and helping you in your life. State that you love him, and he is your “God”. As we already mentioned, men love to feel strong.


12. Love is like a Sea 

by Elaine Chetty

My love for you is like the raging sea,

So powerful and deep it will forever be.

Through the storm, wind, and heavy rain,

It will withstand every pain.

Our hearts are so pure and love so sweet.

I love you more with every heartbeat!


Love is definitely like a sea and a storm – deep and terrifying. However, is also pure and sweet. That’s why this is a love poem which expresses love exactly as it feels for most people. 

13. My Heart to You 

by Alan

When you smile at me, I lose myself.

You give me this feeling that makes me overwhelmed.

When your hand is in mine, I feel totally fine,

And that’s the reason I had to make you mine.

Forever and ever till the end,

I will be by your side through thick and thin.

I love you more than you’ll ever know.

I just wanted to say I’m never letting go.


Real love sometimes feels like a possession, but that is not always bad. Write a poem to you lover and tell him that you feel happy with him, and you are always his. 

14. I Love You – The Best Thing

love poems for him

When I tell you I love you 

I don’t say it out of habit or to make conversation 

I say it to remind you that you are the best thing that ever happened to me


Is your boyfriend the best thing that ever happened to you? To be with a person you need to feel that way. That’s why this poem should definitely be sent to him. Write it in a wonderful and loving card and make his heart shiver. 

15. I Made You Mine

The melding of two bodies,

The surging of two souls.

The love between the two of us,

Keeps us from growing old.

It was on the day we married,

The day we said I do.

It was then I made you mine,

The proof that I loved you.

Now the years are passing,

And we can hardly see.

Where one of us begins,

Or the other person ends.

Growing old together,

What a special way to age.

Together we have grown,

Like oregano and sage


If you grew up with your husband and you feel that he is still the young boy that you love, then this is the most amazing poem to surprise him! 

16. Be Close to Me 

…or if you wish to be close to me, I and my life will shut very beautifully and suddenly


Show your feelings with one simple sentence and show your partner what he really means to you! State that your life is full just because you met him, and you love him.

17. My Man

The day I met you I found my missing piece.

You complete me and make me a better person.

I was a little late to be your first,

but I want all of my last to be with you.


Your boyfriend should make you happy and you should feel that you want only him in your life. Tell him that you feel full just because you are with him.

18. A Million Stars in the Sky 

love poems for him

A million stars in the sky, one shines brighter than I can’t deny.

A love so precious, a love so true

Love that comes from me and you


Do you feel that your love is like a shining star in the sky? Do you feel lucky and happy? Then “A million stars in the sky” is the best poem for you and him.

19. Complete

I don’t know if I will ever be complete,

but I know whatever I am

You always be the rest of me


If your partner makes you feel complete, then three sentences are what you need to tell him. Be clear and state that you will always be his. 


20. I May Be Crazy 

I may be crazy

I may be mad

I may be nuts

But I love you


It’s a crazy love, full of passion and emotions! Just 3 simple words can clear the air and show your emotions. 

21. Fate and Control

Meeting you was fate

Becoming your friend was a choice

Falling in love with you was beyond my control


Sometimes love is out of control! Is your love for your partner that strong? Then this is the poem for you.

22. Bird-Understander 

by Craig Arnold

 These are your own words

your way of noticing

and saying plainly

of not turning away

from hurt

you have offered them

to me, I am only

giving them back

if only I could show you

how very useless

they are not.


Your love for your partner should grow stronger as you recall a moment of the moments with him.

23. To My Dear and Loving Husband

by Anne Bradstreet 

Thy love is such I can no way repay.

The heavens reward thee manifold; I pray.

Then while we live, in love let’s so persevere,

That when we live no more, we may live ever.


Preserve your love with a simple poem for your beloved partner. Show your husband your gratitude and dedication! 

24. Hold me Near

I feel with you here, if feel no pain

When you hold me near, I feel so happy

Without you here, I feel plain

So, when you are here, hold me near


When you feel good with your partner so should always want him near! Being far from your loving partner should feel painful.

25. Eternal Love

The first time I saw your face

I knew that love had finally found me

Our bond outlasts time and space

A love that will last for Eternity


Eternity is the most amazing love poem to write and surprise your partner. Are your feelings genuine and real? Do you want to live with him forever? Then ‘Eternity’ is the right poem for your love.

26. Love me Everyday 

Your eyes tell me that you’ll love me every day

No matter what may come

You’ll be there to stay.


Do you feel that your partner will love you every day and that he will care for you no matter what? Then there is a poem for you!

27. The heart

love poems for him

It beats

It breaks

It loves

It aches

For you

Only for you


If your heart has a strong feeling, then you need to show it to your partner. What’s more beautiful than a love poem?

28. Try to Keep you Near

Now that I have you, I have nothing to fear

But I always think you’ll leave

So, I’ll try to keep you near.


If your love is the most important thing that you have in your life, then you need and have to keep him near! Your partner should be the most important person in the world, and you should always say that to him.

29. Confession 

This is my confession…

As dark as I am,

I will always find enough light to adore you to pieces,

With all my pieces


It doesn’t matter if you are not the lightest person in the world; the only thing that matters is your love for him. Do you love every piece of him? Then, why you don’t say it?

30. The King of my Heart

King of my heart,

you are amazingly dependable,

and reliable and you fill my life with unspeakable joy.

This is why I love you with an undying love.


State the reasons that you are in love with him. Say that you respect him and love him undeniably. Tell him how amazing he is. 

31. The Conqueror

There are men

who the world made into monsters

There are the men

who conquered the world

and you are one of such.

This is why I adore you.


If your man is strong and cares for you on every occasion, then you need to tell him how much you adore him for that. 

32. Nature’s Greatest Artwork

The smell of your fragrance,

the crumple of your shirt,

the fold and locks,

the twist and turns and

all that you are

is one of nature’s greatest artworks.


If you feel that your man is like an artwork, then you should tell him that and make him happier than ever. 

33. Selfless Affection

love poems for him

It’s rare

to find a man who thinks less of himself

and more about others.

Your selfless affection

brings the world to a standstill.

I love you.


People should be nice to everyone else. If your partner is caring and selfless then he has the most amazing characteristic! So, respect him and admire him.

34. Life Partner

I’d love my babies to smell you,

their eyes to look like yours

and that deep aura that you bring,

I’ll ask angels to create little kings that walk as you do.

I love you.


If you want to have little babies with him; if you feel that he is the right life partner for you, then you should read him this poem. 

35. Beyond the Moon 

I love you past the moon and miss you beyond the stars.


Your life partner should be everything for you; you should miss him every moment of your life and you should want him next to you…always and forever.

36. Before I Met You 

I loved you even before I met you.

You were always the protagonist in my dreams

so, walking into my life was not a shocker.

I found you!


Make your partner feel happy. Make him feel that he is the man of your dreams. Stating your love in such a way will only make things better. 

37. I Love the Way 

I love the way you laugh out loud

I love the way you smile.

I love everything you do, my dear.

And have done all the while.


Laughing and smiling is what make life wonderful. Then you should feel blessed for your partner’s smile! Love him for everything he did, and he is doing.

38. Forever

love poems for him

And even though I am unsure about most things in life,

I am certain that I love you and will continue to love you forever.


Do you feel that your love will last forever? Then build memories that will also last forever. A card with a love poem that indicates your “forever” love will stay forever. 

39. The Kinds

My kind of girl,

needs your kind of man.

This is why your hands wrapped around me

feels like home to my weary head

and I find rest in your gentle kisses.


If you found the man of your dreams, the man that makes you feel complete then, your kinds are similar and belong together. 


40. The Fire

Let’s talk about the flames

that leap in my heart

like the burning of coal in a fireplace.

Let’s talk about the butterflies

that flutter about the crevices of my heart

when you speak my name.


Passion and flames should characterise all real and wonderful relationships. If this is what you feel for your partner, then you have the right poem for you and him.


41. The Best Is You

Of all the things my hands have held the best by far, is you.


Your hands should hold the man of your dreams, the man who cares about you and love you more than ever. If you feel like that then he should know your feelings. 

42. My True Soulmate

by Kirstinlouise Oliver

My true soul mate is my world

My world by no other name is you

The only one that I can truly honestly be me

Never to feel regret for my actions

Tell my deepest darkest forgotten secrets

However hurtful reliving them is to me

Share my long thought of wildest fantasies

Whether or not we fulfil them together as one

Enjoy everything we discover together every day

New pieces in our puzzle of life no matter how insignificant

Equally love endlessly quietly passionately

Reliving our gazes sensual touch devouring embrace.


Your man is your soulmate, your husband, your lover, and your passion. Love him endlessly as he does. You completed your puzzle, so celebrate and don’t look back! 

43. You Are the Soulmate

You make me smile

hear my voice

gives the feel

touches the heart

two souls in the

same body

you are the soulmate


Show your smile with a simple card that indicates your love and passion for your partner! Make him special and lucky that has you.

44. My Home

Your kindness and heart,

the ringing laughter of mirth and joy

that comes from you,

that is all I need to know

that I have found in you a man,

my home.


Your man should be your house, you should feel safe and relaxed around him. If you feel so, then you need to tell him, and a love note is the best way.

45. Sunshine

You brought me sunshine when I only saw rain.

You brought me laughter when I only felt pain.


When someone takes away all the bad feelings, then he is the man that you should be with! If your partner has already managed to do that, then he is the ideal man and he deserves a love poem. 

46. Holding Hands

by Elsa Moreno

love poems for him

Every time we hold hands I feel like I can hold on forever.


Do you feel that your partner’s hands can keep you forever? If yes, the poem sentence is what you need to tell him and make him feel great! 

47. Whenever

When the moon shines in the sky,

When the rain falls hard upon the road,

When the sun is warm and bright,

When the dew glints on grass freshly mowed,

Whatever the day, the time, the mood,

I think about how much I love you.


This is an amazing poem that can express to your partner you’re feeling for him! Do you think about him all the time? Then use this poem and make him happy! 

48. Bullet

The singers of love songs

Often say they would take a bullet for their love.

I cannot make any promises in that regard,

But if I do ever get shot, darling,

You would be the last thing I would be thinking of.


This an insightful poem about your lover’s willingness to take a bullet for you and everyone that he loves. This is an excellent poem to say to your person that you understand his caring feelings and his love for you. 

49. Chores

I need you to wash the dishes,

And after to take out the trash.

Then come in and kiss me;

I will kiss you back.

The most important things should be done last.


Sometimes a house has plenty of chores to do, and it can be quite overwhelming. However, when you have someone you love, everything that you do is kiss him when you are done with all the chores. This poem is amazing to express your love, and how you feel at the end of every day.

50. I Think of You 

I think of you when I wake

Occupying my mind each break I take,

Is it true?

You feel it too…You let me in,

Making known more than your skin.


When your partner is open to you you should express your gratitude and your appreciation. State that you feel the same and that you are happy with your relationship.


51. Shakespeare

Shakespeare compared thee to a summer’s day,

And said his love was lovelier still.

I cannot lie and say you are as pretty as that,

But I think you will still fit the bill.


Shakespeare was one of the most famous love poets in the world. So, by letting your partner know that your feelings reach the greatness of this poet, you show your true and unconditional love. 

52. The Robber

You have robbed me

of all heart and mind

and I love you.

Sweet bandit of my soul.


Does your partner rob your heart and your mind? Do you love him unconditionally? Are those feeling so true that you feel blessed? If so, you should express your feelings by writing “The Robber” poem on a sweet loving card. 

53. Bare Foot

I want to be where your bare foot walks,

because maybe before you step,

you’ll look at the ground.

I want that blessing.


Express that you are so in love with your partner, that you want to step wherever he steps. So express that you feel blessed with all the feelings that you have for him. The bare foot poem is the most amazing poem to show your passion at the early stages of your relationship.

54. When You Are Old

by William Butler Yeats

When you are old and grey and full of sleep,

And nodding by the fire, take down this book,

And slowly read, and dream of the soft look

Your eyes had once, and of their shadows deep;


How many loved your moments of glad grace,

And loved your beauty with love false or true,

But one man loved the pilgrim soul in you,

And loved the sorrows of your changing face;


And bending down beside the glowing bars,

Murmur, a little sadly, how Love fled

And paced upon the mountains overhead

And hid his face amid a crowd of stars.


Say to your man everything that you feel all these years that you are together. State that you love him on both his happy and sad days. It’s a classic poem from William Butler Yeats that will show your love to your beautiful husband. 

55. You Make Me Feel Complete

Baby your presence makes me feel so rich and complete,

Just by the way you hold my hand walking down the street.

I don’t need any other person anymore by my side,

As long as you are here with me, I can face any tide.

You are not just the love of my life, you’re my best friend,

Together we can face any possible day till the end.


If you are happy with your boyfriend you don’t want anyone else besides you. All you need is the loving partner that you choose to have. You are complete with him and you feel that he is both the man of your dreams and your best friend. “You make feel complete” poem, is an easy poem that expresses feeling with simple words. Why don’t you use it to surprise your partner? 

56. I Want to Be Your Wife

love poems for him

Life feels worth living with you around,

You make me laugh even without a sound.

You make me smile when my eyes are filled with tears,

You love me like no other and help me overcome all my fears.

Every day I spend with you, teaches me something new,

How you manage to be so perfect, I really have no clue.

Thank you my darling for entering my life,

I just can’t wait to be called your beloved wife!


Do you feel ready for the next step? Do you feel that your love should go to the next level? Then you should overcome your fears and state to your loving partner that you want to be his wife. Sometimes relationships should proceed and go to the next level. So why don’t you write the “I want to be your wife” poem to him and express your feelings and wishes?


Expressing your love with a simple love poem is a really nice gesture to show your feelings to your partner. Sometimes, men seem to be brutal and not that affectionate, however, a sweet gesture or card could make any heart melt. Don’t take your relationship for granted; let your man know exactly how you feel. Having a poem ready to send or give to someone you love is a thoughtful way to show your tenderness and appreciation for his presence in your life. There are poems suitable for every relationship. Choose yours and create a special aura in your relationship. 

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