Love Messages/Paragraphs To Send After A Fight

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things to say to your boyfriend after a fight

He loves me, he cares about me a great deal but when there is a little disagreement between us, I feel like I overreact sometimes. I say hurtful things until I am satisfied and then find it difficult to apologize. Other times, we get into a fight and I just can’t seem to control the rage I experience and afterwards, I get bitten by the sting of regret.

Does the above describe you? Love messages/paragraphs to send after a fight is something that can not only save your relationship but add some spice to it.

When disagreements occur, finding the middle ground is key. Some misunderstandings can make couples keep malice, give the silent treatment or even wait for your partner to be the first to apologize even when you are at fault.

Funny enough, conflicts or disagreements as I prefer calling them cannot be avoided in relationships because you are two different people, the capacity to find the middle ground and compromising sometimes is always going to be a part of relationships for your union to thrive.

Most times we are concerned about what happened to forget that you are dealing with a person with emotions and you may not always understand the reasons why you disagree but then you stop to understand “the person” which happens to be who you are in a relationship with, your issues will be half solved.

Enough of this said this isn’t a post on how to handle disagreements in marriage so we will be delving straight to love messages/paragraphs to send after a fight.

Now you are hurt as much as your partner is hurt too. Sometimes your partner may even be wrong but in the midst of this, you have to find a way to not dwell on issues and get close. This is where love messages/paragraphs to send after a fight comes in handy.

Sometimes the “I am sorry” words may not even be enough to delete or even wipe the hurtful words you may have exchanged during heated arguments or even actions displayed that brought about the disagreement in the first place. Don’t forget you both are human and may get emotional sometimes too.

Words get to people easily, they are powerful, they shoot deep, settle in and sometimes could be recalled in our subconscious. Maybe you are at this point and have said some hurtful words to your mate, then you can use some powerful love messages/paragraphs to send after a fight to try to replace those hurtful things you may have said to them.

You are wondering when to use them? When you do anything hurtful to your partner. Mind you, love messages/paragraphs to send after a fight shouldn’t be an escape route for when you hurt your spouse. Make an effort to be true to your partner and when issues arise (which will definitely do).

You don’t hurt your partner with the mindset of going to apologize to them later. The problem sometimes isn’t even the fight you have had but the things you may have said or done and actions you put up when the heat was on. The fight will always end but those hurtful words will always echo sometimes.

Do you want a healthy relationship? Then, watch your words and actions when there is a misunderstanding. This is why I have carefully put together some love messages/paragraphs to send after a fight. They will help calm your man and show that you care despite your temporal differences.

cute paragraph to send to your boyfriend after an argument

Has there been a fight? please follow me as we explore some texts to send to your boyfriend after a fight.


Texts To Send To Your Boyfriend After A Fight

things to text your boyfriend after a fight

1.  Its yet another fight and it doesn’t mean we are breaking up. We should look out for each other more because each time we fight, it seems like we are separated and you know I can’t just bear the sound of a separation, talk more of experiencing it.

2.  I love you and you know it that we fight shows we are human and will always step on each other’s toes. I value you above my pride that’s why I’m texting to say I am sorry. I can’t imagine being without you.

3.  Can we please bury the hatchet and move on? I don’t want to lose you or what we share. I want the best for you and me now and always. I love you.

4.  I am sorry for my reaction last night. I just couldn’t control how I felt. Please forgive me. I promise to be more patient and listen more when things get heated between us. Please can you forgive me?

5.  You are all I’ve always wanted and more, don’t let that little argument get you all worked up. We are a team remember? I love it when we do life together, don’t let go of me now honey.

6.  I love you more than anything in the world. We just had a little fight and its a healthy way of saying I want to be myself around you. Despite it, I want to keep enjoying the vibe that comes when we are together, don’t go quiet on my dear. I am sorry.

7.  I am happy you are in my world. I can’t imagine being without you? Where do I begin without you? You are my love and my happiness.

8.  You are the man of my dreams. In your eyes, I see so much of love and feel it too. Do not let a few minutes of disagreement hamper what we share. I apologise it won’t happen again.


Cute Paragraph To Send To Your Boyfriend After An Argument

Couples should learn to look out for each other regardless of their differences. For some, it’s a big deal as pride and ego take them over. Do not let this happen, take the route to peace and send some love messages/paragraphs to send after a fight.

Try the following cute paragraph to send to your boyfriend after an argument.

1.  We should always be there for each other. We have seen some of our worst and best moments. I don’t assure you that we will not fight again but I assure you that this fight has taken me deeper into the knowledge of you. Can you forgive me, darling?

2.  I feel so alone right now especially now that we just quarrelled. Each time we fight I feel so alone because I know my best friend is hurt. I miss talking with you, honey.

3.  When we are not fighting then we are there for each other and when we are not there for one other, we are busy fighting each other. I don’t want to lose you over some little argument. Can we meet in the middle?

4.  I may not have the right words to respond to you whenever we are having a war of words. I want to let you know I never meant any of those words I said to you baby. I was just angry. Let cool off and address issues later, okay!

5.  I will rather be wrong and build my life with you than be right and have you be with someone else. I take the blame for all that happened. I am sorry.

6.  Angry on not, we are stuck together. That was on a lighter note, honey. But tell me, would you rather do life with any other apart from me? I don’t think so. I love you always.

7.  All the sweet memories we have built together over the years come to my mind whenever we have a misunderstanding. I want to keep recreating such with you… Can we move on now and not mar it with unpleasant experiences?

8.  Remember the last argument we had got us closer than ever before. We have grown to understand our failings and weaknesses. Perhaps I missed it again this time, forgive me.

9.  Whenever we argue, I feel terrible. It tears us apart and hurts us. We can have healthy talks without losing it dearly. I love it when you are calm and listen to me, please don’t stop.

10.  So many thoughts and pictures cloud my mind now dear. I want to let you know that I love you too much to let you stay angry at me and I value you too much also to let you go. We can make this work honey. Stay with me.

11.  You promised you will always fight for us above any disagreements. You talk about commitment always dear. I’m glad you are with me. Thanks for letting go of the past so we can enjoy the present together.

12.  I guess you can hear the secret longing of my heart to get connected with you again. We just had a fight but it doesn’t change how I feel about you. I love you and will always do.

13.  That we fight doesn’t mean that I have stopped loving you, it only means I’m getting to understand you so let’s be easy on each other. I take back any hurtful words I may have said to you. I can’t stop loving you.

14.  Loving you is what I will always do. I see right through your hurt to know that you care deeply about me and its same here darling. Please, dear, let’s revisit this later, for now, let’s enjoy each other company.

15.  One of the words you said to me when we started dating was that you will never go to bed angry at me. I hope you are not going to go back on that now honey?

16.  Stay with me, darling. Relax, it was only a misunderstanding and nothing more, we are cool together. let’s move past it. I mean it whenever I say I love you, yes, I still do.

17.  Yes we fight, other couples do also and it is not enough reason to let you go. No one can take your place in my heart, you are the best dear.

18.  You are my strength dear and when I am inadequate, you complete me. I cannot always be right and I choose our union over being right. Life without you will be boring because you light up my world.

19.  We fight and quarrel over every little thing but I know one thing for sure, I love you and I love you with every ounce in me. I don’t think I will let you go for anything in the world. Let’s go have some fun baby, I’m waiting.


Love Messages/Paragraphs To Send After A Fight

1.  My life is meaningless without you. Those sweet moments we had, all I want is to create so many of them not to lose the ones we already created. No other person completes me as you do. We are a team baby.

2.  I can’t imagine how life would be without you. I know you are upset but can you imagine how distant our hearts may feel because of this? Can you come closer please, I can’t feel your heart?

3.  My knight in shining armour, I don’t want to lose you for anything in the world. I promise not to act the way I did back. You are my pride and joy. I love you dearly.


Love Messages/Paragraphs To Send To Your Boyfriend After A Fight

Love is a beautiful thing and in most cases, you have to fight for life and the one you love. I’d be sharing more things to say to your boyfriend after a fight. Here are some more messages for your boyfriend after a fight.

1.  Honey, I’m truly sorry and I admit that I deserve all that I’m getting from you right now. I feel so bad knowing that I hurt the one that makes me smile, please don’t be mad at me for long find a place in your heart to forgive me even though I don’t deserve your forgiveness just do it because of love. I love you so much dear and I can’t wait for everything to be alright between us again I’ve missed you, I promise I’ll be more careful next time.

2.  You mean so much to me and I’m not ashamed to say it. I know I behaved badly but can you please look past my mistakes. We have come a long way, dear. Don’t do this to us.

3.  I know I am not at fault in all of these but please put the blame on me if it will make you feel good and also afford me the opportunity to have you back to me. The words you said to me hurt and cut deep like a knife but I choose to forgive you. Can we let this go and move on?


The danger in trying to play hard to get or wait till you feel okay may cost your relationship. Mind you I’m not saying you should ignore red flags especially if your relationship appears to be a toxic one. But learn to compromise and make your lover happy.

Never let misunderstandings drain the happiness you feel. Remember happiness is within and can’t be sustained by your partner. Learn to be whole so you can give from your wholeness.

One last thing, only strong people forgive and let go. Are you one? If yes, why not close that gap between you and your man right now? Send him a line or two from your bank of love messages/paragraphs to send after a fight.


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Texts to send to your boyfriend after a fight

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