10 Signs He No Longer Loves You

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signs your husband doesn't love you anymore

That you are reading this post tells me you are noticing some signs he no longer loves you and you are here to either confirm your fear or just to know so you can monitor events between you two closely.

When a man has fallen out of love or gotten rid of the butterflies in his tummy, it’s usually not too difficult to know especially if you are very observant as a lady. The issue I have with ladies is that despite the signs and red flags some ladies lie to themselves and stay in a loveless relationship with the hope of changing the man’s mind.

We find it difficult to face reality, instead, we choose to assume and possibly still carry the picture of the relationship we hope for instead of seeking things the way they are. And this is why oftentimes we are left heartbroken.

I’ve been in relationships when I sensed that the lustre in our love life had long left through the window yet I was waiting for my ex to call it quits but he never did. I went through torments from his actions, he began to nag, compare me with his ex, speak rudely to me and all but he never spoke the “it’s over word”.

You may have gotten to this point in your relationship and may be finding it difficult to really understand if he is beginning to show signs he no longer loves you. Not to worry, we will be cracking a few codes together.

Note first of all that we are humans with emotions and breaking up may be a really difficult thing to do even when love has long taken flight.

signs he doesn't love you enough

I remember a relationship I once had with a guy back in school days. We were schoolmates and things got really fast between us and we got really close. He was always over me, calling, texting, even doing video calls. I got every ounce of his attention but after a while, I discovered the attention I was vetting reduced greatly.

He used to wake me up every morning with a text message and send me to bed with another but they stopped abruptly. His calls also reduced and whenever he managed to call, the talks were boring and lifeless. We would only exchange pleasantries, ask for each other schedules for the day and then end the call.

My instincts told me he was gradually losing interest but I refused to give up. I ended up wasting time and living in an unreal world with him in my mind while in reality, he was long gone.

One vital clue I’ve always looked at when I’m in this kind of situation is to measure his commitment level. When a man’s commitment level begins to drop, it could be one of the signs that he no longer loves you. What were those things he used to do in the beginning that he has stopped doing?

Note that signs he no longer loves you is way different from signs of routine setting in. Most times it could be that he’s overtaken by work, working on a new project or even going through a phase.

Remember one of the basics of a man is him winning in whatever he does and when that isn’t forthcoming, it may change his mood and behaviour or even make him lose concentration.

signs he's losing interest in you

And you know when a man is in this phase, he probably needs some time enough and you should understand this and not crowd his space, instead, you should allow him some space to be the man he is.

When you are at this point and you don’t feel good about it, just get busy with yourself, open up yourself more in pursuing other platonic relationships, hang out with friends and just keep showing yourself some real self-love, when he gets over his mood, he will definitely come around and if he doesn’t, you only succeeded in saving yourself from a severe heartbreak as you getting busy would have taken your mind off him a little and the impact of the pain you will feel about losing him won’t be much.

Other times he must have gone through a hard time winning you over and now he has you he may be feeling he doesn’t need to put up any stunts anymore to keep winning you.

So, if you are unsure about the stage your man is currently at, then I advise you to pay attention to a few clues I will be sharing shortly.

Please note that I may not always be right as I try as possible to share my personal experiences, you can only compare with yours where it feels the same. The key to successful relationships is knowing what works for you and charting your own path together.

My personal list of telltale signs he no longer loves you and signs it’s time to end the relationship. He stops spending time with you like he used to.

This is different from time spent at work or time hanging out with the boys. I’m referring to times you once shared together. Is it as consistent as it used to be? Are you confused about his recent moves? Do you think he is avoiding you? Does he spend time on other things he sees as irrelevant before now?

If the answer to all of these questions above is yes, then it could be part of the signs he is no longer interested in you.

Signs he doesn't love you


1.  He Nags Constantly

The word nag used to be synonymous with ladies before now but one of the signs he doesn’t love you enough is when he begins to nag.

It means you no longer appeal to him, your sight alone gets him angry, he feels like your presence is choking and he just wants to be away from you and instead of saying it out rightly some men begin to throw tantrums and speak bad of your once beautiful traits he used to compliment.

He could give you the silent treatment all of a sudden and chose not to speak, he may let you do all the talking during conversations and would rather say yes or no or other quick responses. He may become harsh and not even want to touch you like he used to but rather keep you at arm’s length.

Some others will even not want to be seen with you anymore, they suddenly become ashamed being seen around you and this means less outings with you if you were outgoing as a couple.

If all of a sudden the relationship doesn’t give you joy anymore and you can’t place your finger on any reason why he is behaving the way he is, then it could be part of the signs he no longer loves you.


2.  He Avoids Intimate Moments With You

This is one sign I’ve discovered doesn’t work with every guy because a guy may be done with you and still keep you because you appeal to him sensually. While for some others, the lady becomes less appealing and they don’t even want to touch her, talk more about going to bed with her.

So study your man well enough to know if this applies to him. One of the signs your husband doesn’t love you anymore is when he abandons the bed completely.

I’ve heard relationship experts and even divorce say that when the bedroom is abandoned, the end of a marriage is inevitable. Except if the man chooses to just remain physically while his heart will be elsewhere.


3.  He Suddenly Goes Quiet On You

signs he never loved you

This could be during conversations or even just staying away from you completely. He may begin to stop talking about his plans with you, he may have shut down totally that you find yourself guessing what could be happening in his life currently.

What’s your conversational routine like? Is it still the same or does he seem to have strayed? Does he keep things to himself a lot nowadays? He may be going through stuff but if this continues for a period longer than necessary then this may be the beginning of the end of your relationship.


4.  He Doesn’t Care About How You Feel Anymore

Even a man going through some stuff will care about how it’s affecting his lady. He may not be so endearing but he will speak words of comfort and assurance to put your mind at ease.

How does he react when you are in pain? Does he comfort you and try to make you feel better or does he say words that make you feel worse? These are red flags you should pay close attention to.


5.  He Doesn’t Keep In Touch Like He Used To

Every new relationship has an intoxicating effect on both parties and it is seen In the way you behave around each other, the incessant calls and text messages.

As the relationship grows, you both now have an understanding of each other and you get taken over by events, yet you know you carry each other in your hearts. As expected, the excitement would have dropped leading to a decrease in phone time together in order to meet up with other life activities.

When the time away from each other is much without a Call or text then it calls for serious consideration. When you try reaching out and you are met with harsh words, it could be a sign that your man wants to be left alone.


6.  He Stopped Meeting Your Emotional Needs

We all need a shoulder to cry and lean on sometimes. When your man ceases to be your go-to person when you are in crises then it’s part of the signs he no longer loves you.

When you cry, he should be there to wipe your tears, he should be your angel when you need rescue, he should be that friend who lends a listening ear even when he can’t figure out a solution just yet.


7.  He Turns Down Opportunities To Hang Out With You

It’s not out of place to change plans or hang out but when it becomes a routine with no reasonable excuse then it could be a sign he’s losing interest with you.

If your man turns down a date or two because he’s busy or had other commitment to attend to that you are aware of then it’s okay but if it has become an escape route for him not to be with you then I’m sorry it could be a sign he no longer loves you because if he does, he will make every effort to be with you.


8.  He Hides You From Friends And Family

When a man finds a treasure, he finds it difficult to keep it to himself. He would rather show off. When he insists on keeping things between you two private, it could be a sign that he doesn’t love you enough. Like I always say, if a relationship has to be secret, you have no business being in it.


9.  Your Gut Tells You He Doesn’t Love You

Continuing my story about a relationship I once had with a guy back in school days. My gut kept nudging me but on the outside, he looked good and caring. He always went out of his way to please me.

I settled down to look closely at his schedule and rules then I discovered he had an air of mystery around him. I had specific times of visiting him, I could never pay him surprise visits, I had to call before coming, his phone never rings when we are together because it’s always in silence. I summoned up courage and asked, yet he said I was overthinking.

I then decided to apply the “prince charming test”. Which is also known as the no lovemaking rule, then his true character came out, he stopped calling or texting first of all. Then he stopped visiting, then I knew he had other reasons for wanting to be with me. My gut saved me. This is a great tool for every lady when in doubt listen to it.


What to do when he no longer loves you? You can get busy with yourself as earlier stated but if after a while you see no changes, call for a dialogue, explain how you feel and he may be sincere enough to open up. If he doesn’t, then you may decide to face reality and take a walk.

You are valuable and priceless. That he doesn’t want you doesn’t mean either of you are bad people, it just means you are not just meant for each other and you will definitely find your match someday.


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signs he is no longer interested in you

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