10 Things To Do To Make Your Relationship Stronger

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how to keep a relationship interesting

How to keep a relationship stronger involves a whole lot of things and not a laid back approach. Relationships are like any living organism which looks healthy and well kept when fed rightly but looks haphazard when neglected and not properly taken care of.

The amount of energy you put into making any relationship work is the exact amount of results you will see on that relationship. There are no shortcuts to building a healthy relationship, just as there are no shortcuts to growing and tendering a child. The results are usually based on inputs.

The goal usually should be on how to keep a relationship stronger by strengthening the ties that bind the relationship. Inasmuch as differences in personalities can not be ruled out, such differences could be the very ingredients necessary to build stronger ties. What one lacks, the other provides, thus partners supplement and complement one another even with their differences.

Having a strong relationship means you have come of age when it comes to having constant fights, have dealt with the issue of trust, you have learned to respect each other’s space without the feeling of being forgotten, dealt with boredom, etc.

It gets to a stage where you are no longer worried about little things that once troubled you because you were unaware of your partner’s motives. At this stage, you have come to know each other pretty well and the motives behind every action they take.

how to keep a relationship alive


How To Keep A Relationship Alive And Fresh

Generally, every relationship is strongest at the beginning phase when partners newly meet and chemistry is strongest. After then, no matter how long it lasts, you both have to put in efforts to make the union last.

The strength of every relationship depends on how often you can bring out sparks and keep it fresh. It takes a conscious effort. Unlike when you two started, the spark came naturally due to your new-found chemistry; at this time you have to do things consciously to bring out the spark.

You have to study your partner to know what exactly he or she needs to keep the relationship on fire. While one will work out for one partner, it may not be very effective in another partner.

Some useful tips to keep a relationship alive whether you are dating or you are married, are listed below:

  1. Being adventurous together
  2. Appreciating one another
  3. Trying new things sensually
  4. Sharing your daily highs and lows
  5. Tell your partners why you love them
  6. Spend time together without technology
  7. Surprise them not just on their birthdays
  8. Tell your partners often why you love them
  9. Don’t get bogged down with chores, etc.


Whatever tips you choose to apply, let the results be what will keep the relationship fresh, strong and lively. The relationship should be interesting and everyone should be happy. There may be lows and some bad days, yet your ability to pull yourselves together and work it through is very key.

how to keep a relationship strong and happy

Long-distance relationships are one of the most unplanned relationships. Circumstances and situations lead to them most of the time. It put a lot of partners in regret as they bite their nails.

Family, friends and tales of how partners live double standard life often discourage people in such relationships. Difficult to put up, most long-distance relationships end badly.

This is not to say it’s impossible to keep up with it. If your partner is dear to you and you find yourselves on the long-distance end, then it’s time to work it out and make your union stronger and better.

Here are a few tips to strengthen long-distance relationships:

  1. Communicate often
  2. Work towards a physical meeting with each other once in a while
  3. Be unpredictable
  4. Be generous to your partner
  5. Learn to trust your partner
  6. Have a routine
  7. Have a large heart
  8. Keep your partner informed


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10 Things To Do To Make Your Relationship Stronger


1.  Address Old Issues

how to keep a relationship fresh

The moment you notice some recurring arguments and misunderstandings, it’s best to sit and address those issues. Letting them linger will only widen the gulf between you two and these will only yield deeper wounds and set the pace for your relationship to start going toxic.

Don’t ever shy away from addressing misunderstandings and quarrels, especially those that keep repeating themselves. Being able to address them remarkably defines how strong your union is. That’s one fireproof way on how to keep a relationship stronger.


2.  Don’t Argue Over Money

Partners should have a financial plan which will clearly indicate how expenditure is made. This will reduce the risk of any arguments arising from money-related issues.

Also, there should be this liberty each person should have when it comes to how he or she spends their money. It won’t be very wise to question your partner on every move they make with their money, demanding details and explanations on how every dime was spent.

This will cause a breach of trust. Once your partner starts having the feeling you lack confidence in their abilities, they begin to question the essence of the relationship.

Depending on who is the financial pillar in the home, you have to give your spouse the liberty to spend according to their best judgments. If you notice your partner is the type who will get you extra things while shopping for the family, then you give them more than is necessary when they need to get things.

Another thing is that in every home, every now and then, an element of surprise is very welcomed. Therefore, partners need the financial liberty to make such surprises happen.


3.  Cultivate The Habit Of Spending Time Apart

how to keep your relationship strong with boyfriend

Since it’s great to encourage bonding and for partners to spend quality time with one another, it is also necessary for each partner to have their private space.

Partners should have some breath of fresh air apart. Whether this is achieved through hanging out with friends or spending time with family members, it’s a great necessity that makes a relationship stronger.

The good thing about this is that partners will naturally tend to miss each other, thus giving the relationship a better valuation when reunion ensues.

There should be always a good reason to miss one another. It brings out a spark once you reunite. That’s not to say you always ask for space at every given opportunity. That will mean you are seeing someone else or the relationship is not interesting to you anymore.

You should enjoy being together but when it seems boredom is setting in, it’s best to give each other a break. This can be easily experienced by long distances relationship partners.


4.  Always Find Ways To Surprise And Impress Your Partner No Matter How Long You’ve Been Together

Surprises tend to refresh a relationship and make everyone have a good feeling of being loved and cared for. It should be a regular thing among partners, though making it too regular removes the element of surprise in it.

Surprises shouldn’t just be on special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries or during festive seasons. Surprises should happen often in every relationship.


5.  Spend Lots Of Quality Time Together

Research has shown that in the UK couples spend an average of four(4) hours together in a day. Half of that time is spent on the TV. So, its possible you are spending time and it’s no quality time at all.

Partners have to cultivate the habit of shutting out every other thing to focus and talk about themselves and talk to themselves. As humans, we tend to be influenced by things we see and hear every day which results in changes every now and then.

However, spending quality time will definitely help partners understand themselves on a daily basis. Understanding is a very necessary ingredient to strengthen any relationship. Spending quality time with one another is one of the ways on how to keep a relationship stronger.


6.  Be Friendly And Respectful

There’s always this tendency to get over familiar with your partner such that you find yourselves getting too official with each other. You have to decide to enjoy one another and be determined to make every moment count.

You could try it once and it fails. That doesn’t mean you can’t give it another go. Friends are known to be playful and adventurous not just being official.

The way we treat one another is a factor of what kind of environment we grew up from. Your partner’s experiences while growing up will definitely be different from yours. That implies one of you may be more friendly than the other.

However, you have to learn and be determined to be friendly. Your partner may not be as friendly as yourself, your friendliness will influence them over time. It has a long way to tell how strong your relationship will be.

In a relationship, you have to learn to treat yourselves with utmost respect. Respect your partner’s likes and dislikes. Respect their ideas and opinions as well. Respect is usually reciprocated and this brings about mutual understanding that further strengthens your union.


7.  Make Your Partner A Priority

As lovers, you’ve got to recognize that your partner’s happiness and comfort is your responsibility and vice versa. From your end, you are going to try your best in prioritizing them first before anyone else.

You practically give your life to someone you love and intend to spend the rest of your life with. The sacrifices, the future and all the plans are to make this person a better person tomorrow.

Understanding that your partner is a priority makes your relationship go stronger as it gives you a higher determination to make it work. Want to know how to keep a relationship stronger? Place priority on your partner.


8.  Establish Joint Goals

Another way to ensure a strong relationship is establishing goals that you both can achieve. It’s easier when your goals draw you closer to each other. You will be able to talk about them easily and make inputs when necessary.

On the contrary, it becomes tedious when goals are not bringing you two close but rather getting you apart. Therefore having joint goals or similar goals strengthens a relationship.

Your goals should be clear, not ambiguous. Your visions and mission statement should be elaborate. From time to time, you sit and talk about how far you have come in trying to achieve these goals. This will bring about conversations and brainstorming, such that will strengthen your union.


9.  Allow Yourself To Be Influenced By Your Partner And Edit Yourself

Most times we tend to believe whoever loves us will have to accept us the way we are. That’s very true because you don’t want to be around someone who is irritated by every little thing you do. That being said, we have to also understand no one likes rubbish.

We have to allow our partners influence us positively. Things they complain about us shouldn’t be taken for granted. Remember we want to make things work and strengthen the relationship in love.

Therefore, we should allow our partners to influence us to change positively the way they want. We should be willing to let go of ego to please our partners. Let go of late-night meals if it displeased your partner. Let go of the cigarettes if it offends them, and many more.


10.  Lower The Tolerance For Bad Behaviour

You and your partner have to give zero tolerance for bad behaviour. You can’t just accept any type of attitude as some behaviours can lead to a toxic relationship. This helps in building mutual respect and stronger relationship.

Some bad behaviours look funny but they hurt when displayed on your partner. Repeated exposure to such behaviours will result in your partner becoming irritated. This will not strengthen your relationship, it will tear it apart.


So here we are, be it your boyfriend or girlfriend, or even your spouse, your relationship needs to be interesting all the time. This will mean it has to be kept fresh, alive and strong.

You reading these piece means you have come to purchase the right ingredients that will feed your relationship such that it grows healthily.

How to keep a relationship stronger is a collective responsibility. It gets so tiring and discouraging when only one partner makes the efforts. The efforts need to come from both ends. If you truly need each other, then go get yourselves back from anything that has kept you far apart.


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