50 Fun Indoor Activities For Couples Who Are Bored At Home

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Friendship, in my opinion, should be the foundation of every relationship whether platonic, romantic or even marriage. If it is, it will make things a lot easier and even if boredom sets in, the fact that you have built and developed a friendship over time will help you come up with ideas as friends to spice up your relationship and further strengthen what you share.

We don’t have to take life seriously sometimes as it will deprive one of the opportunities of experiencing the fun side of life.

Most couples think that one cannot have fun moments indoors and every avenue to create it feels like a chore because they have to go out always.

Some others get discouraged and turn down invitations to go out from partners because of the cost implications. There is good news because there are fun things for couples to do at home that will take away boredom and also help you bond with your partner.

In a time where couples have to create time to spend together when they have other things to attend to, it means there may not even be opportunities to go out together since some couples return to each other daily, there could be an arrangement to bond and work on getting a healthy relationship.

things for couples to do at home when bored

For couples who have kids, it could be a herculean task going out with the family to have fun as all attention will be on the kids which would be on the kids and also deprive them of the much needed time together.

But when time is created and attention is given to each other to bond at home, it will help both couples be their real self, no makeup or masks or the need to appear in a certain manner in public. At home, you are real and have easy access to things. It could also afford couples the opportunity to think outside the box and create fun things for couples to do at home.

I and my man had a long-distance relationship and the only bonding time we had was when we had to talk over the phone, send pictures, do video calls and sometimes engage in games over the phone. Did I forget to add the fact that we had our fights too?

All these added to the mix. It was fun but the moment we began staying together, we got too familiar with each other and fun times reduced greatly. We made a ritual out of hanging out once in two weeks, we looked forward to those outings together.

After a while, it became stale as we had practically visited every fun place around our place of abode. We had visited cinemas, parks, resort centers, and even hotels, yet, we wanted more. We had to start considering traveling out of town to raise the bar and create new memories.

indoor activities for couples

It became a tiring experience as we would leave home refreshed and return tired. We then sat to plan our itineraries and create time for each other. We went on a search for fun things for couples to do at home.

We created our list and also searched the internet for some ideas I’d be sharing with us. If you’re tired of boredom, if you’re tired of an endless search for fun, if you are tired of checking out what your friends are doing in their relationships and you are ready to create your own fun list of cute couple things to do or fun things for couples to do at home together, feel free to come with me as I have put together some fun activity for couples.


1.  Cuddle More

This could be done during foreplay or after lovemaking to help you both connect and feel warm in each other’s arms. Bodily contacts have been said to help couples bond and increase the level of ease and comfort which takes care of anxiety.

Don’t you think it would feel great to cozy up to your partner at home? Cuddling with your partner says that you feel safe with them, it’s a place of being completely at ease and enjoying the mix of fragrances and emotions of each other.


2.  Shower Together

This is another way of engaging in body contact with your partner. When you take a shower together, you could explore, scrub and massage each other’s body. This is one of the fun things for couples to do at home that can be indulged in together especially if they have really busy schedules. They could have some chit chats and make out too. Wouldn’t it be fun to try out?

Imagine you making some lather out of your partner’s body with some soap, that silky feeling, you could write on their skin while you shower, sing love songs to each other while you shower or have romantic songs playing in the background. Don’t make shower time boring, it could be a tool to spice up your relationship with your partner.


3.  Eat Together

things to do with your boyfriend at home

It is a custom in some homes for dinner most especially to be shared but you can take it a step further to try to share other meal times too, if possible. It could be sharing a cup of tea, juice or even snacking together.

Sharing these meals gives you time to talk about your day, the way you are carrying out several activities together at the same time. It could also improve the appetite of your partner.

While you eat, you could engage each other in some interesting conversations like questions to ask your lover to spice things up which may include funny talks and sharing jokes and making each other laugh out loud.


4.  Give Each Other A Massage

You do not need to be a pro to pamper your mate at home. You could have a makeshift spa center at home as you could use homemade recipes to create yours.

You and your partner can get involved in the preparation of the ingredients to be used. You could offer your partner a body scrub using some simple homemade body scrubs. This is inexpensive and easy to prepare at home.

Some couples don’t joke with their skincare routines while some others don’t care but when it’s a must for you and you would love to see your partner do the same, you could introduce it to them in a placating manner by saying “relax honey, I’d love to give you a treat”. There is a whole lot of regimens you can try but I’d like to share my homemade body scrub recipe with you.

I use sea salt, olive oils, and essential oil to prepare mine. It takes little time to prepare, just put the above-mentioned ingredients in a small bowl until you get a not so smooth paste.

Apply to skin possibly after a quick shower. massage into skin in circular motions. Concentrate on a body part at a time spending between 2 to 3 minutes and then go to other body parts you intend massaging. Wash off using warm water.

Try this and thank me later. You can do this once a week if you have time. You can also check the internet for other beautiful ideas on how to make your own homemade beauty products or buy in beauty shops. We are looking at fun things for couples to do at home and you can try this also.


5.  Play Card Games

I enjoy playing card games, especially the solitaire game. My partner enjoys board games like ludo, monopoly and scrabbles respectively. I’m not a pro in any of these games but I try to learn from him.

I can’t explain the happiness I feel when I beat my partner to it. Sometimes he allows me to win to make me happy, other times we engage in duels and whoever emerges winner gets to redeem a coupon.

We fill our game box often with gifts that could be won. Playing with my partner is something I look forward to. Somehow, when I started playing board games with my man, I discovered it helps my thinking ability, increases my vocabulary and makes me happy too.

Whenever we want to make it more interesting, we invite our friends over with their partners as well and it becomes a house of fun. Sometimes, we bring up some controversial issues and discuss them together. When we get tired of playing, we engage in a couple of dance. As it is popularly said, A couple that plays together stays together.


6.  Plan A Movie Night Indoor

I’m not a fan of watching movies at home, in fact, I’m not someone who would be caught sitting in front of the television set, I’d rather go to the cinema to see a movie but my man loves staying indoors.

It happened that the first time we laid in bed to watch a movie on his laptop together, I slept off just 5 mins into the movie. He did not stop there, he tried to create the scene of a movie at home, he bought a projector and voila! our home cinema was set up in our bedroom.

A change of scenery worked for me. I thought outside the box and began to make easy snacks for our date night. Some days, I’d get popcorn and ice cream on my way from work, other times we would sip some smoothie.

While we watched, we would laugh, discuss, cuddle and when it’s a romantic movie, we would share a few kisses while relieving our own love story. The feeling is heavenly I must say.


7.  Cook Together

I’m not ashamed to say my man cooks better than I do (though we both know I’m the intelligent one..laughs). Sometimes, we go online to check some recipes we can fix together at home, from simple snacks to some continental dishes.

We engage in cooking competitions together, sometimes where I get to give him a difficult meal to fix while I pick something simple, other times we both time each other, wear our aprons, wash and prepare ingredients to be used together or watch each other fix meals for the house.

We then use the opportunity to talk about our favorite meals as kids. Your mate may not be someone who loves spending time in the kitchen but you can just allow them to play chef by wearing an apron while you do all the cooking.


8.  Do Some House Chores Together

Not every couple will love to try this out as some partners could be very traditional in their belief by saying “there are roles that are compatible with their gender and as such, they can’t take up roles meant for the opposite gender”. It all depends on the couples.

I know some couples who share house chores and others who do the chores together. I also know some who cannot be their partners. The bottom line here is doing things that will help you bond as a couple, where you can’t engage in any form of house chores, you can be supportive by chatting with your partner while they work or even offer some nice compliments while they do it.

My man enjoys doing the dishes and while he does, I wipe them clean and arrange them into the plate rack. While doing this we make funny remarks and just play like little kids together. This is one of the fun things for couples to do at home.


I’ve discovered that creating fun and some bonds in our relationships can be so easy to do, it’s just that we look at some more complex things to do than engaging in simple yet very interesting means of catching fun with our partners at home. The following are some simple overlooked bonding activities for couples and some fun things for couples to do at home.

9.  Play hide and seek.

10.  Engage in pillow fights.

Play like kids who are having fun, bounce and jump on the bed while you try to engage your partner in a pillow fight.


11.  Perform a karaoke of your favorite songs either together or by turn, so that you can watch the other perform.

12.  Play a game of “staring without blinking”

This way you both stare at each other for a long time and see who cuts the gaze first.


13.  Look at pictures together and recount events it reminds you of. Either your dating years, marriage, events and celebrations or even success at work.

14.  Roleplay

Most couples do this mostly during bedtime, the lady plays a naughty nurse while the man plays “naughty patient”. It ends up mostly in lovemaking. This is one of the fun things for couples to do at home.


15.  Drop love notes around the house for your partner to pick with coupons to redeem.

It could be an activity to be done which attracts a lot. You could also just tell them how you feel about them.


16.  Read a storybook or novel aloud to the hearing of your spouse.

17.  Work out together at home.

This doesn’t have to be complicated. It could be jogging at home or even using a treadmill or even squats together.


18.  Play video games together.

19.  Appreciate work of art.

20.  Try redecorating the home together sometimes.

21.  Romantic dinner for two

When you can’t prepare meals, there is nothing wrong with buying dinner for two on your way home.


22.  Shop online together.

23.  Take some romantic pictures together at home.

24.  Watch sports together.

25.  Watch movies.

26.  Try breakfast in bed.

27.  Sit in together either at the balcony or in the garden on a reclining chair.

28.  Solve a word cross puzzle together

My favorite newspaper has a word puzzle in its weekend special copy. I look forward to it always. My man and I solve it together sometimes.


29.  Soak in a hot bath together

You could take a relaxing bath in a tub by just soaking in together where you include some essential oils with relaxing fragrances and just let the aroma soothe and tantalize your senses. You can take it a step further by adding scented candles for your lightning to make a romantic time together.


30.  Gaze into the sky at night to search for a wishing star, when you find one, please make a wish.

31.  Have some home celebration sometimes, not for anything special but just pop a drink and make a toast for two.

32.  Play some treasure hunt games.

33.  Engage is pillow talks

This is one romantic activity couples can engage in. This is where you unburden your heart, talk about each other and how to take your relationship to another level. Here you just get lost in each other’s company, it could include saying sweet things to your mate or apologizing for the past hurts.


34.  Try your hands on some coloring too even when neither of you is artistes.

35.  Try the truth or dare game.

36.  Play the know your partner game. Where each partner writes out questions and takes turns to ask each other to enable you to get to know each other better.

37.  You could take dance lessons online.

list of cute couple things to do

38.  Take a look at maps and explore online to get to know about certain areas or dream vacation spots.

39.  Listen to the news together and call in on interactive programs sometimes to participate.

40.  Try out new lovemaking positions

Resolve to do something new with your partner. I always advise couples not to allow their moments of intimacy to get stuck in a rut. Things should always be steaming hot between you and your mate.

Some partners become tired or show no interest at all because their intimacy time has not improved, it’s just the same way it was in the beginning without any form of adventure. It’s not about age or body changes when you both agree to get better at mĂȘeting each other’s needs, bedtimes won’t feel like a chore.

You will both want to make each other happy by meeting their needs. When you seek after making your significant other happy, you will find happiness too. This is one of the fun things for couples to do at home.


41.  Watch sports together

This is one of the fun things for couples to do at home. I remember my childhood days, Mum always sat in the sitting room waiting for dad to return from work and after taking his shower and having dinner, they will both sit watching football together.

I remember shouts of “goal” coming from the sitting room with mum and dad jumping and hugging each other because their favorite team won.

My mum got to learn the names of dad’s favorite players and that way when they engage in discussions, you will hear them arguing about who the best players are in the team.

Dad sometimes expresses his joy about his wife being interested in sports just like him. You can also try this with your mate. It may not be football only, there are a variety of sports you can’t watch together.


42.  Talk

Sounds weird to you? Sometimes you can decide to tune out the world by turning off your phones and computers to concentrate on each other and just talk.


bonding activities for couples

43.  Attend music classes online.

44.  Try yoga.

45.  Water the flowers together.

46.  Go out of doing the ordinary. Try seeing Disney cartoons together.

47.  You could create your daily to-do list together from daily activities to life goals planner.

48.  Try water gunfights.

49.  Create new memories.


Doing any of the above fun things for couples to do at home requires planning as you and your partner may not always be free at the same time, where either of you has different schedules.

You can work towards the weekends, try to introduce it gradually to your spouse so it doesn’t seem like a chore to them, look for the easiest and most convenient to try, then build on it.


Save this for later!

fun things for couples to do at home

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